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Bread finally. We’ve been on an -avoid carbohydrates diet for these past few weeks. The first target off the table is of course, always bread. 

Don’t blame me, we’re trying to get fitter. I love bread. It’s almost like my Raison d’être. So everyday Im not baking or eating bread is a difficult day for me. But I need to get rid of some excess weight before I can eat all I want. 

I’m not body shaming myself. I love myself. That’s why I want to be healthier,so I can eat whatever I want , forever. Also for good health,that’s the reason why I bake my breads at home. 

 All that about bread and I want to eat the most awesome bread there is. But wait, a brioche needs and overnight rise in the fridge. 

Brioche is a french bread enriched with eggs and butter and has a super soft crumb. A good brioche can manifest your skills to the world. The one I make with proper planning is this, that you must check out. If you’re in a hurry ,make this.

Do have the time? 

No!( Well sometimes,I plan. Sometimes I have the patience. Mostly,I don’t!)

Do I have the patience?


It has to be now. 

So we make a few changes,and we get on with the brioche dough to produce equally good brioche loaves. 

Time to do the happy dance. Another two calories, yay!!!!

From flour to bread in three hours. Super soft and exactly like a brioche should be. 

A couple of changes I made. I used vegetable oil instead of butter. It’s all about that little thing called cholesterol. You realize I need to balance, coz when I skip it here,I add it some place else.


Also I used toned milk . 

And the half wholewheat.

I also sprinkled a whole lot of sesame seeds and poppy over. Because I love the nuttiness. Also the jam, it’s homemade whiskey strawberry jam with Rosemary.

I also ground sugar before using it. It’s just easier to knead. If you’ve got caster sugar use that. Do not , NOT use icing sugar. Plain sugar ground in a spice grinder is good. Seeds to sprinkle are totally your choice.

I generally always do black poppy seeds and sesame seeds.  You can use whatever. Small seeds stick better as compared to pumpkin  seeds. 

I also like to make only 4 parts of the dough. Many recipes ask you to divide the dough into 6 balls for making the loaf. 

The fact that I use oil and not butter ,ensures that it stays soft even in the fridge. It’s not extremely enriched in buttery taste either. 

You can use olive oil also. I’m using a nuetral vegetable oil. It’s only 60 mils per load, so it’s not that bad. 

Try this out. If you have a stand mixer, there’s nothing better. Otherwise it’s a bit of a kneading effort , that all .

Cup sizes against weight , weight is always better. So I will include cups and weights.

For the 

Quick Brioche Bread 

You need

500  GM’s or 3 ¾ cup whole wheat and all purpose flour( I use half wholewheat and half maida most days)

120 mils or ½ cup vegetable oil

15 GM’s or 3 tsp instant dry yeast

60 GM’s or 4 tbsp sugar

2 tps salt

2 eggs or ½ cup yogurt

240 mils 1 cup Luke warm milk

2 tbsp mixed seeds

1 tbsp butter for the final brushing.

Place the flours ,sugar ,salt ,yeast,eggs and oil in the bowl of the stand mixed or dough kneader bolw if your food processor.

Leaving about 10 mils of milk , pour in most of the milk and knead for 10 minutes on medium speed or until the dough is elastic and stretching well.

I went through 7 seasons of The Good Wife on Netflix this last month. So I kneaded the dough by hand.I was hysterically laughing/giggling at the stuff going on between Alicia Florrick and Will Gardener . So since I’m a part if the #Streamteam, I feel morally obliged to binge on the shows.  Sometimes,food gets burnt….the bread did, a wee bit over toasted… But we saw off the offending bits. 

What are you watching on Netflix now? I was on the local train in Mumbai,trave trav from Churchgate to Bandra and watching “Nailed it”, the only reason I didn’t fall off my seat was because the train was full… Oh and I had three women hysterically laughing with me… we we’re standing so close. 

The bread.

If you don’t have a stand mixer or want to do what I do..place the flours, salt ,sugar, oil, eggs,yeast in a bowl and roughly mix in half the milk. 

Not topple onto the work top and knead. 

You’ll need most of the milk . Make sure you stretch the dough and scrape it back with your bench scraper or knife. 

You may use soft butter if you want to. Use the same amount

You’ll need to knead at least 15 minutes. This dough is very supple and asy to knead because of the amount of fat in it. You’ve got to knead till you can stretch the dough to a window pane ….that is stretch thin and see light through it. 

Tuck to loose ends under and place in a well oiled bowl and allow to rise. 

After it’s doubled in volume, punch it down and knead gently about 30 seconds.

Use your kitchen scale and divide into 2 and then 4 parts each. 

Line your loaf tin and lightly grease what’s not covered by paper. Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t.

Lightly roll each ball of dough with the traction of the surface of your work top so that the ends get tucked and the top is smooth. 

If you don’t want to do that, with lightly greased hands ,pat the ball,tuck the ends under to get a smooth surface. 

Place 4 in each time, seam side down. And press down lightly. 

Allow to rise 30-44 minutes. 

Preheat oven to 200C.

Brush with the remaining milk and Sprinkle the seeds evenly.

Fill an old metal bowl with water and place inside the oven to create steam 

That gives your brioche a great crust.

Place the loaf tins inside the oven and reduce the temperature to 180C and bake 30-35 minutes. The loaves will rise in tandem and begin smwllism beautifully after about 20 minutes. Don’t wander… Keep a check in the loaves. After 35 minutes,the brioche should be gorgeous golden and toasty. If you’re a seasoned bread baker,you’ll know it’s done. If not, knock on the bottom of the load Tin… Hollow sound?

And you’re welcome to take it out… 

Hey,this is bread. It’s magic. It’s straight out of a fairy tale…

Pull the tins out and stand them in a wire rack. Rub with the butter and allow it to get absorbed.

After 5 minutes,run a knife under the are that wasn’t covered and lift the brioche out. 

Now Brioche is a little delicate. That’s why the paper ….  Too much banging of the antiquated loaf tins I have and the brioche will break. 

Allow the loaves to cool. You can cut slices or just pull out sections. Stale Brioche makes the most amazing french toast. That’s why two loaves. Eat the first fresh, do things with the second.

We don’t prefer the sweet french toast, we make the masala toast . With green chillies and a whole lot of red chilli flakes. Yup, we like it hot here. 

You can toast this , eat it with soup, or make french toast or make a sandwich. Bread is bread. I know ,right??? I didn’t bake bread for two weeks… I was downright in withdraw mode.

That jam there… Is strawberry that I’ve cooked with raw sugar and a sprig of rosemary. And then the spirits lifted with IMFL. Read that again… Indian Made Foreign Liquor…..I used the cheapest one in the bar cabinet. 

Yup, army Officers will always have bar cabinets. Even when they retire. They invest more in the Longchamp and Arcoroc crystal ware than they do in gold and government bonds. 

But that’s another story all together. Go make that jam. It doesn’t need pectin too. 

You can slather all your bread with it and enjoy the distant tones of malt and bad whiskey. The alcohol would have evaporated. 

Research says that the aromas of baking are more powerful than the aromas of the most expensive and elusive perfumes. That’s why more and more people are baking. So go bake this brioche and you can thank me later. 

Every time you bake this bread. 

Until next time… 

These vegan kisses up next…


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