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How to make Copycat Coffees Ossoro Baketitude
Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

They say that you should love freely.

And they say that you must let go of the one you love. 

But no one tells you how to let go of your child… No one tells you that that’s  probably the most difficult thing you will ever do.
I am strong. I have made myself like this. I build those walls around me that no one can penetrate, but this time I  needed to Slowly break down the walls from within to let my child go… 
I have to let him go because he needs to learn to fly.
I was lucky I had an extra three months with him. Now I’m back home and he’s studying.
Technically now, I should be so carefree… but that’s very difficult to explain to my heart
So when I go out to meet with my friends and eat at the swankiest restaurants, the first thing I think of is what would sweet child want to eat.
I think of what I should parcel for him like I was doing earlier.. Then it strikes me that he’s not home here.
Just before returning to the empty nest, I made sure we made a lot of memories and had a lot if food. 
So this is the Coffee Ice cream he loves.
I used the kitchenif ice cream maker. 
You can use any ice cream maker you have, and if you don’t have an ice cream maker, you’ll need to churn the icecream. If you don’t have the energy to churn it, or if you’re ok with using non dairy cream, you can make the ice cream without churning it too. I’ll give you both versions. 
Again, I use espresso shots or I make my own coffee from the French press.
Davidoff will give you the best results if you’re not using espresso. 
At a pinch, use filter coffee or bru or nescafe powder. But the best tatse is with espresso. 
The dulce de leche is not an option. if you use regular condensed milk for this ice cream the flavour will be dull and not very that great. The  cooking of the condensed milk or the caramelization of that milk is what actually producers that wow factor in the ice cream.
There are two ways in which you can caramelized the milkmaid or Amul mithai mate condensed milk.
One option is the close method the other is the open method.
I would suggest making three to four tins in one go, because  even if you say you won’t, you will be making this at least twice again.
In a large saucepan pour water half way and place the condensed milk tins and cover them up with water. Place a lid and place your pan on a slow flame for at least four to five hours, ensure that you keep topping up with hot water so that the tins stay covered with water throughout.
We will need to wait till the tins cool over night before opening them and using them that is the reason why the pre prep is essential
The other method is by opening the tins and placing them in a pan of hot water and again cooking it till the condensed milk caramelises.. you will need to top up with hot water and keep the flame on low but this time you will be able to see how the milkmaid caramelizes and you can use this as soon as as it has caramelized. 
The first method is less messy and maximum work can be done with least effort
The Dulce de leche Needs to be cold.
Also the cream and the coffee will have to be cold.
If you use the ice cream maker, first mix everything up in a jug and pop into the ice cream maker and then n freeze until set.
If you are using Dairy cream and can churn your ice cream… mix all the ingredients in the tin that you are going to set it in and then you can cover the mix and freeze .
If you want to use non Dairy cream, it makes your life super easy.
You need to whisk the non Dairy cream untill it is stiff.
You will have to whisk the coffee and dulce de leche separately and fold together and then set to freeze so that you get the perfect no churn ice cream.
For the 
Coffee Ice cream eggless
You need 
400 GM’s dulce de leche( one tin )
400 mils dairy cream 
120 mils espresso/ filter coffee decoction or 20 GM’s coffee powder added to 100 mils hot water
Cocoa powder/ mint leaves for the final garnish
In ice cream maker 
In a jug, whisk the dulce the leche with the cream and the coffee decoction.
Whisk till all the dulce de leche gets dissolved.
Place the mixture in the ice cream maker and freeze after 30 minutes.
For churning without the ice cream maker 
Place the mixture in a large aluminum cake tin or brownie tin and cover with foil and freeze till half frozen. 
 You can whisk it with a hand blender or fork, and then recover and refreeze. 
You must do it at least twice before you get the beat result. 
 For a no churn ice cream. 
Use non dairy cream for beat results. 
Chill and whisk cream till stiff.whisk the dulce the leche and coffee . Gently fold the dulce the leche mix into the cream. . Freeze in a closed container.
Scoop out the ice cream and enjoy with your favorite people. 
Make memories, laugh , try new stuff. Cook together ,eat together. 
Special relationships are meant for cherishing. 

This is what we ate this with. Coffee , salted caramel and Oreo. Can life get any better?

How to make Copycat Coffees Ossoro Baketitude
Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

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