Brownie in Whole Wheat

Chocolate brownies are always welcome.  Always.  And when you top them with cherries and some caramel sauce,you know you’ve done something right.  They are something else.  Slightly nutty and then intensely Chocolatey. And to add to the nuttiness is the umami taste of brown butter. That is what add that special taste to these brownies. Read More

Mango Swiss Roll Cake

Alphonso Mango. All the golden aura that surrounds food in this season has to be mangoes. And from so many types of mangoes, the most golden of all are Alphonso mangoes. Yup,  I’m so being converted into a mangophile ,mango lover. These relatively small ,fragrant , mangoes are really amazing. And so to give a Read More

Cinnamon Coffee Glazed Bundlets / Cupcakes Eggless

Some cakes are too cute to be called cupcakes or muffins.  These are Bundt minis. Or Bundlets. These classic molds have a ring shaped and are patented by Nordic Ware. I have two Bundt pans . We didn’t frost these little babies too much. Just a drizzle of glaze and a whole lot of icing Read More

Chocolate Orange Cake -Orange Ganache Vegan

Hello you all. The exams are finally over. Not my exams ,those exams that drive the entire house crazy. Sweet child’s eleventh grade exams. Its been a struggle. The school and then those art classes… And then the dieting and exercise and a No Sugar diet. And then we got super obsessed with sourdough. So chocolate Read More

Chiffon Cake with Olive oil

On some days a cake is the most mandatory thing. Especially when sunshine filters through like so.  I’ll have you know that I can barely manage to get a tiny amount of sunshine filtering through my window for only 2 hours in a day. And that sunshine barely crosses 2 feet into my home . Read More

Focaccia al Rosmarino – Rosemary ,Whole wheat and Oats

Hello my dear virtual Amico.. Focaccia Al Rosmarino. Yup , it sounds super sexy with the Italian accent. Don’t believe me? Google and listen to it … And this is a flat bread. You know I love Focaccia ,right ? It’s an extremely versatile bread. Pizza is also a flatbread. But its different. Focaccia and Read More

Sour Dough Brownies

Disclaimer. I am not responsible for the fact that you just spooned the brownie into your mouth without counting the pieces.  I am also not responsible for the fact that you didn’t count the number of calories in the sugar, oil,eggs and chocolate. And I am not responsible if you need to run 30 kms Read More

Boozy Nutty Brownies

Christmas bells ringing and carols playing all around us today. I hope you too are celebrating. You may not be celebrating Christmas, but I hope you’re homes are warm and happy. And filled with laughter. Your family and friends are around you to share your blessings.  Blessings are of no use if they cannot be Read More

Baked Carrot Donuts and Mini Cupcakes

I did something doubly sacrilegious here. I baked the donuts and I added carrots to them . And then I went and reduced the amount of sugar and fat content or butter . Did I screw the taste? No …. Because I rescued it with frosting. So those of you who love the sweet and Read More

Chocolate Tamarind Cupcakes Ganache and Tamarind Salted Caramel

The buzzzzzz. This is mine.            The BEST BAKING BLOG 2016 At the Indian Food Bloggers Awards and the icing on the cake… The blog was judged best. Not voted ❤. So the story and widgets will follow, in the interim… Be rest assured that even a tonne of chocolate wont Read More