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            “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”

                                                                                                                                                         Katharine Hepburn

That’s what its all about . Those rules that bind us to ensure that our lives are less crazy, are infact the ones that bind us and drive us insane.

They don’t really let us spread our wings. 

And these constraints dont allow us to think beyond the rules dictated. 

So when you talk chocolate, you’ve been told that chocolate and water should never be brought together.

But then Heston Bluementhal made mousse with water and chocolate.

Or someone else did. And then suddenly everyone was making mousse with water and ganache with fruit juice and puree instead of cream. 

Suddenly the barriers had broken. 

I’d made this regularly and then suddenly someone told me that they never got it right. 

So I decided to do a blog post. Because the chocolate available in India is different from that available abroad. Also the temperature and humidity makes a difference. 

All you need is a few basic ingredients. Also the chocolate you’ll eat, not the Chocolate you’re planning to cook or bake with. 

Some fruit and nuts to off set the smoothness of the mousse.

I need them, you may skip that part and keep it as a 2 ingredient mousse. 

What you need to remember is to have sufficient ice. Also the liquid splatters liken crazy. 

For the 

Two ingredient Chocolate Mousse

You need 

120 GM’s 70% chocolate- use Lindt or Ghirardelli or even Cadbury dairy milk/Amul- Not compound

For those on a keto diet, use 85% Chocolate with erythritol sweetner.

120 mils hot not boiling water

As an addition

Vanilla’s essence, marshmallow ,toasted and cooled nuts, chopped cherries, strawberries,blue berries or even peaches. 

2 tbsp sugar –optional

Chop the Chocolate and place in a deep bowl. 

Pour over the water. Allow this to sit for a few minutes. Keep swirling till you can see that the Chocolate has all melted. 

Mix well to see that there are no granules.

Take a larger bowl and place ice in it. Add a little salt and water to ensure the ambient temperature.

If you’re in India and it’s hot and humid, use an electric whisk. 

If it’s the winters around use a regular whisk as you’ll end up over whipping the mouse and screwing it up.

Place the water and chocolate bowl over the ice and whisk at low speed. It will thicken like a custard soon. 

Add the sugar and vanilla now ,if you’re using it. 

Now increase the speed and whisk. As the liquid cools it’ll thicken like cream stiffs up. 

It’ll become creamy and thick. 

Be careful not to over whisk. The Chocolate will become granular and look ugly

If you do, don’t fret,place over a double boiler and melt the Chocolate and start again.

Once the choChocol is firm like a regular mousse, fold in the nuts and fruit. 

Spoon into service bowls and serve immediately. Or stash in the fridge to firm up. I place my bowls in the freezer…. I like mine so cold it gives me brain freeze. 

Then you can top it with caramel jam, cream…whate what ever your heart desires. 

So so gourmet and good looking, this dessert gives you plain Chocolate pleasure.

Try it, if not to save the calories,then just because. 

Try this mousse . Pair this with your favourite additions and enjoy this guilt free dessert. Share your love and this blog post with your friends. Like us on facebook , follow us on twitter and on Instagram.

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