Tea Rose Nankhatai / Rose Cookies

Biscuits and Cookies and Nankhatai are special.   They’ve so many memories associated with them .   Of childhood laughter and mothers and family conversations and gossip about the prodigal son and the errant black sheep .   Even if you were to enjoy one biscuit with your chai or coffee..both had to be there.  Read More

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sriracha and Rosemary Sea Salt

Hello dear reader. That’s cookie has a superlatively long name. But it warrants that. And you can taste the sunshine and the subtle fragrance of a walk in the forest and the forbidden pleasures of a holiday in this cookie. I’m promising all that I can deliver. All because of the addition of the flavours Read More

Cadbury Silk Oreo Launch

  You should never feel guilty about eating chocolate. If the chocolate is cheap, by all means feel guilty.  You should. But when its Cadbury Silk Oreo, throw the guilt out of the window. I rarely eat bar chocolate ,but fingers opened wrappers faster than the brain could send negative signals.  Opened and shared… And Read More

Chocolate Pani Puri / Gol Gappa

  Sacrilegious ,is it? You’ve heard of the hot chocolate with red chilli flakes, the molè and all that cocoa in breads. To add chocolate to something that is always, ALWAYS spicy and tart and desi-typically Indian ??? To the extent of smacking your lips in anticipation of that one big, spiced water filled, fried Read More

Til Gud Chikki Biscuit / Cookie Strip Cookie-Chikki

I love video calls  , especially with the parents and sweet sister. There’s always something crazy happening in her house because of her two small babies. And then with the parents …its always fun….because,they are the parents. So I was chatting with them yesterday evening, And on that video call, I saw my daddy was Read More

Chocolate Bark Candied Orange and Pomegranate Happy Diwali

We’re doing things a little easy this time. That’s another way of saying we’re being incredibly lazy. Almost all chocolate and some potatoes. All the good things in life actually. So since as usual I’m falling behind with the posting I’ll start with the Chocolate bark. So, two versions of deliciousness. One, a tad fruity Read More

Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali

It’s all about celebrations here. And when there’s chocolate, there’s always a celebration. And adding to that are the Oreo cookies. These cookies can elevate just anything they touch. As though they have a midas touch.  Gold and all that shimmer. The sour cherries where thrown in for the color relief. And when we ate Read More

Brookies Eggless ,with Brown Butter , Cocoa and White Chocolate Chips

Harry Foster drove the internet Baker’s mad. Everybody,every food blogger worth their (sea ) salt was trying out versions of brookies. Some got them right , some didn’t. I had my share of disaster too. In the singular. Coz I figured out that the batter was too runny to be anywhere near a cookie dough. Read More

Chocolate Bark

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney       And suddenly its done! The moving is over and its time to unpack the memories! Because life has a way of working things out.. It reminds you of the people you Read More