Basic Brioche Bread

Brioche. A name that says it all. A classic French pastry that is enriched with a high quantity of butter and eggs. To be used as a simple loaf of bread , or as a classic boule ( a ball shaped rustic loaf of bread) or as a brioche à tète. And then we had Read More

Focaccia Whole Wheat with Asparagus and Cherry Tomatoes

Yes, I know.  It’s the season to be jolly, with mistletoe And holly. And I am a sweet person. I love sugar. I’ll revolt if there’s nothing sweet on the menu. But even I’m getting that  sickly sweet feeling from seeing the 1050 posts of Christmas cookies and cakes on my Facebook timeline and Instagram Read More

Panettone Boozy Italian Christmas Bread

  And into each life there must fall some rain. Every individual deserves a measure of happiness, even if it comes in the form of a single bite of panettone. Panettone is a type of sweet bread loaf originally from Milan, usually prepared and enjoyed for Christmas and New Year in Italy, southeastern France, Spain, Read More

Whole Wheat Dinner Rolls – Strings of Dough

 Yup. That’s playing with your food.  According to hubby dear ,I seem to have nothing to do. So instead of making the simple burger buns or rolls I’m fooling around and playing with my food. Well, whatever floats his boat! Its a free country ,and if I want to make roses from flour and dough Read More

Challah Bread -Whole Wheat and Oats and a Seed Festival

There’s a seed festival  happening on this bread. Five type of seeds. No holds barred kind of festival here.In this Challah (pronounced Ha-llah) bread. In reaction to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s announcement that all 500₹ and 1000₹ notes cease to be legal tenders from November 9,2016 , we suddenly realised that there is little legal Read More

Puff Pastry Homemade with butter

My boys and I adore anything butter. And cheese. Problem, right? Especially when hubby dear is blessed with a super high metabolism and he looses weight when all else gain. And then sweet child is wading through teenage with my weight gain genes. And then I go and sweat out an hour in the gym Read More

Braided Pesto Bread Eggless

Somedays are diamonds. And Some doughs are diamonds. And I sound like a crazy lady on a caffeine deprivation diet. I’m trying to drink green. Green tea. As much as I can. And I’ve been reading as much as possible about the science of baking. So the science of gluten and other proteins in flours.  Read More

Turkish Pide Bread -Boat Pizza Wholewheat and Healthy

Bread and meat , ohhh and cheese and some sea salt and herbs aplenty. What more can a man ask for? Or a woman, for that matter. Well this woman fears the butter. Because it slides down her throat and settles coyly on her hips…where it is so not welcome anymore. So she avoids it Read More

Cinnabon Style Cinnamon Rolls

    It is all about whats around you. Of course, whats at your table and those who are eating with you make that bite spectacularly more pleasurable. This was just that . Unfortunately, there was very little time to take pictures before this entire dish was demolished…broken down…separated. Eaten. With sweet dog Romeo literally Read More

Salted Caramel Butter Cream Frosting and Chocolate Cake

“I’ve had too much chocolate.” Said no one ever. But last week ,I’d had too much. I needed salt. But hey , you can’t have too much chocolate,right? So it had to be salted. And salted Caramel tastes really amazing with a chocolate cake. Not any salted Caramel sauce. Mine…that was inspired by Top Chef Read More

Our Daily Bread Half Whole-wheat half Maida No Egg, No Butter-with Vital Gluten

The experiments continue. Ever since  we heard that commercial bread has poisons, we’ve realized how unappetizing its taste really is. Finally understood what tasting cardboard is like. When the Artisan thread Baker’s on TV scoffed at commercial bread ,our thoughts were in the lines of sour grapes. But now after about a 100 odd loaves Read More

Ladi Pao Super Soft and Egg Free

I’m super stoked. Can you peel of a pao from the lot like this? Can you??? Can you??? It’s almost like cotton candy peeling off. And this time the only difference is that instead of using butter ,I used Desi ghee or clarified butter. No tangzong ,no eggs, no milk powder nothing. Just pure milk Read More

Chocolate Bread with Candied Orange , Pecans and Maple Syrup -Egg Free

To butter or not to butter my daily bread? On my God!I am such a major crossroad in my life. Butter or Marmalade or Nutella? Or go bare,go naked??? Nothing on the fr**king toast for breakfast!!! Ever eaten bread fresh out of the oven? Its the one thing a baker will tell you. Don’t.Slice.Fresh.Bread.  And Read More

Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Scones

  Breakfast in bed is not an alternative in our house. I am the first one up, and I’d rather spend a few moments in peace. Hubby dear is nary a breakfast eater, and sweet child has to be pulled out the bed. The only thing I’ve managed to do is, train him (a la Read More

Vegetable Cutlets

Cut”lace”! Cut”lace”! Cut”lace”! I did try …no video on the cutlet sellers. Next journey…we’ll make a guy pose and yell -promise! Some memories are etched in our minds forever. Never to be parted from. Among these are the train journeys we undertake, to go on a holiday or to move to a different city,part of Read More