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Granola is my favorite snack. It works perfectly for breakfast and also as a light dessert. Also when it’s gluten free ,it becomes even better. I’m not gluten intolerant. It’s just that when I’m fasting and avoid grains for the day,this granola works really well. 

Oats are gluten free and extremely healthy. But I avoid using quick cooking oats and prefer rolled oats. So when they’re baked and roasted with a little sweetness,they’re absolutely awesome. 

The amaranth puffs are again super food category. Amaranth, FYI  Is a cousin of quinoa, is locally grown and is a super food. It’s a high protein grain that has can lower inflammation, strengthen bones with it’s high calcium content and also lower cholesterol and aid digestion. 

So if you need another reason to add it to your diet, 1 cup cooked amaranth has 9 GM’s protein and a host of nutrients that many other grains do not. 

Add an ancient grain to your diet today. I’ve used amaranth puffs. In this granola as they absorb Flavors really well.

My ratio for a good granola is generally 3:1. Three parts grain ,1 part nuts and berries. Along with 1 part oil and Sweetner. Maple syrup looses it’s mapleness on baking and I avoid honey. 

The easiest alternative is raw sugar or jaggery . Also , I ensure that I add salt. That just brings out the granola Flavor.

Extra Virgin coconut oil was high on the list when I was researching good fats for weight loss. There are a million reasons why you should add coconut oil to your diet . 

I tried this unrefined and unprocessed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil from Urvi Naturals. It’s so pure and unscented,you can use it on you skin and also use it in your food. I tried oil pulling and using it as an anti aging night cream. Because of all that I read about it, I added it to my granola. And the beauty is that it has no strong coconut smell. It’s a gentle, tender coconut smell that makes the granola even tastier.

Try it out and thank me later about how it tastes. This magnifies the benefits of your granola manifold. 

Make your super food granola today. 

All you need is a bowl and a spoon.

For the

Almond Cranberry Granola Gluten Free_Baketitude

You need

1  cup rolled oats or quick cooking oats

1 cup amaranth puffs

2/3 cups mixed nuts- chopped almonds, cranberries, pumpkin seeds or of your choice. 

1/3 cup raw sugar or Jaggery or honey 

1/3 cup extra virgin coconut oil

1/2 tsp sea salt or pink salt

Preheat oven to 180C and line a rimmed baking tray with parchment paper.

In a large bowl place the oats and amaranth puffs. Add in the nuts and fruits that you’re using. Add the salt. 

In a different bowl blend the sweetner with the extra virgin coconut oil and pour into the granola mix. 

Mix well to coat each grain and nut. 

Spread in the baking tray and bake for 25-30 minutes.

You must stir a couple of times to prevent burning.

Remove and allow to cool. 

Store in a glass jar and top your breakfast or fruit or eat when you’re hungry. 

This is good to last you a few weeks. Store in your fridge if you’re intending to keep longer. 

The yogurt you top with the granola can be unsweetened. The oats are sweet and crunchy, the amaranth puffs are tiny bits of crisp sweet,the cranberries provide the tartness and colour and almonds the yum . That salt is a second taste. It’s a party in your mouth. A good wake up call. Wake up and rock the day

The coconut oil chills to solid in the fridge. And it’s packed in a plastic bottle for the sole purpose of safety in transit. So you may want to decant it into a wide mouth glass jar and stash in the fridge for longer shelf life. 

Like me. 

Just saying…I treat my fridge like it’s my cupboard. Everything, saffron, lavender , marigold even my berry powders occupy so much space. 

Take control of your health and make smart choices. It’s needed if you want to Dunk your finger into the thandai entremet that are coming in next. 

This post is in collaboration with the Food Bloggers Council of India and Urvi Naturals. The views and words are wholly my own.

Quick Brioche Bread Baketitude
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