Savoury Pannacotta Rosemary ,Cheese and Chilli

Hello dear reader. Yes you did read that right. The pannacotta is a savoury pannacotta. I’m on a pannacotta spree at the moment. So I wanted to serve a few pannacotta standing alone and some as a topping. I’ve done both. Oh, and the moat important thing about this pannacotta? It’s got no cream. Only Read More

Remember the Time

It surely felt good to sit in the back seat of his car, relaxed, and not having to do the gear work. He could shift the channels of his surround system with a touch of his fingertip. All this expense had seemed rather unjustifiable to Dhiren when he’d signed the cheque for the car dealer. Read More

Challah Bread with Garlic

Challah y’all … Hello. That’s what challah is all about. A gorgeous bread, always with its pair.  A beautiful braided bread made with enriched dough and I stuffed it with garlic butter. I’ve been baking and more ,just not blogging enough. I guess I’m hooked to my new canon DSLR and Instagram. Still trying to Read More

Hummus with Chilli Oil and Pinenuts

Hummus When you run out of olive oil ,instead of going shopping, you look for alternatives. Whatever else I may be, lazy I’m certainly not. But there are times when you just must have something at home…You don’t really have a choice. And as Kanchan Bhartari is not my neighbor anymore, I can’t call up Read More

Cadbury Silk Oreo Launch

  You should never feel guilty about eating chocolate. If the chocolate is cheap, by all means feel guilty.  You should. But when its Cadbury Silk Oreo, throw the guilt out of the window. I rarely eat bar chocolate ,but fingers opened wrappers faster than the brain could send negative signals.  Opened and shared… And Read More

Saffron Custard Fig and Rose Tarts

Hello to you my beautiful readers… Its a beautiful day. Well ,almost past.  There’s been too many boules of SourDough in  myriad flavors. I’ve done the chocolate and candied orange, candied orange and walnut , herbs and caramelized onions and lately I also did a rose and pinenut SourDough. That rose negated the sourness of Read More

Marble Bundt Cake with Almond Flour

Here today gone tomorrow. Thats what happens to macarons. But sweet child was literally stuffed with macarons, after I tried them out so many times. And then I had almond meal and then no macarons to make. So even if you have no almond meal, grind 75 GM’s of almonds to make this cake. I Read More

Knock Knock ,Its Christmas Time

Its only October,but its a Sunday morning that revolves around Christmas cake and bottles and bottles of spirits . That can only be the promise of a fabulous time, right? Sunday….poolside …Sound good yet???   This is all about a cake mixing ceremony at The Latit, with the FBAI and good food. Since I was driving,there Read More

Turmeric Latte with Mother Dairy Extra Premium Milk

Mother Dairy is synonymous with milk , obviously,atleast to all of us who have spent any amount of time in Delhi. The milk that pours into your container when you plonk that token into the slot.  And in the last two decades , this brand has been making inroads into other sectors and states too. Read More

100% Atta Bread , Wholewheat bread -Egg free and Dairy free

I’m not a purist.  Or a chemist. I’m just a baker that relies on taste buds for guidance.  And direction.  And generally, when you add eggs, butter and /or milk to a yeasty dough , the result is a perfectly beautiful bread. One reason is that the yeast has some extra carbs to feed on Read More

Monsoon Munching with Nature’s Basket and FBAI

That’s what sunday surprises are made if. A box filled with awesomeness that came from the FBAI for me. Sometimes you must judge a book by its cover. And this  FBAIReviewBox was gorgeous. So the contents must be super ,right? Image Courtesy FBAI Well , they were. Wasabi peanuts. And guess what,these nuts are not Read More

NanKhatai Desi Cookies

Some memories will last forever. In Chai and small bites of goodness. My mum was an avid baker (now she prefers to buy from the local bakers, or she expects me to bake)and my dad still loves these little bites. And these were a standard cookie box staple in our house. They had to be Read More

Swedish Star Breads Cinnamon Chocolate and Pizza

Two breads. Each a shining star . What’s for dinner on A rainy day? Something pretty, warm and comforting. A bowl of soup and some bread. The soup was a simple onion soup. But the bread was pretty. For once ,even hubby dear was impressed. There’s this long list of breads that I have pinned Read More

Ombre Chiffon Cake and Mango Curd Cream

Yup ,girls definitely love it in pink. And that is sunshine on my ombre cake.  Ombre would describe this cake. (adjective). The definitionof ombre is the French word for color that is shaded or graduated in tone. An example of ombre is the color of a dress that is light gray at the top, medium gray in the middle and dark gray Read More