Rabdi Kulfi Ossoro Essence and Baketitude

There’s always a great drama with picture taking for every Instagram and every blog post ever. There’ll always be the different plate and a different kitchen towel and looking for light. But this is the first time after ages that I had to take pictures for the blog and Instagram with only my smartphone. No Read More

Pistachio Rose Diwali Milk Cake Baketitude

Some cakes are destined for greatness. Some cake is destined to be written about and praised because of how they look, how many tiers they have and how much frosting and how big they are.  But some cakes are simple, beautiful and so perfect for the occasion that you make them again and again and Read More

Paan Chocolate Truffles with Ossoro Baketitude

Meetha paan. Chocolate. Desserts! I have so many things which I can associate with Meetha Paan. My dad used to smoke for the longest time ever and whenever I used to go and pick up his cigarettes from the local pane wadi I used to always buy one for myself. And then I had a Read More

Black Rice Kheer with Ossoro

Kheer. Rice pudding by another name. And the simplest dessert that comes from an Indian kitchen. Something made so often, it’s hardly treated like a novelty anymore. It’s understood that it has to be made. And then every house hold has their own quirkiness about Kheer. My in-laws eat their Kheer hot. Freshly made. Can Read More

Mango Chocolate Tarts-Baketitude( Low Carbohydrate )

Life is not sweet without sugar.  Ask me about it.  Suddenly, on a whim, I decided to go sugar free for 100 days. Breaking up with sugar for 3 months 10 days.  Almost 14 weeks of sheer cravings that aren’t met.  I’ll spare you the math of the minutes and seconds.  But you should know, Read More

Chocolate Miso Brownies Baketitude

This is one that I would love to share. I wish I you could download the image and try the brownies too. But because technology is not so smart,you should really try this flavor . These are slightly salty,but you know that salt and Chocolate are best friends. There’s also that fermented miso taste at Read More

Grilled Peaches and Couscous A Summer Dessert_Baketitude

Stone fruits flood the market in the summer. And for me, life is beyond mangoes. I adore peaches. Fuzzy, juicy,sweet and tart. They’re the best fruit you can have.  But to use it in a salad or not, it’s so darn confusing. And couscous, this semolina couscous that I bought from here. Couscous is a Read More

Skillet Brownies with Peanut Butter_Baketitude

A word of advice.  These are by far the most addictive brownies ever. They caramalise at the bottom, so you get a crust that’s like a caramel jam tainted with chocolate. The centre is all goes and warm chocolate. That peanut butter just contrasts with the deep Flavor of the chocolate. The mild saltiness is Read More

2 Ingredient Chocolate Mousse_Baketitude

            “If you obey all the rules, you miss all the fun.”                                                                               Read More

Almond Cake Gluten Free Paleo Baketitude

There are so many labels I can add to this cake. Gluten free being the first, the next would be no added fat , free from refined flour etc, also Paleo. You can  make this keto by substituting sugar for erythitol  . I’ve not frosted this cake on purpose. Trying to keep this a simply Read More

Whole Wheat Mango Lemon Tart Baketitude

So we are looking for needles in the haystack. We are looking for some goodness in decadence. We are looking for a Teeny bit of kindness in full blown mafiosi. Haha, that is some analogy. But desserts bring out that need to justify that golden yellow hue, one can only attribute to butter. That butter. Read More

Mini Pavlovas with Mango Baketitude

There is something about meringue and pavlovas that makes it looks like clouds floating in the air. They make perfect summer desserts. Low in fat,full of the airy summer sunshine these look so pretty. So then, an addition of Summer fruits can transform these clouds of meringue, into clouds in paradise. They look a wee bit complicated, but Read More

Baked Yogurt Cheesecake Baketitude

Have you heard the news yet? Or seen the pictures? Baketitude won’t the best baking blog award at the Indian Food Blogger Awards 2017, second year running.  And it’s all about gratitude. About the realisareal that I am capable of doing more, and that “Miles to go” finally makes sense.  Grateful,that you my dear reader Read More

French Macarons Baketitude

Macarons are the trickiest little things ever. And you really need to love these before you can make them.  It’s all about being a labor of love.  The ingredients are only 4 ,but it’s all about the math. You must keep a timer, and count. And if you do the simplest of things ,youll be Read More