Mac and Cheese #HacktheSnack

Mac and Cheese

Two of everyone’s favourite things, Macaroni and Cheese made in Bajaj Air Fryer! Check out this irresistibly lip smacking recipe of Mac n Cheese right here.


1  cup  boiled pasta

1  cup  low fat dairy cream

1  cup  grated cheese

1  teaspoon  Cornflour  

Salt ,pepper and mustard powder to taste


Mix corn starch along with 1/2 cups of grated cheese in a mixing bowl. Add the boiled macaroni, seasoning and cream andmix well.

Pourt this mixture in a a small Baking Pan and cover the Baking Pan with foil. Keep this Baking Pan in the Fry Basket and place into the Bajaj Air Fryer

Press M Button and move on to the Bake Icon. Press Power Button & set the cooking time to 15 minutes at 310 degrees.

Once the cooking time is over, open the Bajaj Air Fryer, take out the Baking Pan and remove the foil covering. Top up the Pan with the rest of grated cheese.

Replace the Fry Basket back into theBajaj Air Fryer. Again Press M Button and Scroll to Bake Icon. Press Power Button & then set cooking time to 10 minutes at 310 degrees.

Once cooking time is over, take out the Baking Pan and let it Cool for sometime.

Garnish the Mac and Cheese  with some snipped chives or coriander or parsely

Your delicious Air Fried Mac and Cheese is ready to serve! 

What’s your favorite way to #HacktheSnack , share it with us.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by Bajaj appliances. 

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