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Rice pudding by another name. And the simplest dessert that comes from an Indian kitchen. Something made so often, it’s hardly treated like a novelty anymore.

It’s understood that it has to be made. And then every house hold has their own quirkiness about Kheer. My in-laws eat their Kheer hot. Freshly made. Can you imagine that?

And in my parents’ house, hence consequently, in my house, we wait for the Kheer to chill, obtain a creamy ice cream like texture and only the we eat copious amounts. And for me, making a Kheer is even easier. I generally place the ingredients in the slow cooker and stir a few times. As soon as the Kheer is thick, I add sugar and in about an hour the Kheer is ready to chill. And what they boys are waiting for, is the cold, thick nut filled Kheer.

So I’ve been experimenting with a lot of ingredients. Black rice being one of them. I made a chicken casserole with red wine and black rice the last time. Since the rice was laden with the chicken flavors, no one commented on the taste of the rice. I was so curious to see how the rice would taste with our daily meals.

I soaked black rice and cooked it in the rice cooker. And then as an after though, realized I’d love to have something sweet.

And if you’ve been following my stories and posts on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that I’m trying to keep my diet free of refined sugar. So the cravings are intense.

And so I decided to make Kheer with the black rice that I had already cooked.

And then I had no cardamom or saffron. But I wanted Kheer.

So I made it with the Kheer essence from Ossoro . It’s the aromas of milk cooking and cardamom and conversations at the dinner table.

 Of sugar melding with the rice. And the aromas of cardamom cooking with the rice. And there is a definite difference in aromas of black rice and normal basmati rice.

And that’s the beauty of it. SO simple yet so complex. Every bite is like a different taste all together. My black rice Kheer looks a little light. You must realize ,I added no sugar. The caramalisation of the sugar makes the Kheer llighter….so when you cook your Kheer with sugar or jiggery, the Kheer will be darker and purple.

Pick that bag of black rice from the store or from the aisles at amazon when you purchase the Kheer essence from Ossoro too.

You must try this once. After all this is not forbidden to you anymore. You are free to reap the benefits of black rice, any way you choose to enjoy the Kheer.

This is the month of Janamashtami. The birth of Krishna. And my faith rests in Him. So kheer is generally Prasad to Krishna. And any prasad will always be delicious.

For the

Black rice Kheer with Ossoro

You need

¼ cup black rice

1 liter milk

¼ cup sugar or powder jiggery –optional

1/8 cup chopped almonds or other nuts

5-6 drops Kheer essence

Wash the black rice in flowing water a few times. A little purple color begins to come out.

Soak the rice in ½ cup water for a few hours.

On low heat, cook the rice till al dente. With the back of a ladle, or with a potato masher, lightly mash the rice.

Add the milk and on low heat, allow the Kheer to simmer till the Kheer is thick, also half the milk has evaporated. Remember, the Kheer will thicken as it cools.

This would be the time to add the sugar or sweetener. Allow the Kheer to cook least 20 minutes for the sugar to begin cooking out. If you intend cooking the Kheer longer, hover, don’t walk away. It need stirring often, once the sugar has been added.

Add the chopped nuts and the Kheer essence.

Pour into a glass container or ceramic bowl and chill.

Serve the some nuts sprinkled over and rose petals…

You’ll smell the Kheer in every nook and cranny in your home. Of cardamom, nutmeg and milk and happiness. Let this be a Prasad to Krishna this Janamashtami. Let Him bless you and your talents.

You have to try this out.

What do you think, do let me know?

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Afghan Biryani with Ossoro Baketitude
Chicken Dum Biryani_Baketitude

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