Masala Chai Pannacotta Eggless and Gluten free

Masala chai to drink and masala chai to eat. To eat chai is going to be better. All of you who love drinking tea will understand the fascination I have for the perfect balance between, tea, milk ,spices and water. So I’ve been trying to do a dessert with Chai for the longest time. But Read More

Eggless Buckwheat Banana Paniyaram kuttu ke Appe Navratri

Buckwheat is an ancient grain used in many forms in European cuisine. In India, mostly the flour is used during fasts as it is considered a pseudo grain or phalahar. Now also a large percentage of gluten free diets include buckwheat flour. Paniyaram are small dumplings made in a traditional stone or metal pan that Read More

Eggless Buckwheat Apple Pie Galette Navratri

Hello Everyone. This month we’re all about gluten free, eggless baking that is suitable for eating while we fast for navratri. Navratri is 9 nights of celebration of the Hindu Goddesses in different forms. The mother Goddess Durga is worshipped in different forms in different regions all over India. So while we worship, we fast, Read More

Eggless Orange Cheesecake No Bake Baketitude

Summer is here and it’s driving us all crazy. So, you need a quick dessert that refreshes you too.  I find that chocolate is a very winter specific ingredient and it does not appeal to me specifically in the summer. I like fresh, citrus flavors and small portions.  Easy on the lips, easy on the tummy and easy Read More

Zero Sugar Keto Whey Protein Brownies Baketitude

Brownies and motivation really go hand in hand . I am talking about the motivation to be healthier. So, if you have been following me on Instagram and Facebook you would have seen that I have given up sugar since the 1st of January. One of the perils of being a Baker is being exposed Read More

Easy Colorful Eggless Sugar Cookies Holi Special Baketitude

    Holi is symbolic in the Hindu religion. It talks about the victory of good over evil and the celebrations that ensue.  Its also an indicator that spring is out there… well if you didn’t see the new leaves on the trees and the gorgeous flowers all around…the dry colors of Holi are sure Read More

Easy Eggless Holi Dessert Lemon Posset with Strawberry and Thyme Jam

Happy Holi. Its the festival of colors,Holi, next week and I bring you these few, easy,quick , delicious recipes for celebrating Holi. Colors bring meaning to our lives. At least for me, color is essential. Color in my clothes, my surroundings and in my food. And if you take a look at my Instagram feed, Read More

Gajar Ki Kanji Purple Carrots The Miracle Drink

Winters are my favourite time of the year. Always. Cold weather makes my skin glow that healthy pink blush that no amount of l’Occitane can give me the rest of the year. My hair just begins to behave itself and despite the amount of deliciousness I eat, the metabolism stays on point. Kanji ,the miracle Read More

Keto Low Carb Pea Protein Chocolate Bites Protein Balls Nutrova

The choices we make are always going to have consequences. And its these choices that shape our food preferences and health. Over the course of the last five years I have gradually been putting on weight and the weight gain has brought with it a myriad other problem. Low stamina, low energy, then low will Read More

Lemon Cheesecake Starfruit and Ossoro Indian Lemon

Cheesecake is a perfect summer dessert. Come to think of it, its a perfect winter dessert. And if you’re making an eggless cheesecak, it takes only as much time as it needs to set. But then the boys in my house don’t like waiting for it to set, for them it must be made instantly.  Read More

Eggless Carrot Cake with Spices Baketitude

Come winters, India is flooded with red carrots and all the people are out searching for them. not to make a savory vegetable dish, but primarily to make a sweet dish which mostly is cloyingly sweet, and ubiquitously visible everywhere you turn to look. Hotels, restaurants, Mithai wales, ice cream shops and almost all homes Read More

Vanilla Chocolate Cheesecake With Pound Cake Baketitude

Are you one of those people who don’t like a cookie crust at the bottom of the cheesecake? I am.  I’ll eat all the cheese cake on the plate…but I don’t like the cookie crust. I just…there’s something wrong about a soggy cookie . And something wrong about a cookie that’s over powered by  cheesecake Read More

Celtic Heart Chocolate Almond Braided Bread

I’m a bread baker with a passion. But mostly my passion frowns at all the heavy duty kneading that breads make you do. So I’m forever looking for techniques and recipes that make work easy and give the most beautiful results. I don’t occasionally mind a shoulder workout, but mostly I adore my stand mixer. Read More

Walnut Maple Syrup Whole Wheat Pie Baketitude

I’m all about food. The moment when I wake to the time I fall asleep, that’s all I’m thinking of-food. More so now, that I’ve started the low carb diet. I’ve been slowly putting on weight over the last few years, and the weight gain has been causing a swelling in my feet and hands. Read More

Chocolate Babka Knots Baketitude

Chocolate babka is one of my favourite breads. There’s always that element of savoury and wholesome heartiness in any bread that you eat and to that if you add chocolate that’s just like icing on the cake. I love dessert. but for me desert has to be something not too sweet. there must be parallel Read More