Buddha Bowl with Mango Salsa #trendsetters

Buddha bowls are all over Instagram these days. #Trendsetters. A Buddha bowl is just a meal sized filling ,fresh and nutritious bowl of food  that you must accept with gratitude.  In fact all food must be accepted with gratitude. Basically a bowl with lightly flavored grains, beans and vegetables. So this is a simple bowl Read More

Garnet Glow Gourmet Teas -Product Review

Tea and coffee are like the hands of a clock. Markers of daily milestones. There are certain times marked in our household as clear tea and coffee times. So once the morning caffeine has hit the system and running through the veins…And the morning has begun. And then it’s time for the first dose of Read More

Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding -Dessert for Breakfast

Its mango season here in India. Blistering heat and energy sapping weather already is dangerously playing on my appetite.  Ancient grains have been on my to do list and I’ve just begun experimenting with quinoa . The whites the reds and the blacks.  Tiny little bags of magic,these grains are. You’ll be amazed at the Read More

Pull apart bread Pizza and Garlic breads-King Arthur Flour

Requirements are sometimes oxymoronic. Two contrasts ,head to head. Almost like night and day in the same instant. This is not so extreme… Just a little surprising. Bread is all about the protein gluten. So gluten strands are formed when you hydrate flour or add water and knead it really well. So the better you Read More

Cold Coffee Ice and Caramel Sauce

When it’s hot outside and it’s hot inside. And you need your frazzled nerves to be soothed. You need that caffeine ,but don’t have it in you to even sip anything hot. Neither can you afford to downthe one million empty calories in that frappe from the coffee store down the road. You cold brew Read More

Cinnamon Coffee Glazed Bundlets / Cupcakes Eggless

Some cakes are too cute to be called cupcakes or muffins.  These are Bundt minis. Or Bundlets. These classic molds have a ring shaped and are patented by Nordic Ware. I have two Bundt pans . We didn’t frost these little babies too much. Just a drizzle of glaze and a whole lot of icing Read More

Style back with the Tata Tigor

I’ve not been feeling too verbose lately. I’m still stuck in the time warp of 5 days ago. Tata Tigor. That’s the name of the stylish sub compact sedan that’s going to be zipping past you on the roads soon.  The Tata Tigor is a super powerful new entrant into the segment of cars like Read More

Everyday Happiness with HERSHEY’S

Happiness and HERSHEY’S are synonymous with each other. But I’d only ever  paired HERSHEY’S syrups with desserts. And that chocolate syrup bottle is also extremely handy when you crave a chocolicious milk shake. Chef Rakhee Vasvani demonstrated a few recipes that use HERSHEY’S Syrups in combinations you wouldn’t ever try.  The first option is predictable, Read More

Tea Rose Nankhatai / Rose Cookies

Biscuits and Cookies and Nankhatai are special.   They’ve so many memories associated with them .   Of childhood laughter and mothers and family conversations and gossip about the prodigal son and the errant black sheep .   Even if you were to enjoy one biscuit with your chai or coffee..both had to be there.  Read More

Savoury Pannacotta Rosemary ,Cheese and Chilli

Hello dear reader. Yes you did read that right. The pannacotta is a savoury pannacotta. I’m on a pannacotta spree at the moment. So I wanted to serve a few pannacotta standing alone and some as a topping. I’ve done both. Oh, and the moat important thing about this pannacotta? It’s got no cream. Only Read More