Multigrain Ka Aashirvaad Atta Bread

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Getting a hamper when you least expect it is always super exciting.

Especially when it is so cutely packaged.

So this little basket of Aashirvaad multigrain Atta and the ITC dal Bukhara and ITC Paneer Makhani turned up home and rainy evening.

And rainy Nights signal reason to not cook ,so this is perfect. The dal and vegetable already ready,so all we had to do was try the multigrain Atta. Multigrain Atta is more nutritious as compared to regular whole wheat Atta. It has the goodness of maize soybean,psyllium husk, oats and chana. In totality ,these grains work to increase the protein, vitamin content and the fibre content of Rotis it bread to compensate for all the nutrients that you may have missed in your regular meals.

I generally use whole wheat without any other grain additives for our daily bread.

Since we don’t eat too many Rotis at night I have kneaded the a little dough , it absorbed a lot of water as compared to regular wheat.

I guess this was because of the presence of chana and psyllium husk.

The rotis were rolled out fairly thin and puffed out well. They also stayed soft for a longer period of time. So this works as a good Aata for Indian flat breads.

Now, I am a Baker and nothing is better than bread and cake… so I had to try this out.

The best test for any flour is bread.

If the flour is fresh and of good quality the protein content and and gluten content will be higher resulting in a loaf which will absorb more water and give you a softer bread. So I had to try this out. I made 3 loaves and a simple cake loaded with dried fruit and nuts that would go well with a cup of tea or coffee.

The bread ,was without doubt pretty good.

It’s finished as fast as it possibly could.

For the second loaf I made a pull apart cinnamon bread without any extra frosting and that too was soft and buttery. 

So the proportion if grains is perfectly proportioned in the Multigrain ka Aashirvaad Atta.

I also like the idea of the psyllium husk which make sure that the bread or Roti has a higher fibre content.

The first time that I made homemade with hundred percent multigrain Aata. I found that the bread did not rise as much as I had thought it would. The bread was soft and tasted good like always but I love a beautiful dome in a loaf of bread. What’s the point is baking your own bread if you can’t wake up pretty bread?.

And because the bread finished fast and we needed another Loaf for breakfast, the next had to be made.

I made a small change and I added some  vital gluten. 

That made a world of a difference.

I guess,because whole wheat per se has very less gluten compared to bread flour and with the addition of multi grains the gluten percentage fell even lower.

The addition of the vital gluten ensured that my loaf domed beautifully and the crumb was absolutely amazing.

I also kneaded this dougg exactly 7 minutes in my stand mixer .So if you are kneading by hand I would say knead exactly 14 minutes.

Start with the multi grains ka Ashirwad Atta in a bowl. Add the vital gluten powder and mix. Make a small well in the flour Twinkle the sugar and salt over the flower. As I use instant dry yeast I simply add the yeast to the flour.

However if you are using active dry yeast that must first be proved in a sugar and lukewarm water solution.

Slowly Add in almost three quarters of the water and bring the dough together. It will be a shaggy dry mass.

Now Sprinkle a little water over the dough at a time and begin to knead stretching and bringing back the dough each time.

Clean your work top and transfer the dough to the work top and now continue to stretch and bring back the dough.

Soon you will observe that the dough which was breaking now stretches further. Pour over the oil and stretch and till the oil is Incorporated. You will spend almost 10 to 15 minutes in this procedure.

The dough will be Shiny and soft. Make a ball tucking the ends under and place the dough ball in and oiled bowl. Cover and set aside for about 45 minutes.

Grease a loaf tin with oil or spray generously with oil spray and Sprinkle about a tablespoon of sunflower seeds and quick cooking oats with about half of the sea salt. Allow this the stick  to the sides.

The dough ball would have risen well by now and is ready for stage 2. On a clean worktop remove the dough ball and pat down into a rectangle with one side as long as the loaf tin. Now roll the dough into a tight log and place the dough seam side down into the tin.

Sprinkle a little water and cover the tin and set aside in a warm place for about 20 to 25 minutes. Preheat your oven to 200 degrees centigrade and check the loaf. The dough would have reached as high as the walls of the tin.  Sprinkle a little bit more water and cover the surface with the sun flower seeds, oats and remaining salt. You may also use Nigella seeds, poppy seeds or even sesame seeds.

Place the loaf in the middle of the oven and bake at 200 degrees for the first 5 minutes ,reduce the temperature to 180° after this and bake for approximately 30 or 35 minutes .

