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Alternative grains have been part of our diet since time immoreal. Even with the presence of wheat and rice which are cereals. And now we’re able to recognize the allergies caused by certain foods in out diet. It’s easy to rectify those causative agents. But then there are things that you miss eating because you miss the stuff you could eat made with wheat. But with this buckwheat flour from Organic Flour Company you can change the way you cook. In north India these flours generally make their presence felt during the time of navratri, wen people use these as flours for fasting. 

Buckwheat is a pseudo cereal that is gluten free and incredibly nutritious. The grains are called groats and are ground for flour.

Its coarse texture and nuttiness are a perfect foil for all mild flavours. It can be used to make flat breads and also in all possible baked foods. Though its denser in an Indian Flatbread roti, paratha and poori, its comparatively lighter as a crepe or a chila.

They offer alternative flours all year round. The flours are fresh, clean and grit free. Do check out the other products available on their website.

It bakes well as cakes and cookies and we use the same concept to make shortcrust pastry.

So, as it bakes with a crunch, it needs something to counter the dryness. That is where the combination of the filling comes in.

Here we’ve used mushrooms and beans in a white sauce made with buck wheat flour, you can pick your own choices.

A quiche of corn and French beans or spinach and paneer or even something as basic as potatoes and cheese will pair beautifully.

As there is no gluten, the pastry needs to be rolled between two sheets of parchment as it tears easily. Alternatively press down the pastry into the shells for a more rustic tart or quiche shell.

Handle the pastry with care and chill before baking.

The nut flour just adds a little moisture and extra taste to the pastry.

The tart shell does not need to be greased as there is enough butter within it to release the quiche from the shell.

You can just as well make this vegan by replacing the butter with coconut oil or vegan butter. You will also need to replace the milk in the filling with almond milk or coconut milk.

For the 


Buckwheat Flour Quiche Kuttu ka Atta Eggless 

You need

100 gms buckwheat flour

2 tsp or 10 gms almond flour

½ tsp baking powder

½ tsp sugar

½ tsp salt

50 gms unsalted cold butter or skip the salt if you use salted butter -ghee or coconut oil makes a good alternative

2 tsp water


Place the flour, almond flour, baking powder, salt and sugar into a food processor.

Pulse for a few seconds.

Add in the chopped fat and run for a few seconds. Allow the fat to be broken down. Add half spoon of the water at a time and process to a soft dough. Remove a spoon of dough and form into a ball by closing your fist. If it falls apart, it needs is a little more moisture as compared to wheat flour.

Remove to a parchment paper or film and shape to a flat disc. Wrap and chill while you get the remaining stuff ready.

The key to getting the white sauce looking attractive even without the cheese is using small quantities of green to other colour vegetables. Too much green will leach into the white sauce. Chop the vegetable small and evenly. Don’t pick a vegetable that will leach too much water, Example zucchini or pumpkin.

Also, the addition of one tougher vegetable with a softer vegetable works well.

For the White Sauce/Vegetables

1 tbsp buckwheat flour

’1/2 tsp oil

½ tsp butter

¾ cup warm milk

2-3 tbsp amul low fat cream

½ tsp green chillies

1 cup chopped vegetables -beans, mushrooms, corn, carrots, spinach, broccoli are examples of what you can choose

Salt, pepper to taste

Heat the oil and butter in a pan.

Add the chopped beans or chopped broccoli and stir to sauté the veggies. If your combining broccoli and mushrooms, add broccoli first. If you’re combining cauliflower with peas, fry the cauliflower first. Add the second vegetable and stir fry for a minute.

Add in the buckwheat flour and stir fry till the raw smell disappears. It takes between 45-60 seconds.

Add the milk and keep stirring till the milk has dissolved the flour.

Allow to come to a simmer and check for seasoning. Add the cream and mix. Turn off the heat and add a few herbs if you want.

The sauce will be slightly oozy. Allow to cool slightly.

Roll out the buckwheat flour pastry to 3-4 mm thin pastry.

Lift the paper and fit the pastry into the tart shell. Fill all gaps and tears and then cut off the excess. Chill the tart shells till the oven preheats.

Preheat the oven to 180C. place the tart shell in the oven and bake for 10-15 minutes till the edges are light brown and the tart shell look set.

Spoon the white sauce and veggie mix into the tart. If you’re not on a special diet and can afford the indulgence of cheese, feel free to add cheese to the white sauce.

Bake for 12-15 minutes in a 180C oven or till the filling look set and cooked.

Allow to cool 5 minutes before serving.

Serve with a light salad and a cup of green tea.                                       

The quiche is light, calorifically and easy to digest. Also, is gluten free and tasty. My quiche got the seal of approval from my cousin Sunny. He’s a Krishna Bhakt and doesn’t eat onion and garlic. All Satvik foods for him. And since quiches mostly have egg and onions and a lot of other things, he was happy to try the quiche without mushrooms. 












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I purchase most of my ingredients from amazon,hence the links. You could also check their availability here or  check out the website of Organic farmers Co for more options .


Buckwheat Crepe Tacos with Asian Style Stir Fry Baketitude
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