Yakhni-Kashmiri Mutton Curry -Baketitude

Yakhni is comfort food. Its a Sunday afternoon meal. Especially when it’s cloudy and foggy and not sunny, a bowl full of slightly sour but wholesome yakhni . Tastes best with boiled rice sometimes with a roti like Taftaan.  So this is a Kashmiri soup like curry that is generally part of a wazwaan or Read More

Saffron Cardamom and Rose Eggless Mithai Cake -Ganesh Chaturthi

Cake for Naivedyam . Prashad. Well, everyone offers modak and laddoos, I made cake. A Mithai cake. With the same flavours that Mithai generally has. I generally make this cake with all purpose flour, but that night my stocks we’re superlatively  low. Yes… always low. So I used whole wheat instead. Atta. The difference , Read More

Dal Makhani , Makhni Dal

Dal Makhani , Makhni Dal, is nothing but buttery ,creamy lentils. Made famous Moti Mahal and Bukhara restaurant, this is the piece de resistance from the Punjabi cuisine.  Whole urad dal is generally cooked whenever there is something to celebrate or during festivals. This takes a long time to cook  -approximately 12-16 hours , but Read More

Quinoa Thayir Sadam or Curd Rice

Hello my friend. Lets talk comfort food today. With a superfood.  Quinoa. I know this is curd rice style Quinoa and I have the happiest memories of curd rice. Of warm slightly tangy yogurt and crisp fried curry leaves with a smattering of mustard seeds and some fried cashew nuts too. But it’s been a Read More

Aloo Tikki Street Food Delhi -Bittu Tikki Wala Style

Memories are enough to drive you nuts! Especially cravings! Every once in a while I get these mad cravings for Aloo Tikki. If you’ve spent a large amount of your life in a place like Delhi, you’ll understand my cravings. The crisp, hot FRIED Aloo Tikki served with Imli ki Sonth, Pudine ki Chutney and Read More

Restaurant Style Butter Chicken Inspired by Goila Butter Chicken

Butter Chicken is synonymous with North India and is Indias yummiest export to the world. Tart and sweet , perfectly balanced flavours with a creamy mouth feel. And smokey too.  Its a perfect dish that goes best with flatbreads . We make Naan or Lachha Parantha or sometimes Roomali Roti to,go with this . And Read More

Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali

It’s all about celebrations here. And when there’s chocolate, there’s always a celebration. And adding to that are the Oreo cookies. These cookies can elevate just anything they touch. As though they have a midas touch.  Gold and all that shimmer. The sour cherries where thrown in for the color relief. And when we ate Read More

Pistachio , Sour Cherries and White Chocolate Fudge and Happy Diwali

I swear on all the ingredients I hold holy this entire fudge slab took only 5 minutes to make. Not if you count the agonizing overnight wait for it to set. This fudge slab is absolutely amazing. It is superbly flexible. You can make any combination with this fudge, andit will turn out fabulous. You Read More

Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

Mother Dairy is synonymous with milk , obviously,atleast to all of us who have spent any amount of time in Delhi. The milk that pours into your container when you plonk that token into the slot.  And in the last two decades , this brand has been making inroads into other sectors and states too. Read More

Kuttu Atta Idli Buckwheat flour Idli Navratri Satvik Aahaar

Navratri is supposed to be about abstinence. And detoxing. And giving up things that we crave ,just to reinforce faith in the almighty. I have total faith. And seven days… it’s all in play. And the best thing about the fasting, is the intake of healthy foods. All the No grain flours that we consume, Read More