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It’s just that one line that matters.

For that first line, I’ve been  thinking and thinking and only thinking and the only thing I can do is look at this gorgeous white, red and green dessert that I made a few days ago.

This talks of clear blue skies , the kiss of sunshine on my face and the wind in my hair. 

This speaks of festive and happiness and giggles and a whole lot of happiness that this is the lightest , fruitiest gluten free desserts.

Christmas is coming, you all.

That blur of warmth when you know that if you eat that one more bite,it won’t interfere with your head. All the workout, the gluten free aspirations or that one fast you didn’t want to break… 

So I’m rambling. I do that a lot ,you know. You’ve been with me so long. And if you’re new to baketitude,well hello. Say hi to this cheesecake. 

It has two cheeses ,and some cream-well ,kind of cream. And a cookie crust and fruits.

And the underlying Flavor of Rosemary.

So you’ve got cheesecake. Gluten free flour in the cookie crust. Now there’s this thing about most gluten free flours. They take a little while to cook. And cookies cook fast. So we do a little pre prep. And the cookie comes out amazing.

And you are going to love this.

Also there’s this video on Facebook. Because this fuzziness happened in APB Cook Studio with Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal. So you can also check out how it was actually made. 

Well ,go on then and check out the recipe and the video. 

For the

Gluten free Strawberry Cheesecake

You need

For the cookie crumb

1 cup amaranth /rajgira flour(you may use any GF flour you make cookies with)

½ cup demarara or cane sugar

⅓ cup ghee/oil  or a mixture of ghee and oil

½ tsp vanilla essence

2-3 tbsp melted butter

Lightly roast amaranth flour on low heat in a small sauce pan till the Raw smell disappears and till the colour darkens a few tones. 

 Allow this to cool to be able to touch and mix in the sugar while it’s still warm. 

Add in the ghee and oil mix and the vanilla. 

Thouroughly mix and lightly knead to get a crumbly texture.

Line a baking tray with parchment paper and turn the oven on to preheat at 180C. 

Pop and spread all over the tray and bake for exactly 9 minutes. Stir and replace 1 minute. 

Don’t leave it longer because the amaranth is already roasted.

Bring out and allow to cool on a wire rack. 

Just make sure you don’t eat it all up.

For the Cheesecake 

400 GM’s Greek yogurt or 1kg homemade yogurt hung for over 5-6 hours to give approximately 400 GM’s hung curd

100 GM’s light or low fat paneer it cottage cheese

200 mils coconut milk ,chilled

1/2 tbsp cornstarch -cornflour

¼ cup or to taste ,cane sugar 

2 punnets strawberries

2-4 tbsp honey or maple syrup 

1 tsp finely chopped Rosemary (thyme or mint )

2 tsp gelatin or 1.5 GM’s agar agar

Cut the strawberries into cubes. Save 7-8  for the  final garnish. Slice and save for topping the garnish.

Mix the strawberries with the Rosemary and the honey. Taste and add more or less honey according to the sweetness of the strawberries. Allow them to sit and macerate .

In a bowl place 2 tbsp water and Sprinkle over gelatin and allow it to bloom. You can also use 1.5 GM’s china grass and allow it to slowly melt into 30 mils of water over very low heat. China grass or agar agar takes around 10 minutes to melt. So you may want to plan accordingly.

Place the cottage cheese or paneer in a large bowl. 

Add the coconut milk and blend with a hand blender till Totally smooth and lump free. 

Whisk the hung curd or Greek yogurt with the cane sugar.

Now place the strawberries in a strainer and allow the liquid to collect in a bowl. The strawberries must release as much liquid as they can or the cheesecake will become too liquidy to set.

Place the strawberry liquid in the fridge to use later.

In a large bowl place the sweetened yogurt. Lightly fold in the coconut milk and paneer mix. Now fold in the strawberries and taste . Check for sugar. Fold in the melted gelatin or agar agar.

Make sure you don’t vigourously whisk it all together. You will break up the strawberries and deflate the cheesecake mix. It will become flat and hard.

So gently does it. With a silicone spatula. 

Chill ,till you set your Cookie base. 

Bring the cookie crumbs out. Slowly mix and the melted butter. (If you intend setting your desert in a glass you can skip the butter totally.)

Mix well and spread within an oiled or a greased pastry /cheesecake ring. Lightly press down to pack the cookie crumbs and make them compact. If you wish to omit the butter all together you may,because these cookie crumbs will not get too wet as compared to the other cookie crumbs the butter makes these cookie crumbs more compact and of course a little bit tasty. Also keeps them from getting totally soggy and wet.

Spoon over the strawberry and hung curd mix leaving approximately 3-4 millimetres space near the Rim of the pastry ring. Oh and you can set it in glasses like I did. 

Let this sit in the fridge. Mix the corn starch with the strawberry juice that you had reserved earlier and cook over a double boiler to thicken the liquid slightly.

You can cook this directly over the flame but a double boiler will ensure that the juice does not become bitter and the honey does not get over cooked.

Allow this to cool and once it is cool enough spoon over the pastry ring so as to form a beautiful red gel like thingy over the cheesecake in the pastry ring.

Allow it to set in the refrigerator 6 to 8 hours and decorate with sliced strawberries and sprigs of Rosemary.

Setting the desert in wine glasses or whisky glasses or small dessert bowls is not only pretty . It’s all about portion control.

So it’s all about the happiness a spoon full of sugar can bring to you. 

Well this is almost the sugar.

So show some love. Share the post and video on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Also follow @baketitude and tag #baketitude when you make this Gluten free strawberry cheesecake.

Until Next Time.



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