Style back with the Tata Tigor

Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding -Dessert for Breakfast
Savoury Pannacotta Rosemary ,Cheese and Chilli

I’ve not been feeling too verbose lately. I’m still stuck in the time warp of 5 days ago.

Tata Tigor.

That’s the name of the stylish sub compact sedan that’s going to be zipping past you on the roads soon. 

The Tata Tigor is a super powerful new entrant into the segment of cars like the Honda Amaze ,Hyundai Accent , Maruti Dzire etc. Its a hatchback with 400l of boot space.

Baketitude was invited by Tata Motors to experience the Tata Tigor Styleback in Delhi before the launch.

( It sounds uber cool to address oneself in third person- not me, but Baketitude)

Happy to go to Delhi for even the smallest of reasons, this was the beginning of an amazing trip. 
The excitement began at the Mumbai airport when I met up with fellow bloggers who were just as enthusiastic about the entire launch.
The familiar smelly, polluted air greeted me at the airport. The happiness that only being so close to home can bring.
So we were greeted by the Tata Tigor team and shuffled into our designated vehicles. 
Our chatty driver drove us through the outer ring road right to the 1AQ near the Qutub Minar at for the beginning of the styleback experience. 
The first look of the car… 
Looks stunning . And that copper colour is exclusive to the Tata Tigor. You would so love to be seated in the drivers seat. 
The 1AQ atmosphere was afloat with the aromas of a beautiful coffee blend. 
It was perfect, desserts ,hors d’œuvres, salads, sea food and some molecular gastronomy to take it one notch higher.
And they had stylists , who could do nothing to my crazy frizzy hair , except tame it in a scarf…

And a parfumerie to help pick the perfect fragrance for you .
And I also had to try the graffiti art. Can you spot the cupcake?
And then we trooped to Hotel Andaaz Hyaat ,at the Aerocity near the airport.
So my roommate was this sweet blogger ,That goan girl , Jade Dsa. 
At the presentation ,the design team discussed the idea behind the car design. 
What I loved about the Tata Tigor is the boot .
Those metal c shaped boot stays present in every sedan really play with your emotions.
They prevent that ginormous boot space from accommodating all that it really can. Thats the flash of brilliance in the Tata Tigor. The boot can be used to avcomodate all it promised. Those C shaped hooks are not there. So your expensive suitcases will fit without any damage. 
You can actually kidnap a human being and he can enjoy a cushioned ride…. Like Sumit, from Crazy Sumit
All cars have fabulous features -the Tigor has 26 places to stash stuff like coins and keychain and card receipts.
The entertainment centre is also state of the art that you can Bluetooth with your phone. (If you have an iphone- you’ll need a pen drive)

On Sunday morning, we were woken at the ungodly hour of 430 am and walked down for breakfast . Amazing coffee and gorgeous breads. You didn’t expect me to walk away from a boulangerie without inspecting their SourDough, did you?
Well ,those were hybrids… But fabulous nonetheless.
Slicing through a freshly baked loaf is the best thing ever.

We were then directed to the cars.   The

Lined up…The silver were the diesel cars and copper were the petrol cars.

stars of the moment. 

Tata Tigor Style back.
Khushboo Motihaar , Raj Mehta and Sumit were my driving partners. 
Flagged off at  6am , we headed towards the heritage transport Museum at Manesar. 
We drove the diesel car Tata Tigor first.
And if you are aware of Delhi roads ,you know how you need to weave in and out of traffic. 
So , you know that yours truly is a fantastic driver. (Modesty!)
I learnt how to drive on those roads….
Of course ,then the roads were more driver friendly. 
So I grudgingly handed Over the car to both Raj and Sumit to drive. They quite enjoyed the drive too.
Heritage Transport Museum, Manesar is a one of a kind transport museum.
Gorgeous cars, a whole lot of history and a beautiful setting. I gravitated towards the personal connect with the left hand drive , the Foxy / Daddu or the VW Beetle , which my daddy drove too.
Suddenly I feel old.
Ok . Perish the thought.
Not anymore.
The food truck had an brisk business going…but we were more Interested in pictures.
The sunshine was just right and the Canon DSLR had to be used. 
So we drove back to Aerocity…with Raj Mehta at the wheels… And me the dj of the moment. 
Wakhra Swag and Closer sound fabulous on the 8 speaker Harman entertainment centre.
And then I took over the wheels… And drove at speed. 
So the petrol version ,fully loaded can easily go upto 120kmph on the Jaipur Delhi highway with a superbly responsive steering wheel and great breaking system.
And yes, my passengers had a comfortable ride. Both khushboo and Sumit slept through.
Just before leaving for Mumbai I met with the parents…. That completed the happy goal.
You shouldn’t be looking for technical specifications from me.
But I can give you my verdict on the car. 
Its a comfortable drive. Absolutely no fatigue in the petrol car. A whole lot of space and that incredible boot space. 
And if you’d like to fix your hair or check your eyeliner… The drivers seat sunshade HAS  a vanity mirror. 
Isn’t that cool? So at the next red light, you can fix your face without having to adjust the rear view mirror. 
And the parking sensors are smartly connected to the entertainment center. Super convenient.
And a pleasure to drive.
So if you’re looking for a second car, or an upgrade to a bigger car… Go for the styleback Tata Tigor.
It’s got the Tata Motors service guarantee and superb international design to back it up.
Do look out for the Tata Tigor on the roads…
Oh wait… It just zipped past.
 And a little note from indiblogger….
Images courtesy Tata Motors

Mango Quinoa Flakes Pudding -Dessert for Breakfast
Savoury Pannacotta Rosemary ,Cheese and Chilli

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