Maggi Bhel

Navratri Kanjak Prasad Poori ,Chana and Semolina Halwa
BuckWheat Flour(Kuttu ka Atta) and Sesame Crackers-Navratri Recipe

Happiness in 2 minutes.
Happiness and Yumminess in  2 minutes!

This is an ode to Maggi 2-minute Noodles.

More than ever ,this is an ode to new friends.

Friends, I wish ,I had spent more time with…

Friends ,you know you’d like to keep forever.

Supriya Bandekar!

A lady I met in October 2012.
A lady with an immense amout of affection for het pets.
All 8 of them!(No, I did not include the mandaory son and husband here! She seems to be a bit more refined than I am.)
A dog, a Persian cat, two turtles and 4 birds.

Yes, that ladies and gents is Snowbell!
Really,really soft and sweet ,but arrogant as hell!
He posed for his owner…not me!
My philosophy is extremely simple…any human who loves animals so much…has to be the best!
So…without any doubt…Supriya Bandekar is an extremely fine human being!
And she fed us comfort food!
This way!

As Bhel!

*So this in edit after almost 5 years. We still make this very often, but today we took a video . Check it out on the baketitude Facebook page ,

And tell us how you liked it.*
And yes, that is the maharaja…I could not leave him on the aircraft- alone at night.
We landed in Delhi at 1720hrs and by the time we reached home ,it was time for dinner-Delhi traffic!
But I had to get my dad to taste this.
He, like me ,loves all kinds of stuff that is not good for your  constitution…
I just follow my leader!
And he absolutely ,totally loved it!

A closer look is warranted!
Crisp, tasting of Bhel Puri and Maggi!
Bhel Puri -is street food, made of puffed rice,onions tomatoes and potatoes with an assortment of chutneys and sauces.Yum!Speciality of Mumbai…
Maggi like Ramen noodles are soggy and yum.
So ,this bhel is the combination of both.

Lets not wait too much…

for the

 Maggi Bhel

you need

2 packs maggi/ramen 2 minute noodles
2 tbsp refined vegetable oil
2-4 tbsp tomato ketchup
1 large onion finrly chopped
2 large firm tomatoes chopped
2-4 green chillies chopped
a handful of green corriander or cillantro chopped

You can be health conscious and roast the maggi…but then why do you want to eat the bhel???
Start by crushing the maggi/ramen in the packet-see excersis befoer you eat.
Heat the oil in a frying pan and pop the crushed maggi into it to fry. Save the taste makers…

Fry till they are pinkish brown and place in a soup strainer to drain the excess oil.
See, told you, not too calorie dense!

Almost all the oil is out.
Place the chopped tomato, onion ,chillies and corriander in a bowl and mix well.

To the taste makers(sachets inside the noodle packs) add the ketchup and mix well.You want the mix to be a little thick ,a little liquidy.

Mix that in with the veggies.

And when you are ready to eat ,add in the noodles and mix…
What do I say…Eat, pray and love…
Me …for giving you this!

A Yummilicious thank you to Supriya Bandekar for sharing this recipe.
Wish we had spent more time together, but friends, we can stay forever.
When you bite into this bhel, you taste the maggi…mmm and the bhel…tangy, crispy, saucy…

So what are you waiting for???

Navratri Kanjak Prasad Poori ,Chana and Semolina Halwa
BuckWheat Flour(Kuttu ka Atta) and Sesame Crackers-Navratri Recipe

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