Pull apart bread Pizza and Garlic breads-King Arthur Flour

Requirements are sometimes oxymoronic. Two contrasts ,head to head. Almost like night and day in the same instant. This is not so extreme… Just a little surprising. Bread is all about the protein gluten. So gluten strands are formed when you hydrate flour or add water and knead it really well. So the better you Read More

Everyday Happiness with HERSHEY’S

Happiness and HERSHEY’S are synonymous with each other. But I’d only ever  paired HERSHEY’S syrups with desserts. And that chocolate syrup bottle is also extremely handy when you crave a chocolicious milk shake. Chef Rakhee Vasvani demonstrated a few recipes that use HERSHEY’S Syrups in combinations you wouldn’t ever try.  The first option is predictable, Read More

Shakshuka / Shakshouka and Olive Oil

We’re all big fans of Middle Eastern /Mediterranean cuisines . The colours, the heat and the spices are all so similar to our our North Indian foods and yet so different. Only because this is Shakshuka,I’m serving it in my cast iron skillet. And with this come the sourdough boules I baked. Shakshuka has quite Read More

Focaccia al Rosmarino – Rosemary ,Whole wheat and Oats

Hello my dear virtual Amico.. Focaccia Al Rosmarino. Yup , it sounds super sexy with the Italian accent. Don’t believe me? Google and listen to it … And this is a flat bread. You know I love Focaccia ,right ? It’s an extremely versatile bread. Pizza is also a flatbread. But its different. Focaccia and Read More

Sour Dough Brownies

Disclaimer. I am not responsible for the fact that you just spooned the brownie into your mouth without counting the pieces.  I am also not responsible for the fact that you didn’t count the number of calories in the sugar, oil,eggs and chocolate. And I am not responsible if you need to run 30 kms Read More

Cinnamon Wreath Bread with Walnuts

I’ve been obsessing over SourDough breads this last one month . Ever since I learnt how to do it the right way, I’ve been making Boules after Boules. Some have been yum, some destined to become compost. Yup, straight into the dust bin with them.  And sweet child has been protesting. Lets face it, SourDough Read More

Kugelhopf Christmas and Celebration Breads

Its still about breads. Not that I’m not baking cakes and cookies anymore, its just that the breads stay at home and the cakes and the cookies have become like them glamorous step sisters who attend balls while Cinderella mops the floor. Thats hardly a fabulous analogy coz my breads are pretty too. Its just Read More

Mushrooms and Cheese In Brioche

I love mushrooms. And I love hors d’oeuvres. And I especially love cute hors d’oeuvres that have mushrooms in them.  PS hors d’oeuvres is a fancy schmancy name for a small bite size appetiser. You know how the armed forces are divided when it comes to food? They have separate terminology for the same food. Read More

Basic Brioche Bread

Brioche. A name that says it all. A classic French pastry that is enriched with a high quantity of butter and eggs. To be used as a simple loaf of bread , or as a classic boule ( a ball shaped rustic loaf of bread) or as a brioche à tète. And then we had Read More

Focaccia Whole Wheat with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

Yes, I know.  It’s the season to be jolly, with mistletoe And holly. And I am a sweet person. I love sugar. I’ll revolt if there’s nothing sweet on the menu. But even I’m getting that  sickly sweet feeling from seeing the 1050 posts of Christmas cookies and cakes on my Facebook timeline and Instagram Read More