Buckwheat Flour Quiche Kuttu ka Atta Eggless Baketitude

Alternative grains have been part of our diet since time immoreal. Even with the presence of wheat and rice which are cereals. And now we’re able to recognize the allergies caused by certain foods in out diet. It’s easy to rectify those causative agents. But then there are things that you miss eating because you Read More

Paan Chocolate Truffles with Ossoro Baketitude

Meetha paan. Chocolate. Desserts! I have so many things which I can associate with Meetha Paan. My dad used to smoke for the longest time ever and whenever I used to go and pick up his cigarettes from the local pane wadi I used to always buy one for myself. And then I had a Read More

Quinoa Almond Flour Chocolate Cake Gluten free Baketitude

Sometimes the simplest things inspire you. So my obsession with my phone is no secret. And then my love for Le15 and the macarons by Pooja Dhingra is another story altogether. While I was in Bombay I used to go and buy just one macaron, because, let’s face it, I can never afford the calories. Read More

Afghan Biryani with Ossoro Baketitude

These colors on my plate make my heart sing. I’m a big fan of warm tones. Warm aromas and warm food. Which unfortunately I generally never get. Remember, I told you of the food bloggers curse.  So until I take so many pictures .. I keep the food waiting … then the food becomes cold.. Read More

Avocado Oil Garlic Braided Bread Baketitude

Breaking bread. Baking bread. It’s all the baking I seem to be doing these days. Considering all the people around me seem to be on a low carb, or no sugar or no this and all that blah diet, nobody wants to eat dessert. I’ve been majorly craving a cherry tart. But vie no one Read More

Mexican Chilli Con Carne with Ossoro_Baketitude

My boys love chillies.  Spicy food is what they crave always. Small children are averse to spicy food. My nephew Yug will not eat Dal or chicken if it’s spicy. He has this super cute Canadian accent, “It’s too spicy ,Nani. The food is too red. I can’t eat it!!” So he eats roti and Read More

Black Rice Kheer with Ossoro

Kheer. Rice pudding by another name. And the simplest dessert that comes from an Indian kitchen. Something made so often, it’s hardly treated like a novelty anymore. It’s understood that it has to be made. And then every house hold has their own quirkiness about Kheer. My in-laws eat their Kheer hot. Freshly made. Can Read More

Blueberry Brioche Eggless Baketitude

So, if you’ve been following me on Instagram or are linked to any food group on Facebook, you would have seen the TOP 10 lists of bloggers in India. And yours truly has been selected by the BonusApp Top 10 Baking & Dessert bloggers in India 2018. Super thrilled with this. As long as your love Read More

Masala Lemon Soda with Ossoro

The British get worked up when their summer temperature crosses 31C and we’ve not even begun to sweat yet. Indians can tolerate temperatures up to 45C, with the same hysterical curses like them British.  The biggest leveller for us, I believe is our diet. And the fact that we add spices to almost everything we Read More

Perfect Microwave Bosch -A Review Baketitude

Sometimes something so perfect comes in front of us that you suddenly feel like you’re living within the 24 frames of a sketched animation. No microwave can be so perfect ever. Its just not fair. This is “The Perfect Microwave”. This one is a microwave ,a convection oven and an air fryer rolled into one.  Read More