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Tea and coffee are like the hands of a clock. Markers of daily milestones. There are certain times marked in our household as clear tea and coffee times. So once the morning caffeine has hit the system and running through the veins…And the morning has begun.

And then it’s time for the first dose of sunshine in a cup. That’s why I love using these glass cups. Firstly they keep the beverage warm longer and secondly you can see how gorgeous the drink is.

I like to pop the tea into a small kettle and pour fresh boiling water. Almost like a ceremony….It’s therapeutic,it is.

Mid morning is green tea time in my house.

I received three tea samplers from Garnet Glow Gourmet teas So this was the Apple Darjeeling tea. With the fragrance of fresh Washington apples. The tea, well slightly piquant,just like a Darjeeling tea should be.

The next tea we tried was the Masala green tea. That was awesome. It has flecks of spices and even a tiny white pepper . Totally warming and healing. I get these sniffles and sneezes every once in a while, and a warm cup of this masala green tea was awesome.

1 tbsp loose tea was good for 2 huge mugs of golden liquid.

The third option was the Jasmine green tea. I’m not super fond of floral teas ,and this one is scented. I needed to add some lemon juice and honey to my tea to be able to enjoy it.

Garnet Glow teas will also create bespoke teas for you and if you’re unsure if you’re first tea purchase,they have this little guided quiz where’s they can help you pick your teas.

I am returning for the masala green tea. With those warming and healing spices, this tea is indeed going to be my tea of choice for some time to come.


Do check out the website for more.





Disclaimer:     ” F&B Product Review – powered by FBCI – Food Bloggers Council, INDIA” .This is a sponsored post. However, my views and words are my own.

Buddha Bowl with Mango Salsa #trendsetters
Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding -Dessert for Breakfast

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