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Smoothie bowls are the best way to enjoy all the pretty things in the world for breakfast. 

I’m a big fan of them and regularly post them on Instagram. I keep getting DMs and comments on how to get the best smoothie bowls,hence I thought of sharing a few essential tips in one blog post. 

So what a smoothie bowl does is, bringing  small amounts of fruit and probiotics and super foods into your diet. Especially when you have been working out. 

So your pantry Staples will be a few bottles of nuts and berries and seeds. 

You’ll also want a few pretty bowls. Because let’s face it ,it’s all about being super pretty breakfast eaters. 

Ok the breakfast carriers and bowls must be super 

Ok the breakfast bowls must be pretty. 

You’ll need a good food processor or a blender jar. Because it’s difficult to get rid of and clean the smoothie components from the blades,I’d recommend you run hot soapy water in your jars before and after you do your smoothie to keep your jars mould free.

Remember,be a locavore,source local fruits and ingredients. 

I would recommend using soaked nuts instead of nuts milk. 

The ground nuts add to the bulk and you don’t need to bother to squeeze out any nut milk . Also you’ll be able to keep quantities in check too much of the good stuff is also dangerous.

So we’ll divide this into 6 essentials components.


I prefer to use yogurt homemade or Greek yogurt as my smoothie base. It lends a tartness and a freshness to the smoothie. Also benefits of good bacteria. Also it keeps the smoothie thick.

You can use nut milk from a tetrapack or bottle or horchata or home made vegan milk. Like I said before,if you’re planning to make nut, don’t bother . Chuck everything into the blender and save yourself the bother of squeezing out the milk. 

4-5 tbsp of yogurt or 90 mils of milk or liquid are enough for one serving.



Frozen banana is generally your best friend for the best smoothie bowls ever. It keeps the smoothie thick and sweet. Also it ensures you remain full for the next 4-5 hours and you’re running on a power packed fuel. Chop ripe banana into small pieces and freeze in zip loc bags. It is slimy,but it does the job. You get your daily potassium and other micro nutrients and don’t have to deal with gross ripening fruit . 

6-7 pieces of frozen banana are good enough for one bowl. If you’re in berry season, buy berries,wash and freeze. 

Same logic, use in your smoothie bowls.other fruit like apple, papaya or orange have a high water content. So if you freeze these fruit,make sure you cut them into small pieces to make processing easy.

Sweet fruit work best here. Mango can be frozen,but works best in a smoothie with either banana or coconut milk.

Fruit Powders

An arsenal of fruit and vegetable powder makes this your A game. 

I use powders of strawberry, blueberry,acai berry, sprulina ,blue tea, activated charcoal, turmeric, beetroot powder,spinach powder etc. What these do ,is that they bring the Flavors into the smoothie and give it the vibrant colours for the perfect Instagrammable smoothie. Also they make taking these powders easy…you’ll end up coughing out a lot of powder or getting a very concentrated taste of a fruit. 


Best practice syndrome. Soak nuts and refrigerate .Or freeze. I’ve a whole lot of zip loc pouches in my freezer with soaked almonds. Making a smoothie with frozen soap nuts gives the smooth a very nice texture and allows you to add soap nuts to your diet if you don’t like eating nuts on their own.

Also frozen soaked nuts are very handy if you need to make nut milk, because you don’t need to waste time soaking the net there always at your disposal.

My first objective,when I shift into my very own house, will be to buy two ginirmous refrigerators with huge cavernous freezers. Just because. 

Store soaked almonds ,cashews and walnuts. Soaked nuts are better because they are easy for the body to digest.


Hemp, sunflower, pumpkin, Basil , or chia seeds are available to us very easily. Compare the seeds visa vis the cost and nutrition. For example, it’s very easy to use Chia seeds, but if you compare them to the local Basil seeds or sabja as they are known… sabja is way cheaper, more dense nutrition wise and has a very low carbon footprint as it is locally available.

if you sprinkle Basil seeds or Chia on the surface of yours Modi your toppings don’t immediately sink to the Bottom of the Smoothie bowl. also they allow you to make a thick emulsion like smoothie.

Use a seed which is accessible and beneficial.


There’s no point in adding white sugar to the smoothie bowl. The smoothie would already be lightly sweet with the addition of fruit. Additional sweetness can be obtained by the addition of sweetners like Honey, maple syrup, coconut sugar, raw sugar, dates, date syrup or at the last choice an artificial sweeteners.

The goal is to essentially reduce the amount of sweetness that you add to your smoothie bowl. So make sure you taste before you add any sweetner. 


It’s all about making the smoothie bowl and Instagram post. Yes Modi maybe beautiful but you need something extra for that wow factor. Small cookie cutters with which you can cut Priti shapes out of fruits,for example a star Cookie cutter will give you Priti Stars from fruit like bananas kiwi watermelon et cetera .

pomegranate is the best thing to throw on a smoothie bowl because the colour contrast between the Jewel red of the pomegranate seeds and whatever colour smoothie you have made is absolutely amazing.

Puffed rice, quinoa or amaranth pops or foxtail pops are super on your bowl.

Shaved and toasted coconut, cocoa nibs, bee pollen, finely chopped nuts, Basil or Chia seeds, beautifully cut fruit et cetera are also beautiful additions to a smoothie bowl.

So go ahead and try different flavour flavour combinations and have a beautiful breakfast every morning.

the more you very the contents of your smoothie bowl the better it is for your health.

I source most of my products from urban platter you can find a few of the products here listed on Amazon or you can purchase them directly from other websites. The ceramic bowls have been purchased from fabindia, Westside, various flea markets and ceramics exhibition. They’re not cheap,but they add a very pretty quotient to the smoothie.

if you haven’t already please follow me on Instagram and to tell me what your favourite smoothie bowl is.

This is not a sponsored post. All ideas are mine.


Chocolate Mocha Loaf Cake Baketitude

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