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YouP_20170204_112149_1 should never feel guilty about eating chocolate. If the chocolate is cheap, by all means feel guilty. 

You should.

But when its Cadbury Silk Oreo, throw the guilt out of the window.

I rarely eat bar chocolate ,but fingers opened wrappers faster than the brain could send negative signals. 

Opened and shared…

And melted and chopped and caramelized and blended and salted and peppered and minted and a whole lot of other stuff happened to those many bars of Oreo Silk.

And the atmosphere was electric. All adult food bloggers in attendance and all of them super excited. And all varieties of cameras were vying for that Zen like display. Purple Cadbury Oreo bars and the Oreo cookie blue …

Only Chocolate can do this to you.

Cadbury Oreo Silk has been around a while now and has been proclaimed to be the best silk there is. 

Mondelez international make Cadbury and Oreo. And the smartest thing they did was to bring them together. Silk covering an Oreo cream centre that is studded with crushed Oreos.  Despite the fact that the Oreos are sunk in cream, they are still crunchy and you can hear and feel the crackle in your mouth when you bite into the Cadbury Silk Oreo.

ChefFB_IMG_1486488973780 Michael Swamy demonstrated a few ways to incorporate Cadbury Silk Oreo into desserts. He showed us sevral ways in which we could use them together. And then we,the food blogging tribe has a go at it. Even if it was to use his blow torch . Truth be told, the Cadbury Silk Oreo is bliss in itself, not really needing any accompaniments… Or so I thought.

Those accompaniments were like flashes of brilliance.

His take on these two gems in desserts were superbly fascinating. So I’ll be magnanimous enough to share two of his creations. P_20170204_122543


1.Cadbury Silk Oreo Fruit Salad

Fresh ,luscious strawberries,begging to be paired with that chocolate…so that what he did.

Chop up some strawberries and place in a bowl. Crush some Oreo cookies,  pop over the strawberries. Add some mint and toss in some dehydrated fruit slices . Since you and I do not possess a dehydrator, we’ll either used candied fruit or simply use fresh fruit sliced as thin as we can manage.

Toss this all together. Tear up that Cadbury Silk Oreo Wrapper and randomly break the pieces and top the salad. 

NowP_20170204_111127_1 that butane torch…

Scorch that chocolate and toast and char the berries. Not like a forest fire… Only just.

And toss the salad again. 

Awesome Sauce!!

That was the best salad ever. Pity ,it wasn’t the healthiest.

2. Zebra Goli Cadbury Silk Oreo Cheesecake

This literally took the cake. Zebra Folks are the bulls eye type candies loaded with peppermint that are available at speciality stores now. Once upon a time ,they were cheap and the roadside grocery would have bottles full of them.

So chef Michael Swami crushed some Oreo and Cadbury Silk Oreo and mixed it with a little butter and a lot of Sriracha flavored sea salt. 

He paced a couple of spoons into a service glass. Next be crushed a few zebra golis and mixed them with some whisked Mascarpone. To that he added a little Cadbury Silk Oreo. 

He spooned some over the Oreo base and topped it with a couple of pieces of Cadbury Silk Oreo and a mint leaf. 

The salt and Oreo and Mascarpone and mint and Cadbury Silk Oreo was like a foodgasm. 

The flavors all went together like a house on fire. 

AndFB_IMG_1486488994113 then yours truly volunteered to just create something magical. So with Ekta Khetan from @Numerounity…

Sponge cake base, a whole lot of chopped Cadbury Silk Oreo as the first layer,I blow torched some to melt and scorch the chocolate.

ToppedFB_IMG_1486489001947 it with a mix Mascarpone, chopped strawberries and balsamic vinegar.FB_IMG_1486489014844

Topped with the chocolate and some dehydrated fruit and Arugula leaves with cocoa powder dusted over.

CanFB_IMG_1486489011061 I say awesome sauce again?

Such pretty pics right? I painted my nails after months… Coz they’re generally short as I have to deal with chocolate and frosting and food coloring on my hands… So I avoid any hands in frames. 

But this girl Neha from @everythingonaplate took such amazing pictures ,I just had to post my nail art.

Naina from @nainasrecipes and Saloni from @FBAI made a pretty deconstructed trifle with Cadbury Silk Oreo, caramel sauce, dehydrated fruit, cake and a whole lot of other stuff.P_20170204_115307

Shital Kakkar made a gorgeous white chocolate Cadbury Silk Oreo bark.

AndP_20170204_123215 there were a few more , unfortunately my phone was too tired and began to get cranky. 

But that’s what I love about these meets. The experience of being in the company of people obsessed with food and themselves-and all Willing to taste everything on the table…

AndFB_IMG_1486488989252 new people you connect with almost instantly.

Food connects at the most basic level.

So I brought back a small goody bag full of Cadbury Silk Oreo home which was promptly taken over by sweet child.

His verdict?


Some days you must torch instead of bake.


Pic Courtesy #EOAP -Neha Deepak , all others are mine.

Thank you @FBAI ,@fbaieducation @MonadelezInd ,@Cadburysilk @themichaelswamy and @flavour_diaries for the most fun morning ever.

So now I’m a convert. It’s Cadbury Silk Oreo for me.







Chiffon Cake with Olive oil
Caramel Popcorn-Salted and Homemade

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