Baked Quinoa Falafel and Buddha Bowls

Aloo Tikki Street Food Delhi -Bittu Tikki Wala Style
Pull apart bread Pizza and Garlic breads-King Arthur Flour

Craving cakes and brownie batter and Oreo cookies all the time here. Unfortunately​ ,the dietary restrictions remain.

So nothing more than a bite can go past my lips.

So I’m trying to step up the game the other side. Make healthier and prettier meals .

So the Buddha bowls and lunches in bowls are all a compensation.

I have a sweet tooth after all. I may be missing the chocolate,but I’m enjoying the Buddha bowls too.

So I baked falafels to add to the crunch factor. Falafel is made of chickpeas and is generally deep fried. But ,yup we know about the dangers of deep frying food.

And also , the combination of falafel​ and pita bread is a classic combination.

The protein content in chickpeas is high ,but incomplete.

So whenever you eat chickpeas they must be accompanied by a grain. Wheat, incidentally is the best combination for chickpeas.

But I had Quinoa. Feel free to cook broken wheat or Dalia in the same way or use brown rice or toasted bread instead of Quinoa.

I’m using it regularly, because I have a huge cache of it in my cupboard and I need to finish it off before it’s expiry. Not because of any snob value or anything else…

And if you don’t have the time to bake, you can always fry them on your cast iron and in minimal oil. But I like the baked better…

For the

Baked Quinoa Falafel and Buddha Bowls

You need

1 cup chickpeas or white chana soaked at least 6 hours

1 small onion chopped

1 cup chopped coriander or cilantro with the stems

3-4 cloves garlic

2 green chillies

1/2 cup or more cooked quinoa

1 tbsp cumin seeds or zeera

2 -3 tsp olive oil 

1 cup coriander ,stems intact

Juice of 1 lemon

Salt to taste 

Red chilli flakes to taste -optional 

I’ve used coriander as it is so flavour ful. Parsley can never impart that aroma . You can use basil if you want to. It’s a matter of choice.

Drain the soaked white chana or chickpeas and place them in a food processor . Add the onion , garlic , coriander , cumin seeds , quinoa, green chillies, lemon juice ,salt and red chilli flakes.

Process till the mix is smooth and the chana or chickpeas are small . Don’t worry if the mix is looking a little too liquid . They firm up whole baking. The Quinoa will be mostly whole. It generally doesn’t get processed. I’m using Quinoa in so much food because I need to use it all up before the expiry date. But the bite in the falafels was tasty. I’d add it again… And again.

Take a baking tray and place a parchment paper on it. Brush some of the oil on the paper. I used a ghee spray from Ray. 

Scoop out equal portions of the mix and Pat into circle shapes and place on the paper. 

I made 10 falafels coz I used an ice cream scoop. Make as many as you wish.

Place baking tray in fridge while you preheat the oven to 200°C .

Brush some oil on the falafels and pop into the oven for 15 minutes.

Remove and flip them over once , brushing with oil again.

After 12 odd minutes, brush the tops with oil and broil for 1 minutes each side.

You’ll get that crisp exterior and yummy falafels will be ready. 

I broiled under 220°C for a deeper color.

Another thing you must note. 

My oven and yours may be different. So work accordingly​. And if you are in a can always​ shallow fry them.

I find that baking uses the least oil and takes the same time. 

Hence I prefer to bake. You can of course air dry. Leftovers,I stash in the fridge, reheat on a pan and eat. 

These taste best with ketchup , zatziki       (cucumber raita) or mayonnaise.

And always remember to eat chickpeas with some grains. Toasted pita bread , paranthas, broken wheat Dalia , rice or Quinoa. The proteins in chickpeas need them for company.

Do try this out. You’ll think before you deep fry the falafels again. 

I added them to a Buddha bowl. 

I’ve used quinoa that I cook in the pressure cooker.  I’ve got a post about that too. Click on the link to find more.

Also ,I’ve used a zoodle peeler to make zucchini noodles, lightly seared on a cast iron pan and seasoned.The orange, is for the vitamin C. Since I’m only lightly seasoning the veggies, they need all the extra taste you can give.

Try them in pita breads with a light salad and yogurt dressing. 

Or a Buddha bowl .

Or as a snack.

Try a new thing today, you never know, you may adore it.

Coz life is what you bake of it.


Aloo Tikki Street Food Delhi -Bittu Tikki Wala Style
Pull apart bread Pizza and Garlic breads-King Arthur Flour

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