Chocolate Bark Candied Orange and Pomegranate Happy Diwali

We’re doing things a little easy this time. That’s another way of saying we’re being incredibly lazy. Almost all chocolate and some potatoes. All the good things in life actually. So since as usual I’m falling behind with the posting I’ll start with the Chocolate bark. So, two versions of deliciousness. One, a tad fruity Read More

Oreo Cookies Fudge Happy Diwali

It’s all about celebrations here. And when there’s chocolate, there’s always a celebration. And adding to that are the Oreo cookies. These cookies can elevate just anything they touch. As though they have a midas touch.  Gold and all that shimmer. The sour cherries where thrown in for the color relief. And when we ate Read More

Brookies Eggless ,with Brown Butter , Cocoa and White Chocolate Chips

Harry Foster drove the internet Baker’s mad. Everybody,every food blogger worth their (sea ) salt was trying out versions of brookies. Some got them right , some didn’t. I had my share of disaster too. In the singular. Coz I figured out that the batter was too runny to be anywhere near a cookie dough. Read More

Chocolate Bark

“We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.” Walt Disney       And suddenly its done! The moving is over and its time to unpack the memories! Because life has a way of working things out.. It reminds you of the people you Read More

Brownie Tarts Eggless with Oreo And Almonds Crust

Can I complete this blogpost title? Brownie Tarts Eggless with an Oreo and almond crust , no added sugar, and no butter in the brownies. Oh and I forgot sea salt sprinkles. Smart,no? Necessity,they say is the mother of invention. And when the weighing scales refuse to accomodate , there have to be grandparents involved. Read More

Chocolate Chunky Chip Cookies Soft and Crisp and Best

  Don’t judge me. I love chocolate chip cookies. I like them ,really. But I don’t enjoy them too dry and crisp. They should be just right . A little crisp and a little soft . Not so crisp that they are dry and not so soft that they taste doughy and undercooked. Just right. Read More

Cookies and Chocolate layered Parfait

This is an Indian Summer. Hot. Humid. Throats and minds are parched. And yet you desire something substantial, and amazing in taste, but not anything heavy or warm. Baking for a cool desert? Nope… Buy your biscuits and cookies online. I wanted to buy chocolate chip ones and because they were not available in my local grocery Read More

Navratri Kanjak Prasad Poori ,Chana and Semolina Halwa

Jai Mata Di.     Fasting  for the seven days of Navratri and praying to the greatest Maa Durga is almost a cleansing of the body and soul. This faith in Maa Durga and the faith in her benevolence gives one an immense strength to be able to fast for seven days. Seven days , Read More

BuckWheat Flour(Kuttu ka Atta) and Sesame Crackers-Navratri Recipe

Navratri. Seven Days and Nights of Celebrations. Festivities… A renewal of faith… An awakening of the connection you have with the force that brought you to mother earth and has been nourishing your body and soul.   This period of seven days and seven nights is also good for your character. It teaches you control…detoxifies Read More

Chocolate Puff Pastry Stars

  Happiness will never come to those who fail to appreciate what they already have. I had chocolate! The sun will refuse to shine the day my cupboards are bereft of chocolate! I always have a stash or two hidden in my cupboards. And my new point of focus is PUFF PASTRY! One huge batch Read More

Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Scones

  Breakfast in bed is not an alternative in our house. I am the first one up, and I’d rather spend a few moments in peace. Hubby dear is nary a breakfast eater, and sweet child has to be pulled out the bed. The only thing I’ve managed to do is, train him (a la Read More

Royal Icing…

Frosting…. hm mm, never thought so many traditional Indian skills would come to fore. Something that the world is crazy for. Something that we take for granted. Henna Tattoos. Simply put…Mehendi…more eloquently  Henna. With which we adorn our hands and feet at every festive occasion.Or just Ainvi….for no reason. Same technique,same principles…only this time we Read More