Focaccia with Stone Fruits

I love Stone Fruits  And I love bread.  So to combine the two was imperative. The in-laws had a plum and peach orchard in the hills up till a few years ago. But because of the National Highway project all over Himachal Pradesh,they had to shift to an apartment complex and let go of the Read More

Muhammara Spread

Muhammara . That sounds itself so exotic.  And so gorgeous. And doesn’t it look so? Well, we’re all about using the whole tin full if nuts my mum expects us to eat daily. She deligiently soaks almonds and walnuts and presses 5 into our hands every morning. I know they are really good for you Read More

Brownie in Whole Wheat

Chocolate brownies are always welcome.  Always.  And when you top them with cherries and some caramel sauce,you know you’ve done something right.  They are something else.  Slightly nutty and then intensely Chocolatey. And to add to the nuttiness is the umami taste of brown butter. That is what add that special taste to these brownies. Read More

Gift Happiness with igp

How do you like my new beaten copper mugs? I bought myself this gift.  Yes,right! Somedays you just need to make yourself feel much better. I’ve not been feeling too good these last few days, that’s why my blog posts have not been to frequent these last few weeks. So I definitely needed a pick Read More

Cheese Naan Bombs or Pizza Bombs

I love my sizzler plates. And because they are cast iron plates ,I use them very frequently for baking, serving starters and even my cheese Naan bombs. Bombs, because they burst with flavors the minute you bite into them. Cheese, well because there’s a whole lot of cheese.  Of course the best cheese for this Read More

Easy Mocha Latte and Sviten Sweetner

Mocha Latte. A little bit of Chocolate and a little bit of coffee. And.a.whole.lot of yumminess. I am a coffee person and love coffee even in my Chocolate. And I’m sure you’ll agree too, that when the rain pounds down on your window sill and washes the greens clean, and you have an amazing book Read More

Broccoli Tikki with Quinoa Flour tacos – Gluten Free

Somedays the words play peek-a-boo. They just don’t come out from the recesses of my brain. Today seems to be a day like this. I’ve been sitting in front of my iPad trying to enter a few words at a time and my eyes just wander over to random Instagram accounts. I’ve checked out dogs Read More

Maggi Pizza Maggizza with whole wheat eggless base

Maggi pizza. Maggizza. Simple logic. Combine the two most amazing bites of pleasure in the world(yes) , and you’ll get Maggizza. And when you eat it in a restaurant,you’ll also be ensuring it’s a total junk food festival. Now I’m biding my time at home with a million restrictions and the inability to go out Read More

Mango Swiss Roll Cake

Alphonso Mango. All the golden aura that surrounds food in this season has to be mangoes. And from so many types of mangoes, the most golden of all are Alphonso mangoes. Yup,  I’m so being converted into a mangophile ,mango lover. These relatively small ,fragrant , mangoes are really amazing. And so to give a Read More

Quinoa Cookies With Mango Cream

Quinoa flour In cookies. We’ll these are shortbreads actually. Only four basic ingredients. Flour ,butter ,sugar and vanilla. No additives,no complications. And then I just had to dress them up. With classic Thai flavors. Mango , galangal , basil And red chilli. Pretty right? So these are gluten free shortbreads that have a small amount Read More