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Sometimes something so perfect comes in front of us that you suddenly feel like you’re living within the 24 frames of a sketched animation. No microwave can be so perfect ever. Its just not fair. This is “The Perfect Microwave”.

This one is a microwave ,a convection oven and an air fryer rolled into one. 

The launch of the Bosch microwave is in the category of Freestanding microwaves in India. And when Bosch Home Appliances invited us to see for our selves and become believers, I was sceptical. I bake in my microwave too, convection microwaves are designed to bake in. But there’s always something missing.

Don’t believe me? Check the link here to see for yourself.

And then I saw this. Sleek and beautifully designed, the controls look so accesible.  The panel is easy to read and the buttons are feather light to touch.

The knob is easy to rotate. 121 auto cook menus for direct cooking. Tandoori rotisserie for chicken lollipos and even a frylite function for low oil frying. Imagine , everything other gadgets do, but in a single appliance. 

And when you suddenly feel the itch to go shopping for new glassware, this microwave comes equipped with Borosil glass starter kit.

That baking tray and the frylite tray are also unique to this perfect microwave. I’ve used four microwaves and five OTG ovens. But none of these ever had a baking tray that baked as well as this does.

The tall and short grills work for pizzas and kebabs. There’s a handle that helps you bring out the chicken without any scalded hands.

And its available in black and silver.

My money is on black!

We saw the black Bosch in action.

The chef prepared Dates and Peanuts Chikki, Malai Paneer Kebabs, Cheese Toasts and the best ever Oil Free wedges.

The cubed paneer was marinated in curd, cream , spices and a tiny bit of oil and was roasted in the 121 Auto cook menus by just pressing the tabs.

Toasty and well made, the paneer Tikkas were superb.

The next the chef made was Cheese toasts.

Cheesy , melty and crisp toasts in 12 minutes 30 seconds.

Disappeared in 15 seconds.

I find that when I place the baking tray in a microwave with convection,the top often crisps up. But the bottom and the centre is not so well done. The heat is not conducted as well as in a regular OTG. With my kitchen not being too big, I’ve often thought of storing my microwave,because I cant use it to bake as well. But a microwave has so many other uses that an OTG cannot fulfil.



This is the most interesting feature of this microwave. 

The strategically placed holes allow for the circulation of hot air that is perfect to air fry mildly oiled foods. The only thing you must ensure is that the pieces of potatoes or kebabs are of the same size.


That ensures even cooking of the food.

Another issue that I have faced as a home baker ,is the time. The same cheese toasts in a regular oven will take atleast 20 minutes. More with preheating time. So think of all the electricity you can save .

And the tandoori chicken, its all done with the feather touch pad.


So even if your teenager decides to become a master chef, its all at the touch of his finger tips.

For me as a Mom, I know that if I place a bag of prepared chicken tikkas or aloo tikkis in th efreezer, all my child has to do is brush the baking tray with oil, place the tikkis or tikkas in concentric circles and set the menu.

In the specified time, the food will be ready.

I think ,as a mother, it is my responsiblity to ensure that he is able to fend for himself. I may be busy in a meeting when he is hungry. My work should not be relegated to the last priority because I haven’t taught my child to help himself.

I mean, he could pop corn before I could figure out the controls.

This and much more.

The Perfect Microwave from Bosch is available on Amazon.

You can pay on delivery, using a debit or a credit card, on easy EMI. Just in case there’s a problem , the return, refund or replacement will happen in 10 days.

Check out the features here.


You must check out the microwave once. And then do let me know what you make with it.


Atta Gingerbread Cookies Eggless With Molasses Baketitude
Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake-Baketitude

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