Easy Pie Crust for Desserts-Lemon Tarts

Desserts. Super delicious and super essential.  I love chocolate but there’s something about citrus and butter and a well toasted , baked pie crust that brings magic onto a plate. My favourite dessert of all time would be a super zesty lemon tart-right now.  It is sweet, it is sour and its buttery. It’s satisfies Read More

Leopard Print Hokkaido Bread

Instagram is like this ginormous tree trunk in the middle of the highway. You may be walking at the best pace possible and then, suddenly, you bang into this Trend and your entire life will stop …because you have to check out this trend. So I got stuck on this konel bread Trend. A Japanese Read More

Earl Grey Tea Lavender Bundt Cake

That cake. If I could have hugged it, I would have. I have been waiting for this Nordic ware Bundt pan for the longest time ever. My parents picked up my first nordic ware bundt pan for me and I had to flip a coin (because they could bring back only one) and unfortunately this Read More

Pumpkin and Chocolate Orange Buns

Happy Halloween. Well it’s technically not a festival that’s celebrated in India, but as the Internet has gone ballistic about Halloween and pumpkins and witches and wizards and cats and trick or treating and spiders, I had to do something. So I made cookies in the shape of a haunted houses and cats in a Read More

Butter Cookies and Royal Icing Frosting

The most basic things are the most comforting. And I don’t think there’s anything better than a butter cookie. A buttery ,yummy cookie that melts into your mouth. Ever since I started baking my own cookies ,I cannot eat cookies that come out of a plastic baggie. I can eat french fries and chips and Read More

Semolina Cup Cakes with White Chocolate Rabri Glaze

Fusion Desserts. Nope these are not confusion on a plate. Perfectly married Flavors that are classic Indian and scream festivals. And when you top it with rabri and a chocolate ganache glaze…it becomes a cracker of a dessert. At least that’s what everyone who had it said. The mini Bundts are essentially little portion controlled Read More

Sponge Cake Basic Genoise Cake

Basics. The first cake you need to master before you become a pastry chef is a genoise.  A simple 5 ingredient sponge cake that is used as a base for many desserts. If you can bake this cake ,you’re da bomb!!! You can use this basic recipe and create as many cakes as you possibly Read More

Chia Seed Crackers with Zero Added Fat

I had to add that to the title. That is the most amazing thing I could have ever made. Zero added fat.  Can you even imagine all seeds, flavorings ,seasonings etc but no fat. I can scream this out from over the rooftop. Actually the boys say that I’m perpetually screaming from rooftops, even though Read More

Roasted Pumpkin Soup

Soup is comfort food. It’s warm and homely and slightly more glamorous than the Desi khichadi. So you do need to spice it up to make it gourmet and get it ready for the red carpet…  You need a pretty table setting ,even if you’re alone .  And you need something hearty and healthy to Read More

Beetroot Hummus Vegan

Beetroot has the prettiest colours around Those Jewel tones almost make you want to slice the beet root and dye some fabric with it and then just wear that fabric and revel in that gorgeous beet red colour. It is also extremely rich in nutrients and just consuming one will be enough for approximately half Read More