Grilled Peaches and Couscous A Summer Dessert_Baketitude

Stone fruits flood the market in the summer. And for me, life is beyond mangoes. I adore peaches. Fuzzy, juicy,sweet and tart. They’re the best fruit you can have.  But to use it in a salad or not, it’s so darn confusing. And couscous, this semolina couscous that I bought from here. Couscous is a Read More

Skillet Brownies with Peanut Butter_Baketitude

A word of advice.  These are by far the most addictive brownies ever. They caramalise at the bottom, so you get a crust that’s like a caramel jam tainted with chocolate. The centre is all goes and warm chocolate. That peanut butter just contrasts with the deep Flavor of the chocolate. The mild saltiness is Read More

Tomato Chutney_Baketitude

You’ve got to see tomatoes like this… We visited a family friends farm in Ropar, Punjab. They grow tomatoes and bell peppers. The vegetables were so so beautiful. All I could do was think if the things I wanted to make. A tomato pie and a Bolognese sauce and salad and chutneys…the list was endless. Read More

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse_Baketitude

            “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”                                                                               Read More

Chicken Dum Biryani_Baketitude

Chicken dum biryani is  a deal breaker in our home. It has to be the most eagerly awaiting lunch and its almost like everyone’s hopes and dreams are resting on the first bite of the biryani.  In the words of my mum ,the biryani musts be fragrant and the chicken juicy. Basically, the chicken must Read More

Mushrooms Pulao_Baketitude

Morels or guchchee are probably the most rarely found mushrooms after truffles. And are equally sought after. And equally expensive. At the last count a kilogram of morels cost almost 30,000 INR. And that is pretty expensive for a plate full of mushroom rice. So we tried this box of chanterelle mushrooms. The first thing Read More

Almond Cake Gluten Free Paleo Baketitude

There are so many labels I can add to this cake. Gluten free being the first, the next would be no added fat , free from refined flour etc, also Paleo. You can  make this keto by substituting sugar for erythitol  . I’ve not frosted this cake on purpose. Trying to keep this a simply Read More

Whole Wheat Focaccia Baketitude

I absolutely adore focaccia. There is something inherently beautiful about this rustic flatbread. Technically you must bake this in an oven, but even if you do not have an oven,you can make the bread in an electric tandoor. All you need is a flat surface and high heat. Or use a heavy bottomed sauce pan Read More

Whole Wheat Mango Lemon Tart Baketitude

So we are looking for needles in the haystack. We are looking for some goodness in decadence. We are looking for a Teeny bit of kindness in full blown mafiosi. Haha, that is some analogy. But desserts bring out that need to justify that golden yellow hue, one can only attribute to butter. That butter. Read More

Whole Wheat Brioche Garlic Rolls Eggless Baketitude

Brioche is such an under rated and over awed bread.Every one is in awe of brioche . And me? I”m in awe of the amount of butter that goes into it. Its has a massive amount of butter in one loaf. And then, to add more for making it into a garlic bread. That is Read More