Chocolate Orange Cake -Orange Ganache Vegan

Hello you all. The exams are finally over. Not my exams ,those exams that drive the entire house crazy. Sweet child’s eleventh grade exams. Its been a struggle. The school and then those art classes… And then the dieting and exercise and a No Sugar diet. And then we got super obsessed with sourdough. So chocolate Read More

Remember the Time

It surely felt good to sit in the back seat of his car, relaxed, and not having to do the gear work. He could shift the channels of his surround system with a touch of his fingertip. All this expense had seemed rather unjustifiable to Dhiren when he’d signed the cheque for the car dealer. Read More

Shakshuka / Shakshouka and Olive Oil

We’re all big fans of Middle Eastern /Mediterranean cuisines . The colours, the heat and the spices are all so similar to our our North Indian foods and yet so different. Only because this is Shakshuka,I’m serving it in my cast iron skillet. And with this come the sourdough boules I baked. Shakshuka has quite Read More

Challah Bread with Garlic

Challah y’all … Hello. That’s what challah is all about. A gorgeous bread, always with its pair.  A beautiful braided bread made with enriched dough and I stuffed it with garlic butter. I’ve been baking and more ,just not blogging enough. I guess I’m hooked to my new canon DSLR and Instagram. Still trying to Read More

Hummus with Chilli Oil and Pinenuts

Hummus When you run out of olive oil ,instead of going shopping, you look for alternatives. Whatever else I may be, lazy I’m certainly not. But there are times when you just must have something at home…You don’t really have a choice. And as Kanchan Bhartari is not my neighbor anymore, I can’t call up Read More

Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies with Sriracha and Rosemary Sea Salt

Hello dear reader. That’s cookie has a superlatively long name. But it warrants that. And you can taste the sunshine and the subtle fragrance of a walk in the forest and the forbidden pleasures of a holiday in this cookie. I’m promising all that I can deliver. All because of the addition of the flavours Read More

Chiffon Cake with Olive oil

On some days a cake is the most mandatory thing. Especially when sunshine filters through like so.  I’ll have you know that I can barely manage to get a tiny amount of sunshine filtering through my window for only 2 hours in a day. And that sunshine barely crosses 2 feet into my home . Read More

Cadbury Silk Oreo Launch

  You should never feel guilty about eating chocolate. If the chocolate is cheap, by all means feel guilty.  You should. But when its Cadbury Silk Oreo, throw the guilt out of the window. I rarely eat bar chocolate ,but fingers opened wrappers faster than the brain could send negative signals.  Opened and shared… And Read More

Focaccia al Rosmarino – Rosemary ,Whole wheat and Oats

Hello my dear virtual Amico.. Focaccia Al Rosmarino. Yup , it sounds super sexy with the Italian accent. Don’t believe me? Google and listen to it … And this is a flat bread. You know I love Focaccia ,right ? It’s an extremely versatile bread. Pizza is also a flatbread. But its different. Focaccia and Read More

Caramel Popcorn-Salted and Homemade

Hello my dear wonderful reader. I’ve not been blogging these past few days. Well, I’ve been baking and reading. There was this chain book gifting thing that was floating around facebook last month, where ,if you send one book to a person two sets above you on that chain, you’ll end up with 36 books.  Read More