Easy Keto Bread Low Carb Almond Flour Bread (Gluten-Free)

I’ve been baking cookies ,cakes and breads for the longest time now. And even though I’ve been leading a very active life style and gymming and walking the weight had been piling on. And then the hormonal imbalance that most women suffer from because of the of PCOD that is so prevalent now. So after Read More

Celtic Heart Chocolate Almond Braided Bread

I’m a bread baker with a passion. But mostly my passion frowns at all the heavy duty kneading that breads make you do. So I’m forever looking for techniques and recipes that make work easy and give the most beautiful results. I don’t occasionally mind a shoulder workout, but mostly I adore my stand mixer. Read More

Chocolate Babka Knots Baketitude

Chocolate babka is one of my favourite breads. There’s always that element of savoury and wholesome heartiness in any bread that you eat and to that if you add chocolate that’s just like icing on the cake. I love dessert. but for me desert has to be something not too sweet. there must be parallel Read More

Star Brioche Bread with Garlic Butter and Potato Baketitude

There’s something about the aroma of freshly baked bread. The aromas are tantalising and they do cause your appetite to erupt, even when there’s none. And when the bread is fresh, it doesn’t need too much as an accompaniment. A little butter or jam, maybe a chutney or pesto. Or better still, flavoured oil. And Read More

Avocado Oil Garlic Braided Bread Baketitude

    Breaking bread. Baking bread. It’s all the baking I seem to be doing these days. Considering all the people around me seem to be on a low carb, or no sugar or no this and all that blah diet, nobody wants to eat dessert. I’ve been majorly craving a cherry tart. But vie Read More

Blueberry Brioche Eggless Baketitude

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram or are linked to any food group on Facebook, you would have seen the TOP 10 lists of bloggers in India. And yours truly has been selected by the BonusApp Top 10 Baking & Dessert bloggers in India 2018. Super thrilled with this. As long as your love Read More

Garlic Bread Sticks Grissini Baketitude

Grissini . Sounds super fancy, right? They’re nothing but an Italian name for bread sticks.  In India we also know them as soup sticks. If you’ve ever traveled by Shatabdi or Rajdhani trains, you will definitely know what I’m talking about.  The Indian Railways serves that’s of insipid food in these trains. Nobody really appreciates Read More

Whole Wheat Focaccia Baketitude

I absolutely adore focaccia. There is something inherently beautiful about this rustic flatbread. Technically you must bake this in an oven, but even if you do not have an oven,you can make the bread in an electric tandoor. All you need is a flat surface and high heat. Or use a heavy bottomed sauce pan Read More

Whole Wheat Brioche Garlic Rolls Eggless Baketitude

Brioche is such an under rated and over awed bread.Every one is in awe of brioche . And me? I”m in awe of the amount of butter that goes into it. Its has a massive amount of butter in one loaf. And then, to add more for making it into a garlic bread. That is Read More

Pretzel Bread Soup Bowls Baketitude

We love pretzels here at home. They’re so easy to dunk into soup or coffee. And they’re cute. But just the day I felt like baking pretzels and wolfing them down,I realized,I was going to be fasting for the Chaitra Navratri. So my plans went down the drain. But the balls had been set rolling Read More

Quick Brioche Bread Baketitude

Bread finally. We’ve been on an -avoid carbohydrates diet for these past few weeks. The first target off the table is of course, always bread.  Don’t blame me, we’re trying to get fitter. I love bread. It’s almost like my Raison d’être. So everyday Im not baking or eating bread is a difficult day for Read More

Cinnamon Nut Wreath Bread Baketitude

Breads are gorgeous. Breads are beautiful. Especially this one. It’s technically not a braid nor is it a wreath, kind of wreath. It is round, but not studded on the outside with flowers or leaves. It’s just gorgeous whichever way you look at it. And the light, it’s the light of the setting sun. All Read More

Leopard Print Hokkaido Bread

Instagram is like this ginormous tree trunk in the middle of the highway. You may be walking at the best pace possible and then, suddenly, you bang into this Trend and your entire life will stop …because you have to check out this trend. So I got stuck on this konel bread Trend. A Japanese Read More

Pumpkin and Chocolate Orange Buns

Happy Halloween. Well it’s technically not a festival that’s celebrated in India, but as the Internet has gone ballistic about Halloween and pumpkins and witches and wizards and cats and trick or treating and spiders, I had to do something. So I made cookies in the shape of a haunted houses and cats in a Read More

Challah bread with Potatoes Eggless

Hello dear friend. I know that I’ve been missing, but it’s not that I’ve not been baking… Bread is a daily necessity and once you have a Loaf or a Sourdough boule, you’re sorted for a couple of days. So we swing between the wild yeast and the commercial tame yeast breads. Challah bread is Read More