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Are you one of those people who don’t like a cookie crust at the bottom of the cheesecake?

I am. 

I’ll eat all the cheese cake on the plate…but I don’t like the cookie crust. I just…there’s something wrong about a soggy cookie . And something wrong about a cookie that’s over powered by  cheesecake batter. 
I don’t mind cheesecake and real cake though. 
I absolutely adore it. And when it’s a mocha base cake with a vanilla cheesecake on top, there’s something else that’s changing the equation.
Buttery cake that’s Chocolate and coffee and then the creamy, slightly tangy cheesecake on top. It’s like Frosting,but not quite frosting. 
And I topped it all with strawberry slices and a little mint. 
That’s ticking off all the right boxes. 
Rich,deep Flavors and a firm base that doesn’t taste of a drowned cookie. 
The last time I made this cheese cake I baked the cheesecake,but I ensured that I baked only half the cake batter as the base. And then I baked my cheesecake on that half cake. Iv’ve baked so many cheesecakes ,making them as low in fat as possible…because ,why else will I call myself the healthy baker otherwise. You can check the baked yogurt cheesecake ,gluten free strawberry cheesecake, red velvet cheesecake , baked new york style cheesecake with yogurt ,Eggless chocolate silk cheesecake , my most favourite – always super hit Mango sutra Mango Cheese Cake  and so many others. Just type cheesecake in the search bar to 
But we weren’t baking the cheese cake today…we used a very low fat cold set cheese cake for the topping. 
So I used a thicker base Chocolate cake because a low fat cheesecake will need a little support. 
Low fat because, the people I made it for prefer their food with a little less guilt. 
The strawberries? Well,you can never go wrong with strawberries. 
They’re the best fruit god created. Ever. 
So bake the cake first and then set the cheesecake for a yum ,less guilty pleasure dessert. 
We took the cheesecake to my Masi’s house when we went for dinner. You do know right, that I like to bake and feed other people. Its all about sharing the calories! Thats the reason that most of the pictures are of the cheesecake are in the springform tin. We Unmoulded the cheesecake there, but we couldnt get too many pictures.
And ever since I went on the Keto Diet two months ago, I have no other choice.
This is simple pound cake that is very easy to remember . And you can bake it in a round tin or loaf tin… It’s always perfect. 
I’ve used a 7 inch spring form tin, because at the parents I’m really spoiled for choice .
It’s either that tin. 
Or no tin at all. 
So well, the spring form tin is a blessing for cheese cake. My problem was hence solved . 
The parchment paper,is always a good option. Keeps you safe from unnecessary risks. 
 Two step process… Both can be done well in advance and the cheesecake made a day in advance. 
Make the Chocolate pound cake first. 
for the 
Chocolate Pound Cake
you need
100 GM’s all purpose flour
100 GM’s caster sugar 
1/2 tsp baking powder
1/2 tsp salt
100 GM’s butter at room temperature
2 eggs at room temperature
1/3 cup milk
1 tsp vanilla essence or 1 tbsp whiskey 
3 tbsp cocoa powder
Preheat the oven to 180 C. Grease and line your cake tin with butter. I line the bottom and grease the sides. 
In a large bowl, place the butter and whisk till pale. Add in the sugar and continue to whisk . 
Add in the whiskey or essence. The alcohol evaporates and gives leavening. 
Add in one egg at a time and whisk in half the milk.
Sift over the flour, baking powder,salt and cocoa powder and fold over. Add in the remaining milk and scrape over batter into tin. 
The batter will be thick and of dropping consistency. 
Even out the batter and pop into the oven .
Reduce temperature to 160 C and bake. After 25 minutes place an aluminum foil to cover the tin. Bake another 7-10  minutes and remove.
Allow to cool in the Tin itself. Just run a knife round the sides and lift it off the base to cool. 
Make the cheese cake mix. 
Soaking syrup-100 mils sugar syrup made with 60 GM’s sugar and 60 GM’s water or 100 mils coffee made with hot water and instant coffee.
for the Low Fat Cheesecake No Bake
you need
200 GM’s cottage cheese or paneer
100 GM’s hung curd or Greek yogurt
200 GM’s fresh cream
100-125 GM’s icing sugar or to taste
3 tsp gelatin 
1 tsp vanilla essence or Indian lemon from Ossoro Essence
1 tsp vanilla essence
8 strawberries sliced
2 tsp honey or neutral gel
Whip the cream with half the sugar till stiff peaks. 
Place 2 tbsp water in a bowl in a double boiler. Sprinkle the gelatin and allow to bloom. And melt over low heat.
In a food processor or blender jar palace the cottage cheese or paneer, remaining sugar ,essence and hung curd . Blend till you can’t see any paneer. 
Remove to a bowl. Fold in the whipped cream and gelatin. 
Pour over the soaking syrup or coffee.
Scrape the cheese cake mix over the soaked pound cake. 
Chill and allow to set. 
In concentric circles place the strawberry slices,the outermost later first. 
Brush the slices with honey or gel so they don’t discolor. 
Chill and serve .
Make sure you slice the cheese cake with a knife dipped in hot water. Clean the knife after each cut. 
Enjoy the creamy cheese and cake combination . 
You can enjoy the cake with coffee after dinner or or for breakfast with coffee. I think cake for breakfast is the best way to eat cake . Your senses need that wake up call if Chocolate coffee and cheese cake. 
How good will your day be then.
And strawberry and Chocolate are a match made in heaven. 
Make this cheesecake and tag me…show me what you are eating and let me drop at deliciousness. 

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