Jamun Lemonade -Summer Drinks

Brownie D'Oreo , Oreo Brownie Cake
Turmeric Granola Baked with Maple Syrup and Orange Juice

It’s summer time here in the subcontinent. Crazy warm. And the heat just seeps the energy away. 

And every sugar and preservatives laden drink you sip , you add to your woes. High sugar drinks cause acidity and dehydration. 

Yup, that’s true. Check with your doctor or dietitian to confirm the details. I read this when I was researching the ill effects of sports drinks.

So this summer let’s make our own non alcoholic drinks at home. We’ll use the minimum sugar and artificial flavors we can and make them As pretty as possible.

So this is the first.

A Jamun Lemonade. Jamun or Indian blackberry or black plum is a summer fruit and has cooling and digestive properties. And of course , lemon juice is an elixir.

Make this just before serving for the best benefits. And serve chilled.

So let’s get started.

For 3-4 servings

Jamun lemonade

You need 

1 to 1 1/2 cups ripe Jamun 

2 tbsp sugar / honey to sweeten

Juice of 2 lemons

Few mint leaves

Soda water

Deseed the Jamun berries over a large bowl . Cut the Jamun allowing the juices to fall in to the bowl.

Once all the Jamuns are deseeded, add the sugar or honey, lemon juice and mint leaves. 

With a hand held blender or in a blender jar ,blend the Jamun pulp coarsely.

Divide the mix in 3-4 glasses. 

Pop in a few ice cubes and top with cold soda.

These pics were so pretty pink that the messy pictures had no place with them.

So try this out yourself. And enjoy all the benefits of fresh cooling fruit drinks.

Along with the cakes and breads , make these drinks too. Keep a look out for the next summer drinks from baketitude.



Brownie D'Oreo , Oreo Brownie Cake
Turmeric Granola Baked with Maple Syrup and Orange Juice

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  1. shivanjali says:

    The lemonade looks inviting.I am sure it must be very tasty n jamuns have multiple health benefits.Will try.Pics are as usual very pretty.

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