Brownie D’Oreo , Oreo Brownie Cake

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Getting all francophile/ francophone out here… One has to …what with Monsieur Macaron being elected Le President… Trying to rescue my Rusty french here… 

Well ,the accent never failed me, the words have now… So I’m using my time we’ll.

Meanwhile , while the eyes are trying to focus on the words , chocolate cravings haunt me.

That chocolate flavor and that intensity of the double hit in a single of Oreo and brownie is probably something anybody who loves chocolate can understand.

This is a take from Ree Drummond’s​ brownie recipe. I’ve just toned down stuff and sugar and butter, well , because my metabolism will fail if I add as much. She has a million people who’ll eat what she makes. So I guess, the calories won’t really matter individually. Here, each nano calorie counts.
I’m so craving that double hit of chocolate.
But damn that restriction for the least amount of processed food, sugar ,white flour ,dairy fat in my diet…
I’m wilting, literally going insane without​ the chocolate. 
So I decided a bite of brownie can’t hurt… After all, that’s what cheat days are all about.
So the brownie was planned. But I also had​ to plan to share the calories, because it would be dangerous to leave the brownies where I could have more than a bite.
So I decided to take them for the nurses and doctor’s who treated me last month, as a little token of gratitude. You understand,I measure my emotions in chocolate,right? 
So this was so much gratitude.
And I’m sharing this with you.
A brownie cake.
A round brownie cake. 
And this needs a well greased pan with parchment paper. Don’t Tell me I didn’t warn you.
So make sure you grease well with butter.
I’ve used a combination of dark and white chocolate, because i had no milk chocolate. So you can do the same or use milk chocolate.
for the
Brownie D’Oreo or Oreo Brownie Cake
you need
5 eggs
250 gms butter 
425 gms milk chocolate 
150 gms flour
10 gms cornflour or cornstarch
1 tsp salt
1 tsp vanilla essence
300 gms sugar
24 oreo cookies
I know I’ve used grams, but this works best like this. There’s always just that too much flour otherwise.
Since we don’t get cake flour here, I add cornstarch to regular flour.
I’ve made this with whole wheat too. It tastes just as good. Just a little more wholesome. 
But since these were a treat, I used all purpose flour or maida.
Grease and line 2 6-inch tins with parchment paper.
Coarsely chop the chocolate and place in a microwave safe bowl. 
Add the butter and microwave on high in spurts of 30 seconds.
Keep stirring. You don’t want the mix to get too hot.
Once the chocolate and butter are almost melting add the sugar.
Preheat the oven to 180°C .
Whisk the sugar in.
Check that the mixture is just luke warm, add one egg at a time.
Keep whisking one egg at a time.
Add the vanilla essence.
Now mix in the flours and salt.
Pour some batter into both the tins.
Layer the Oreo cookies over the batter.
Now pour over all the batter .
Crush the Oreo cookies with your hands.
Top the batter with the remaining Oreo cookies.
I scattered some cranberries over one tin of brownie batter.
I spooned a little into another pan. That was for me and sweet child.
Place the brownie cake tins in the middle of the oven and bake for 35-40 mins.
Remember,this cake won’t rise too much, because it’s a brownie and also because it has no leavening agents like baking powder.
Check if the brownie cake is done using a satay stick or a toothpick.
There should be only a few crumbs sticking to the satay stick.
Remove from the oven and cool on a wire rack. 
After 15-20 minutes run a knife around the cake and invert over a wire rack.
Reinvert on to tell wire rack and cool.
The Oreo cookies will almost erupt out to surface. 
That crust …
And the cranberries get candied in chocolate.
And then we showered them with icing sugar.
Wedges of this oreo overloaded Brownie D’oreo cake with a cup of cafe latte…
And if you want a verdict…
I’m being emotionally​ black mailed into baking them again.
Super chocolatey brownie D’oreo cake bites…
Luscious, chocolate laden and cakey. That crust is just brownie like .
And yum.
This is totally worth the calories in each bite.
You just  must bake this  right now,say “Thank you Shalini” later…
I’ll understand.
Bring this brownie D’oreo into your life and make it yummier.
Remember, life is what you bake if it.

Gift Happiness with igp
Jamun Lemonade -Summer Drinks


  1. Mayuri Patel says:

    This cake is just too tempting. It can make any dieter forget about their diet 🙂

  2. […] This is a flexible recipe. But of all the brownies I’ve made ,these are surely up there among the best. My second favorite are my brownie with Oreo. Check those out here. […]

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