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Shalini- Mom, Army wife , Voracious reader of crime novels.
#HappilyUnemployed…seriously out numbered by three boys:hubby ,son and dog!
The only thing that makes sense most of the time is FOOD!
 and when it smells like heaven or chocolate, it makes most of what is wrong ,right!
Cardinal sins…
They make the flesh willing and the spirit weak….
But to resist temptation takes real strength of character..
And a whine whenever on seeing a weighing scale….
For now, I will have access to the best of ingredients to bake,because I am now in Maximum city, Mumbai.
And I intend to take full advantage of it.
Hence baketitude will now never be reined in.
After 11 years of teaching almost adults -read teenagers who proclaim to know more -and often do know more than the teachers who teach them…I have decided to call it quits.
No sabbatical this time.
Just no more being employed.
So the #HappilyUnemployed.
I aim to take each day as I wish, bake at will and read at will too.
However my words will begin to drive me mad after some time, drum beating and echoing in my poor brain.
So ,I will write.
I will blog .
And if you do have any thing you want me to write for you about,please feel free to mail me.
I may even thank you for it and if you are in my vicinity, throw in a cupcake or two.
I am available for product/website reviews also.
I essentially need a reason to be glued to my internet screen.Mail me

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