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Macarons are the trickiest little things ever. And you really need to love these before you can make them. 

It’s all about being a labor of love.  The ingredients are only 4 ,but it’s all about the math. You must keep a timer, and count. And if you do the simplest of things ,youll be rewarded with macarons so beautiful,you’ll want to do a few burpees. Yes, burpees, coz you’ll be eating so many macarons,right? ❤️

Whenever I go to the cafes/pattiseries, I only buy 4 macarons for myself. The calories are not in the cookies , but in the filling. So four is my limit. But at home, I make sure I leave enough without a filling,just so that I can eat many more. 

Guilty as charged. 

For general purposes,I make french macarons. That gives me about 60 macarons and approximately 27-30 sandwich cookies. If I’m catering for  guests, I’ll make the Italian Macarons. Simple because,that uses double the egg whites and cooks the sugar. 

I end up with 50-60 sandwich macaron cookies. But because Mumbai is humid,I make less,so the french method.

A few pointers about macarons youust remember to note before you start out.

  1. Use fresh almond meal. If you buy a big bag, store it in a jar in the fridge.
  2. Use the freshest eggs you can. Also, you need to use eggs at room temperature.
  3. Use a weighing scale. For the egg whites, sugars and the almond.
  4. Use gel based colours. Amerigel, Wilton and chefmaster are the best to use. I tried an Indian non gel brand once ,I still regret the effort.
  5. Use parchment paper. Not butter paper, parchment. I reuse this parchment paper in my bread and cake tins. But for macarons,I use new paper. Always.
  6. Be patient. The macarons have to dry. Else, the skin won’t form and without the skin,you will not get the feet. 
  7. Thermometer. Buy an oven thermometer and place it within. Or use an infrared thermometer. The temperature must not be more than 150C ,or the macarons will burn. 
  8. Hover. Do not walk away from the macarons, also don’t keep opening the oven door to check. 
  9. Check humidity levels. If it’s pouring, wait or let the macarons dry in an air conditioned room bring out baked macarons to the AC room too. 
  10. Store in an air tight container in the fridge. Pipe the filling and serve after at least 8-10 hours. Macarons need time to mature. They always taste best the day after. 
  11. Count the number of times you do the macaronage. Or folding in of dry ingredients. Do not exceed 50 strokes. 
  12. Beat the egg whites with a timer. Too long a beating will result in extremely dry egg whites,that need more strokes. So sometimes the batter gets over mixed. 
  13. Warm hands. If you’ve warm hands, make sure you wash your hands in cold water before piping out the Macarons. 
  14. Clean clean clean. Make sure you clean you beta blades with a napkin dipped in vinegar and wipe it dry. Do the same to your spatula, mixing bowl whochis preferably steel or glass. Avoid plastic.

Once you go through these steps, you’ll not fail . The first time may be disastrous, but you’ll realize where you’ve gone wrong. Also every oven is different. Morphy Richards and Bajaj oven generally have higher temperature. That is,if you preheat the oven to 180C, more often than not the ovens will show 190-200C. Great for sourdough bread,but a disaster for macarons. Hence the thermometer. So you’ll need to keep an eye on your oven thermometer. 

I use standard eggs available in Mumbai.

So let’s start. 

For the 

French Macarons Baketitude

You need

2 egg whites at room temperature

53gms caster sugar

117 GM’s icing sugar

71 GM’s almond meal

1/2 tsp cream of tartar

Food colour of your choice

Place the egg whites in the bowl.

Place almond meal and icing sugar in a mixer jar and pulse 6-7 times to lightly grind. Sift the mixture into another bowl. If you have more than 1 tbsp almond left over in the sieve then grind again, otherwise ,this will do. 71 GM’s accounts for a gram or two of waste.

Set aside .

Now begin whisking the egg whites. Let a small amount of foam appearand then pour in the cream of tartar. Begin whisking on high speed. In three parts add in the caster sugar. 

Whisk for 6 minutes. You’ll find that the egg whites are almost stiff. And the sugar is all mixed in . 

In about a minute ,you should be able to over turn the bowl and the egg whites should defy gravity. Like in a space station. They won’t fall . That’s the time to add the color. Whisk in for 3-4 seconds.

Pop in the Almond mix. Mix the dry into the egg whites by rubbing against the sides. 

Cut and fold till the batter runs off the spatula like lava . Remember the 50 strokes. Again this is practice. The more you mix the more liquid the batter will be. Liquid batter means bad macarons. 

I never bother with a nozzle for Macarons. Spoon batter into two disposable piping bags. Snip off a 1/4 inch cut and pipe blogs perpendicular to the paper. 

Make sure the macarons are even and evenly spaced. 

Once you pipe them out, tap 8-10 times by dropping them.from a height of 6 inches on to the work top. 

Pop any bubble that appears on the surface with a pin. Set them aside for at least 30 minutes. I generally wait 1 hour to 1 ½ hour. Preheat oven to 150C . Check with your thermometer.

Place the trays in the centre of the oven and close the door.

If you’ve placed two trays together, after 8 minutes turn the trays around. 

After 12 minutes , remember to turn the trays to a wire rack and allow to cool. 

The macarons will slide off the paper .

Place in an air tight box and refrigerate till atleast 8 hours before you use them. 

For the filling. 

I love a salted caramel buttercream frosting that cuts through the sweetness. You can make regular buttercream and add vodka and a berry powder. 

You can add lemon juice and .lemon zest(or any citrus fruit ) .

Chocolate ganache, ganache with nutella or almond butter..

Even matcha in white chocolate.

Black sesame in white chocolate ganache..

Also we tried Maggi masala Flavor buttercream last year. Now, I love the combination of sweet and salt and spice, but my boys refused to try them. 

The possibilities are endless. The color of the shell is your choice . Once you master these shells, then you can try variations in shape and additional flavours.

The key to flawless macarons is practice. Make them at least once a week. 

Just make sure you store them well in the fridge. Eliminate the regular cookies if you have to. I did that till sweet child protested that he missed the chocolate chip cookies too much …. 

Just share the calories. And bake some more. 

Make these macarons and do let me know how you liked them . Please share the post and follow me on Facebook and Instagram. You can click on the links in the widgets.

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