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So we are looking for needles in the haystack. We are looking for some goodness in decadence. We are looking for a Teeny bit of kindness in full blown mafiosi. Haha, that is some analogy. But desserts bring out that need to justify that golden yellow hue, one can only attribute to butter. That butter. Oh and not to forget the mango.

Now that we’re all going crazy about the mango, we just had to add it to the fruit curd.

So lemon curd has been hijacked into a Mango lemon curd. There is atwesomeness in each of that golden drop. Unfortunately, we dug our spoon one too many times into that bottle of mango lemon curd , so we were enable to place generous helpings in the tarts.

Thus we had to pipe in teeny bits of mango lemon curd.

This is a tried and tested version of my regular tart shell that I do. And this is the bit of little good in the decadence we take. Mostly, all bakeries use non dairy butter, which is basically like dalda. That makes your tart shell really crisp and gives an amazing taste with the fruit curd they use. Also that increases the shelf life of the product. 

Butter, however, will be less stable and will not give you such perfect edges to your tart. But then , because I have used such little amount of curd,the rough rustic edges are showing. I can fill up a whole lot more curd to make the rough edges disappear. The vinegar ensures that the gluten strands do not form. I heard this tip on a Rachel Allen TV show. And have used this ever since. 

The curd is a take on my basic lemon curd recipe. I use whole eggs, as I find that gives a less eggy taste but a lighter colour. That ,in my eyes is fine. You may use the sweet and sour mangoes for this curd. Overly sweet mangoes will change the Flavor profile. After you peel and chop the mango,you’ll need to pulse in the mixer. I prefer to sieve out the pulp,that ensures no lumps or fibres. You can Use tinned mango pulp,but not juice. 

Make the Mango lemon curd at least 6 hours prior and chill. Store in a glass bottle with a wide mouth. That makes it easy to fill ,spoon out and ear. Also making cleaning super easy. 

The lemon zest is optional. But adding that gives a different dimension to your curd. We ,in India are not blessed with zestable lemons. So I generally zest the white layer off too. A little bitterness is ok. But the oils released because of the zesting ,ensure your curd smells much better than the corner Le Cordon Bleu trained Pattiserie. Just Saying.


For the Mango Lemon curd

You need 

3 eggs

Juice from 6 lemons

Zest(before you juice the lemons) all the lemons

1/2 cup sugar( you may add more according to your taste buds)

150 GM’s amul butter, cut into pieces

1/2 cup mango pulp

1 tsp cornstarch or cornflour- Optional

If you prefer to use unsalted butter please add half teaspoon salt to the mango lemon curd.

Place the eggs, sugar , lemon juice,mango pulp and zest in a heavy bottom sauce pan. 

Using a whisk, combine the mixture to a fluid mix. 

Turn on the heat to low,mixing constantly, cook the mixture till the sugar dissolves. 

You’ll see that the curd coats a spoon dipped into it well,when you push off the curd, with your finger,it will not spread.

Mix the cornstarch in a little water and whisk into the curd . And allow it to boil. Turn off the heat. Do this if you want to pipe rosettes or are keen on impressing the world with your instagram worthy pictures. Mostly,cold curd generally holds it’s peak.

Turn off the heat. Constantly whisking, mix in the butter one piece at a time. 

By the time you whisk in the last piece of butter your mango lemon curd would have cooled down and you will be able to see how thick it is. Spoon into a glass jar and ensure you cover with parchment paper or film that touches the curd and chill. If you skip this, any condensation that might happen will spoil the shelf life and appearance of the mango lemon curd. 

A suggestion, purely for the adventurous souls. A tiny bit of ginger will take this curd places. 

For the 

Whole Wheat Atta Tart Shells Sweet Shortcrust Pastry

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour or regular atta

1/4 Cup caster sugar

125 grams butter at room temperature.

One egg beaten

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1 tsp vinegar

Whisk the butter and sugar together. 

Add in the beaten egg and mix. The mixture may look a little curdled at the time. Add the vanilla essence and vinegar and mix together.

Now pop in all the whole wheat flour or Atta and gently bring it all together. Do not knead. Just gather the dough together and place on to cling film.

Gather onto a ball and lightly massage the dough to allow it to come together. Pat it down to a flat disc and place in the fridge for at least 20 minutes. 

Preheat the oven to 180 degree centigrade.

Open the film and layout flat. Cover the Aata disc or parchment paper or film and roll out to 1/4 inch thick . I use my rolling pin that I have for rotis. A big rolling pin is easier on your shoulders. Cut sections and place in tart shells pressing down so that the dough can fill the fluted edges. Make sure you prick the base with a fork all over so that the dough does not rise on baking.

I used small tart shells. Ensure that you use similar size shells for even baking. Also because this is atta, the short crust pastry will not puff up like all purpose flour.

Brush the shells lightly with milk and place in the oven for 25 – 30 minutes . Once the edges look golden and the shell pulls away from the tart mould ,remove onto a wire Rack and allow to cool. Demould and either spoon or pipe the cold mango lemon curd into the tart shells.

You can fill the start shells and store them in an air tight container in the fridge or serve immediately. You may also store the tart shells and fill them as required. 

Sweet child is not too fond of fruit. But if you would like you can place a spoonful of chopped mango and slice of lemon as a Garnish over your tart.

We Sprinkled a little strawberry powder just to add another dimension of flavour.

The tart shell is Crisp and does not break easily as regular whole wheat tart shells do. The mango lemon curd is a sweet and sour tribute to the king of the fruits and the summer season.

Enjoy this decadent treat with out too much guilt.

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Almond Cake Gluten Free Paleo Baketitude
Mini Pavlovas with Mango Baketitude

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