Quinoa Thayir Sadam or Curd Rice

Hello my friend. Lets talk comfort food today. With a superfood.  Quinoa. I know this is curd rice style Quinoa and I have the happiest memories of curd rice. Of warm slightly tangy yogurt and crisp fried curry leaves with a smattering of mustard seeds and some fried cashew nuts too. But it’s been a Read More

Coffee and Bailey’s Buttercream Cake

All right . This is a very special decadent cake. A simple vanilla cake that is brushed with homemade Bailey’s cream , layered with a light chocolate ganache and then sandwiched with a coffee flavor Swiss meringue Buttercream. And then some chocolate flakes too.  Too many things? Noo…. Essentially coffee ,chocolate and vanilla in a Read More

Japanese Cotton Cake Super Soft Sponge Cake

Cotton cake. We’ve Manga and Anime and Naruto and Ramen and Mirin floating about in our house daily. That’s Japanese to me. All I know is that the Japanese style of drawing Is called manga, animation in that form is anime and Naruto is an action figure. And somewhere Japanese Cotton Cake also figures. All Read More

Fruit Cake -Eggless

It’s raining buckets in Mumbai. And it’s wet most of the time. Always calling out for a hot drink and something good to eat. Fruit cake. An old school and classic cake that can never go out of fashion or never be less tasty. We alternate between sweet and savory. If we make some sandwiches Read More

Espresso Panna Cotta

The Rains in Mumbai have begun in ernest. It’s wet, everything is green and gorgeous but according to my boys it just smells of rain. And it smells of water. As if water smells. It’s just whatever water falls on, that smells. But the these boys can’t accept it. I have found a solution -Coffee. Read More

Multigrain Ka Aashirvaad Atta Bread

Getting a hamper when you least expect it is always super exciting. Especially when it is so cutely packaged. So this little basket of Aashirvaad multigrain Atta and the ITC dal Bukhara and ITC Paneer Makhani turned up home and rainy evening. And rainy Nights signal reason to not cook ,so this is perfect. The Read More

Mac and Cheese #HacktheSnack

Mac and Cheese Two of everyone’s favourite things, Macaroni and Cheese made in Bajaj Air Fryer! Check out this irresistibly lip smacking recipe of Mac n Cheese right here. Ingredients  1  cup  boiled pasta 1  cup  low fat dairy cream 1  cup  grated cheese 1  teaspoon  Cornflour   Salt ,pepper and mustard powder to taste Instructions  Mix corn starch along Read More

Nutella Mug Microwave Cake

Cravings come in all sizes. And then some voices in the back of the head cry foul. Too many calories , they say. Too much fat , they say. Did you work out enough ? they ask, scoffing at the feeble responses the other side gives. You don’t deserve any Nutella! They hastily  remind you Read More

Focaccia with Stone Fruits

I love Stone Fruits  And I love bread.  So to combine the two was imperative. The in-laws had a plum and peach orchard in the hills up till a few years ago. But because of the National Highway project all over Himachal Pradesh,they had to shift to an apartment complex and let go of the Read More

Muhammara Spread

Muhammara . That sounds itself so exotic.  And so gorgeous. And doesn’t it look so? Well, we’re all about using the whole tin full if nuts my mum expects us to eat daily. She deligiently soaks almonds and walnuts and presses 5 into our hands every morning. I know they are really good for you Read More