Restaurant Style Butter Chicken Inspired by Goila Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is synonymous with North India and is Indias yummiest export to the world. Tart and sweet , perfectly balanced flavours with a creamy mouth feel. And smokey too.  Its a perfect dish that goes best with flatbreads . We make Naan or Lachha Parantha or sometimes Roomali Roti to,go with this . And Read More

Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali

It’s all about celebrations here. And when there’s chocolate, there’s always a celebration. And adding to that are the Oreo cookies. These cookies can elevate just anything they touch. As though they have a midas touch.  Gold and all that shimmer. The sour cherries where thrown in for the color relief. And when we ate Read More

Pistachio , Sour Cherries and White Chocolate Fudge and Happy Diwali

I swear on all the ingredients I hold holy this entire fudge slab took only 5 minutes to make. Not if you count the agonizing overnight wait for it to set. This fudge slab is absolutely amazing. It is superbly flexible. You can make any combination with this fudge, andit will turn out fabulous. You Read More

Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

Mother Dairy is synonymous with milk , obviously,atleast to all of us who have spent any amount of time in Delhi. The milk that pours into your container when you plonk that token into the slot.  And in the last two decades , this brand has been making inroads into other sectors and states too. Read More

Kuttu Atta Idli Buckwheat flour Idli Navratri Satvik Aahaar

Navratri is supposed to be about abstinence. And detoxing. And giving up things that we crave ,just to reinforce faith in the almighty. I have total faith. And seven days… it’s all in play. And the best thing about the fasting, is the intake of healthy foods. All the No grain flours that we consume, Read More

Chana Achaari -Tadka Maar Ke -Jain Style

Chana Achaari or Chhole or white chick peas are a staple in any home.  In fact it’s a pretty standard source of protein in almost all houses. And what with the recent eggless macaroon obsession ,the aquafaba -or water from the bean has also been elevated to a demi god like status. Well, in my Read More

Navratri Kanjak Prasad Poori ,Chana and Semolina Halwa

Jai Mata Di.     Fasting  for the seven days of Navratri and praying to the greatest Maa Durga is almost a cleansing of the body and soul. This faith in Maa Durga and the faith in her benevolence gives one an immense strength to be able to fast for seven days. Seven days , Read More

Sabudana Khichdi Navratri Special

 A new day, a new beginning. A little bit of restraint, a lot of faith. The belief that good will endure and that fasting will make your blood pure. Every so often comes a day marked by the Hindu calendar when just levitating yourself above the simplest of worldly pleasures can elevate you to a level Read More

Keema Meat- Lamb Curry with Mince.

    Desi, totally desi, and north Indian to boot. Lamb…or mutton as we know it better, is probably the one thing that tastes so good that it needs no other accompaniment than a humble roti (its never just one, believe me!) or plain white boiled rice.   And red, spicy awesome mutton cooked with Read More

Basant Panchami Meethe Chawal-Yellow Rice -Zarda

    Each year is the same story,I call my mum and ask her how to make the Peele Chawal…the fragrant sweet yello saffron rice…and every year I forget. This was a  brainwave…I had to immortalize this recipe…every mum has a different recipe for these…         I may not have been very Read More