Navratri-Amaranth Flour Cookies Gluten Free Cookies forfasting /Rajgira Atta Biscuits

The biggest dilemma during a fast.

Chai or no chai?
Coffee or no?

I need a cookie or a biscuit to go with my chai and coffee and when I can’t get that little bite of happiness,my body goes into denial.
It denies me happiness.
So what good is the entire exercise of fasting,if you derive no happiness?
I found a solution.

Cookies made with Singhade ka atta, kuttu ka atta and now Rajgira atta. 


Just so you know, Rajgira or Ramana is a superfood and you can make more than just laddoo or chikki from it, especially in Maharashtra. It’s available readily. I bought my Rajgira or Amaranth flour from Amazon,and it’s organic.
So happiness.
Now you see it, now you don’t.
That’s what happens when you bake cookies only for yourself.
There were 9 , thank god I heard the clanging and the chuckles of delight of a few teens…
I managed to save 3 for me-with a promise of a fresh batch. Ok the saved cookies were for the pictures.
For the 
Navratri Amaranth Flour Cookies Gluten Free Cookies for fasting /Rajgira Atta Biscuits
You need
1 cup Rajgira/Amaranth flour
1/3 cup sugar or jaggery 
1/3 cup home made butter or ghee
2 tbsp milk powder
A wee bit cold milk to bind
A grate of nutmeg 
Pre heat the oven to 180C.
Beat the butter and the sugar together. Cardamom overpowers the nuttiness of the Rajgira,so I used nutmeg.
Add the Rajgira flour and milk powder.
Use your hands to make the dough.

This amount should give you 13-14 cookies, but we made 3 tiny Apple tarts…

Roll small balls and press flat on parchment paper. You’ll need paper or oiled foil or your cookies will stick and the tray will burn.
Cleaning is not such an attractive proposition.
Bake for 12 minutes,the edges will begin to colour.
Remove and cool.
Store in an airtight container and give in to your cravings without any guilt.
Jai Mata Di!
So what are you baking today???


  1. On my honour, I promise to try this the near future
    Parwati singari. 🙂

  2. Nikhil S says:

    Very easy to do recipe and healthy too.
    Hoping to read more healthy recipes.

  3. latawonders says:

    Your posts are so likeable because they have such a friendly tone:)

  4. Sweet says:

    Nikhil S thanks for visiting bAketitude… you'll find a lot of healthy options here. Cheers

  5. Sweet says:

    Latawonders you are so wonderfully generous.
    Thanks for visiting bAketitude

  6. Anonymous says:

    Thank you for the recipe. I am eager to try but I do not have milk powder. Any alternative you can suggest? Or can it be skipped entirely?

  7. Sweet says:

    Hi anonymous. Skip the milk powder and knead with milk instead. It'll be good.

  8. Sweet says:

    Hi anonymous. Skip the milk powder and knead with milk instead. It'll be good.

  9. Veenu says:

    Hey Shalini… I have tried some of ur recipes, they r easyyy and taste heavenly…. Thank you

  10. Shivanjali says:

    Hi Shalini…the Apple tarts made from amarnath flour…Should we use the same atta for the tarts…how much time should we bake them.Thanks

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