Pancakes- Skinny ,Whole Wheat and Savoury-Baketitude

Savoury Almond Gluten free Crackers_Baketitude
Whole Wheat Sugar Free Boozy Christmas Cake-Baketitude

Sometimes you really need A Pinch of salt.

Too much sugar and too much sweetness can be annoying. Not to mention bad for the body. It’s not yet time to stop celebrating but your body and your sugar overloaded tongue needs a break.

So when you are craving pancakes think of a savoury option. We did.

So sweet child has been making pancakes regularly and he doesn’t seem to appreciate or approve of the amount of butter and sugar that go in. 

To suit his sensibilities,I removed the butter and replaced with olive oil. And realized that whisking with an electric beater and eating them as soon as they are made is the key to fluffy ,soft and delicious pancakes.

Since they were good without butter,we tried without sugar too… And replace with salt.

Truth be told, I was seriously craving something Savory and quick.

So we came up with these.

The good folks at the Gourmet Jar-the makers of artisanal Preserves and spreads are quite fascinated with my breads… So since bread and jam pair well, we tried their preserves. 

We had their Orange Whiskey Marmalade, which lasted about one day. The addition of whiskey made a simple marmalade wicked. And every edible was dunked into that jar and it was wiped clean. The same happened to the Banana Rum Jam , which has a tinge of Old Monk Rum. I know… What thoughts are fleeting through your mind….

Well we ate the roast pepper pesto on bread. The Orange Mustard was waiting for maybe chicken…or a hot dog….

But I made pancakes!!!!

Skinny Pancakes!!! 

So Mustard had to be paired with pancakes. And so the saga unfolded.

First I made the relish. Well ,I could have served the mustard as it was… 

But I had to.

Change it,I mean. 

Then the pancakes… 

So make them and eat them before they get cold. And you’ll be thanking me forever. And this is just enough for two people. 

Also you’ll need a good non stick Pan and a half tablespoon measure to get equal sized skinny pancakes.

Well, you do want a stack of pancakes, don’t you? 

So ,get going.

For the 

Pancakes Skinny, Whole Wheat and Savoury-Baketitude

You need

1 egg

2 tbsp heaped wholewheat flour or Atta

1/4 tsp baking powder

4-5 tbsp milk

1/4 tsp salt

1 tbsp Gourmet Jar Orange Mustard 

1/2 tsp sugar

1 tsp olive oil

1/2 tap oil for your pan

For the mustard relish

4-5 springs dill or fresh coriander chopped fine

3 tbsp hung curd or Greek yogurt

1 tbsp Gourmet Jar Orange Mustard

1/4 tsp balsamic vinegar /squeeze of lemon juice

1/2 tsp honey or maple syrup

Salt and pepper to taste

In a bowl, blend the yogurt, mustard ,honey and coriander. Add balsamic vinegar or lemon juice. Adjust salt and pepper. 

The relish should be dropping consistency. Chill till your pancakes are ready.

In a bowl , crack the egg, add the atta, salt ,sugar , baking powder and mustard. 

Add the oil and pouring in the milk ,whisk with the electric blender.

Again add only as much milk as is needed. You want only as thick as honey consistency.( The pics were taken the first time. We’re much wiser now)

Pour some oil on the saucepan and wipe off with a kitchen tissue.

Drop spoonfuls on to the pan. Cook on medium heat. 

Turn over with a spatula. You’ll need a firm hand. These don’t have much oil, so they tend to stick. Flip over and drip a few drops of oil if you must. 

Once done, stack on a plate, top with the relish and dig in. 

We had a small cup of hot chocolate for company.

And that jar of Orange Mustard. You really must try it. It’s not too sour, has a hint of orange and is grainy…not like that flour American mustard that’s available commercially. 

It’s also a fantastic spread on it’s own on the pancakes and on toast. 

You’ve got to try these pancakes. There’s no smell of egg as the mustard masks them. They’re bite sized, light and super yum .

And you’ve got to admit,they look great too .Try out these skinny right now. 

These are addictive. . we


Happy Holidays you all… May the coming days be glorious .


Savoury Almond Gluten free Crackers_Baketitude
Whole Wheat Sugar Free Boozy Christmas Cake-Baketitude

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