The bread would be cooked and if you hit the loaf on on the side with a wooden spoon you will hear a hollow sound. But the bread may appear to be pale. So turn on the rods on top and grill the loaf for about a minute, bring the tin out .

Spray with oil or brush with butter and allow the bread to Cool for about 5 to 10 minutes .


Turn out the loaf on to a wire Rack and  allow it to cool for at least 20 to 25 minutes before you slice it .

The seeds and top would be toasted, The crust well done and on pressing the bread would be spongy and once you slice it you will see a beautiful even crumb and a beautiful Holey bread. Homemade bread must be eaten within a day or two or frozen as it doesn’t have any preservatives and will spoil easily. Fresh bread tastes best and you do not need any better or jam or preserves or even a spread to make it taste good.

In place of oil you may use and olive oil clarified butter even coconut oil and make the bread a vegan bread.

Practice often and your kneading techniques will improve . You need to remember that white bread or bread made with Maida will have the best softness and the best crumb. But that’s not to say that multigrain bread is any less along with taste it has multigrains ka Ashirwad.

And once you get the basic Bread recipe right you can experiment as much as you want to and shape the bread in different forms or even make a pull apart bread. The sky is the limit then but first you must start at the beginning try this bread for Wholesome nutrition good health and multi grains ka Ashirwad.

You may need more or less water according to the quality of flower so don’t worry if you don’t use or all of the water I used. Ofcourse can skip the seeds and makeup plane bear loaf of bread. Then where is your baby then where is your baby . Go bake!!

Multigrain Ka Aashirvaad Atta Bread
Whole wheat , oats, psyllium husk, maize , soya bean and chana dal bread.
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  1. 2 1/4 cups Multigrain atta or wheat flour
  2. 1 tbsp vital gluten powder-optional
  3. 2 1/4 tsp instant dry yeast
  4. 1 tsp salt
  5. 1 tbsp sugar
  6. 2 tbsp oil/ butter / ghee
  7. 1 cup tepid water
  8. 2-3 tbsp sunflower seeds
  9. 2-3 tbsp quick cooking oats
  10. 1 tsp sea salt
  11. 1 tbsp nigella seeds , poppy seeds and sesame seeds- optional
  12. Oil to grease the loaf tin
  1. In a bowl, place the multigrain flour in a bowl .
  2. Add the gluten ,salt and sugar and yeast in the bowl.
  3. Knead the atta with the like warm water.
  4. Now knead in the oil and place the dough ball in an oiled bowl.
  5. Cover and set aside for 45 minutes.
  6. Grease a loaf tin andd dust with the seeds, oats and half sea salt.
  7. Remove risen dough and pat into a rectangle.
  8. Roll into a tight log and place seam side sown.
  9. Spray water and cover and set aside in a warm place.
  10. After 20 minutes preheat oven to 200C.
  11. When the dough reaches the edge of the tin, spray with water again and top with remaining seeds and salt.
  12. Pop into the oven and after 5 minutes reduce the temperature to 180C .
  13. Bake further 35 minutes or till done.
  14. Once done , grill for one minute till you get a nice colour.
  15. Remove from oven and brush with butter or oil .
  16. Allow to cool before you slice.
  1. Whole wheat flour ferments faster than regular flour so keep an eye on the dough.
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  1. Asmita says:

    Wow great recipe and nothing like multigrain fresh home baked bread. Would surely try.thabks for sharing this recipe.

  2. Mini says:

    Which instant yeast do u use ?

  3. jasmine soni says:

    Hey do you think that baking it in a microwave in the convection mode would yield the same result as yours? If yes, please share the temp. and time settings as well. Since I’m a novice baker, some hand holding will be required 🙂 . TIA

    • shalini digvijay says:

      Hey it is possible but you will have to make sure youre when is properly preheated superhit at the highest temperature in microwave allows and set your timer for a couple of minutes extra than that Its predicted to bake your bread. I would advise you to invest in an oven thermometer just so that you can ensure that the temperature is right because the Convection mode temperature is often different from regular oven OTG
      All the best and do let me know if you have it turned out well

  4. Malini S says:

    Thanks for your recipe!! Bread came out very well!! Whether yoghurt can replace the gluten powder? Have you tried “No knead” method with this multigrain atta?

    • shalini digvijay says:

      HI malini. the bread uses gluten as extra protein because the quality of indian wheat is not that great. yogurt is optional, it has nothing to do with gluten.

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