Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding -Dessert for Breakfast

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Its mango season here in India. Blistering heat and energy sapping weather already is dangerously playing on my appetite. 

Ancient grains have been on my to do list and I’ve just begun experimenting with quinoa . The whites the reds and the blacks. 

Tiny little bags of magic,these grains are. You’ll be amazed at the goodness each little morsel has.

A little FYI is in order ,because you must know of the magic these ancient grains possess. 

Plant proteins are generally incomplete proteins. Thats the reason why we need to combine foods to get those essential amino acids to our bodily functions.


Quinoa grains are a complete protein which means they contain all the essential amino acids the body can’t make on its own. These essential amino acids are used to provide energy, build and repair tissues in your body, and more. This rich form of protein is abundant in animal sources, but hard to come by in plant-based sources ,quinoa is one of the few. 

In most other grains like wheat and rice and oats, we need a combination . E.g. We pair rice with lentils , wheat with vegetables etc to fulfill our requirements.

So if you are vegan, you can depend upon quinoa for complete proteins.

And quinoa flakes, these are individual quinoa grains that have been pressed. So they mimic the texture and feel of the rolled oats you and I are so accustomed to eating. 

So when I chanced upon these ORGANIC pre-cooked quinoa flakes  from Organic Farmers Co ,I was super excited to try them.out for myself. 

I’ve been actively working out and have been indulging in smoothies and overnight breakfast puddings for some time now.

You can’t expect a baker to bottle up her sugar cravings ,can you? They haunt her like little ghosts. 

I’ve been baking breads, with different flavour combinations…avoiding too many desserts only because of the amount of sugar and butter and various other calories involved. But how do I manage the kiss of sugar…. With some bites of the goodies and mostly with my breakfast puddings.

So this is a glamourous breakfast…with the philosophy of eat dessert for breakfast.

I used almond milk, because I have a huge tetrapack full. You may use regular milk or buttermilk or soy milk or even coconut milk.

You must of course share the calories…

For two servings

Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding-Dessert for Breakfast

You need

1/2 cup pre cooked quinoa flakes

1 cup almond milk

1 pinch sea salt

1 whole mango cut and pureed -I used alphonso

Finely Chopped fresh mint leaves

Finely chopped washed organic rose petals/ dried rose petals / rose water for added flavour

Place the quinoa in a bowl and mix in the almond milk ,mix in the sea salt or regular salt.

It will look runny, but wait till the quinoa absorbs the liquid. Cover and refrigerate overnight or at least 4 hours.

In the morning, divide the soaked quinoa into two mason jars or glasses. If the quinoa has become like a packed dough, add some almond milk to loosen it up. This tastes good when it is slurpy.

Puree the freshly cut mango with the mint and the rose petals.

Top the quinoa and almond milk mix with the mango mix. 

Garnish with mint and rose petals.

Closely screw on the  lid and carry with you to eat as soon as hunger calls. 

Be sure to pack your spoon.

This is filling enough with enough sunshine vitamins, fibre and the kiss of good health to last you a few hours.

If you feel the need, you can add more chopped fruit too.

But ,I’d suggest sipping on a whole lot if water… Your body needs it with all this fibre.

This will be the perfect start to a fruitful day. Try dessert for breakfast…

Your day will be sweeter.

Oh and the good people from Organic Farmers Co have an amazing offer for you. If you purchase from them ,use the code BAKETITUDE10 and avail a  site wide 10% discount.


Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post, but the views as always are mine. I have tried and tasted these little flakes and have enjoyed them .


Garnet Glow Gourmet Teas -Product Review
Style back with the Tata Tigor

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