Pita Pockets with Falafel and Cilantro Yogurt

Hello all! Conversations, small bites of tangy and warm and LOW CAL food….wow! Full of proteins, and vitamins and minerals…all secrets of our eternal youth. This is what Bhavna,Monica and I feasted on when we got together last.Pita Pockets with Felafel’s and Cilantro Yogurt.   Good Times, Good Friends and Good Food!  The Holy Trinity! Read More

Gurkhali Aloo-Potatoes, Gurka Style.

Newlywed and nearly dead. That was what I was when I first heard of Gurkhali Aloo. I say nearly dead because of the fact that while soup and sandwiches would suffice as dinner in my parents’ house, with the in laws, dinner meant loads of work! I loved to bake and make soups (out of Read More

Matar Makhane ki Tikki-Pea Patties…

Slew of blog posts I promised and Slew of blog posts I deliver… This Matar Makhane ki Tikki was also a part of the dinner party appetisers  I serve rd for the non egg eating and no booze indulging kind of people…needless to say animal tissue of any kind does not figure on their lists in Read More

Dhania Paneer Herb-alicious,Cottage Cheese-

Bootylicious…. We all know what this was about… Destiny’s Child ,it was … Here’s the protein,..that will go straight to make your “Booty” even more Bootylicious. Light on the tummy,high with the good stuff and with endless possibilities. You don’t need to do what I did,let your creative juices run and make whatever changes,add or subtract Read More

Spinach Tadka Raita

Popeye come visiting…’tis the season to eat healthy,to eat healthy…. I have just been validated! This Spinach Tadka Raita was an accompaniment to yesterdays semolina Idlis…http://www.baketitude.com/?p=686. Validated ,because of all the junk I keep eating ,I try and have an equal amount of the good stuff.Today,a visit to the Hundru Falls,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hundru_Falls…I was the one to reach Read More

Chocolate Cup Cakes-Egg less

What a relief…..something chocolate and egg less!And bite sized to top it all.Did I mention low fat! Bell ringing! I’ll say Bells! These are chocolate cup cakes with frosting half and half.I used the substitute for cream cheese -hung curd along with non dairy cream. Non Dairy cream is extremely difficult to whip at home,but Read More

Semolina Idlis

Eloquently put ,these are a more nutritious ,filling version of the MTR Rawa Idlis.Just in case you were keeping tabs,the past few days I have not been very regular ,or a very conscientious baker bragging about my baketitude.Circumstances ,my dearies,circumstances… There was an event that I was organising ,which got postponed just a the nth Read More

Jodha Akbar…in a Salad

Connotations huh! I didn’t want to also add “in a Margarita glass”….so this blog post would be listed as “Jodha Akbar…in a salad…in a Margarita glass”.Did Akbar indulge in the partaking of liquor?(the language needs to be mellifluous when we speak of or speak with royalty no??)I know not…but the margarita glass is too pretty Read More

Paneer Pakoras -Haldirams Style

You’re the Meaning  in my life ,you’re the INSPIRATION!… This is from way back…when I was in pigtails and wore my school backpack like kids in kinder garden…..but the strains of this song still linger…and of course this is inspired.My sneaky eyes saw an unsuspecting cook at a Haldirams outlet prepare a batch of their Read More

Suji Coconut Ladoo Semolina Happy Diwali

I may be a little late …but as it is posted on Indian Roads…”Better Late Than Never”…HAPPY DIWALI. Well I’m hoping that your Diwali was Happy and that the hangover is not to painful and that you did not loose a lot of money when you gambled a few nights ago.But then there is always Read More

Butter Chicken….

Long time….but what does an overworked and NOT paid woman do??? So much to do and absolutely no time… Sometimes I begin to wonder… Its always then that I remember the poem by William Wordsworth…what else but The Daffodils comes to mind… The word leisure defines all that is few and far between…. So we move Read More

Boti Kebab…

This is the end… the end of the innocence…well no…the end of evil.(as if I fought and Won the battle of good over evil..sic!)..the fact that I did not eat meat for almost 10 days…MAN! Hey ,its not just me…sweet child o’mine just picked and dropped the lids of the dishes at every meal…. AGAIN! Read More

Pumpkin and Singhare ke tikki

I know .I know….Navratras are over…the fasts that is…but dont worry they will return …I am giving you ammunition. No ,I did not wake like a tube light…they are passe…remember,we are in the era of the LED” now.Its just taht the internet connection was playing Hookey!Ranchi !  if you please!May it had gone Pandal Hopping-third Navratri Read More

Potato Diskettes with Walnut Chutney

Almost a crusade… WE, the Knights Templar of hindu origin…may I add… Fighting all temptations…of food, only for 7 days …twice a year-fortunately… NO grain,NO meat and NO eggs! Difficult…even fruit juice has to be had without any tadka… So we create….something that is tempting but flour less and fat less…but full on with the flavour… Face Read More

Paneer Rolls

Hello y’all…  No I haven’t been away …only not able to post any blog…finally the end of term exams are over…not mine by any chance…but going by the blood i boil and the stuff I need to read up, to check whether sweet child o’mine has read up and studyied the required stuff, I.might as Read More