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There are so many labels I can add to this cake.

Gluten free being the first, the next would be no added fat , free from refined flour etc, also Paleo.

You can  make this keto by substituting sugar for erythitol  . I’ve not frosted this cake on purpose.

Trying to keep this a simply beautiful desert to indulge in when indulgences seem to be sinful.

I love chocolate, don’t get me wrong…. but then there is only so much chocolate I can eat. And in the summers I need the citrus,the sunshine and the freshness of fruit.

Since dessert isn’t a once in a while ,occasional treat for me, I really try to be careful.

So I’m always looking for ways to cut out the fat, or cut out the unhealthy fat and extra sugars. So this is a take on the flourless chocolate cake that we make but that cake has a whole lot of butter along with your chocolate so I tried to make a few changes  to one of my old recipes.

I kept this incredibly simple primarily because I needed it to be an easy dessert and an extremely flavourful one.

And I topped this cake with a tiny bit of caramel that I made with orange slices, thyme and a little bit of whiskey.

The nuts on top are chopped pista .  Almond slivers would have been an excellent idea because they toast gorgeously on top of cake. However I was totally out of almond slivers, so I chopped up a couple of teaspoons of pistachio and topped the cake with that.

The icing sugar,is of course , to insure that the cake looks absolutely stunning.

You can ,of course, skip that …because the cake is sweet enough to go with  unsweetened tea or coffee. The caramel adds a depth flavour to this moist and aromatic almond cake . I was looking for thick skinned lemons, but in this weather, lemons, are a pale thin colour. There was no way I could have done anything to those Lemon slices. So hence orange.

The easiest way to make a caramel is to use a large saucepan, keep the ingredients ready turn on the heat.

Caramalise the orange slices in whiskey and sugar and save the syrup. Allow the syrup to come to a honey like consistency and turn off the flame. Once you’re ready to serve your cake place on toasted almonds ,the lemon or the citrus fruit slices over and drizzle some of the caramel to make it a little more sweet

For the cake you must ensure that the eggs at room temperature and the almond meal is fresh. I buy my almond meal here.

Check the site for more stuff that you can use in baking.

Old almond meal will give you an oily, flat cake. So the next time you have a hold of almond meal you don’t have to think of macrons as your last and only option.




Line a 8inch tin or a 6 inch tin. The wide tin will give you a flat cake. And if course you’ll be able to make a layer dessert with the smaller tin. 

I had no plans for a layered dessert or frosting. Hence the big tin. 

I’ve been candying and flambeing a whole lot these days. So I’ll do a separate post , because a lot of people asked me how . 

The chopped Pistachio on the cake, can of course be replaced by any nut. Almond slivers are the best.

I topped the cake with candied fruit and sprinkled some icing sugar. 

Awesome,guilt free dessert. 

For the 

Almond Cake Gluten Free Baketitude

You need

1 ½ cup almond flour (I used Kitchiez from Raw Factory Co)

4 eggs separated

½ cup sugar

1 tsp lemon juice

1 tsp vanilla essence

1 ½ tsp lemon /orange zest

2 tbsp almond slivers or chopped Pista

Candied orange slices ,icing sugar for effect

Grease a cake tin with Butter and line it with parchment paper. 

Preheat oven to 180C

In a clean, grease free the egg whites .

In another bowl place the egg yolks and sugar. 

With an electric beater whisk the egg yolks with sugar till the sugar dissolves in the yolks and the yolks are triple in volume. They turn super pale yellow and airy.

Mix in the almond flour. You’ll get a pasty consistency . Add in the zest and mix well. 

Ensure you use good quality fresh almond meal. If the almonds are even a little stale,your cake will smell. Seal the bag and refrigerate till you use again

Remove the beater blades and wipe absolutely dry .

Now whisk the egg whites till frothy. Add the lemon juice and whisk till you get absolutely stiff peaks. 

Now mix in a few table spoons if the batter into the amond mix.add in the vanilla essence. 

Make sure you lift off batter from the bottom of the bowl and ensure that all the egg white is incorporated into the batter. The batter will be lighter now.

Repeat for the remainder of the egg whites. 

Becoming gentler as you go on.  The last batch of the egg whites, just cut and fold. You’ll want the air in the cake. 

Scrape the batter into prepped tin and Sprinkle the chopped nuts over the cake and bake  till the cake is done. It will take about 25-35 minutes…till the top gets golden and the nuts get all toasty .

The cake wont rise too much.

Remove and allow to cool. 

After 15 minutes run a knife around the cake and invert onto parchment paper lined plate.

Remove the base paper and reinvert onto a service platter. 

Sprinkle icing sugar and place candied orange slices to decorate. 

Slice with a serrated knife and enjoy with a cup of tea or coffee.

Refrigerate leftovers in an air tight container.

Remember, the cake will not stay beyond a week.

So you can convert this into a decadent dessert or just enjoy this plain.

If you use cardamom,it gives a very middle Eastern Flavor. With cardamom ,make sure you use rose water and dried rose petals. 

You can also make light cookies with this batter.

But you need to ensure you use a parchment paper. So enjoy this gluten free Paleo dessert. 

It may seem a little daunting ,I’m sure you’ll enjoy this a lot. 

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