Perfect Microwave Bosch -A Review Baketitude

Sometimes something so perfect comes in front of us that you suddenly feel like you’re living within the 24 frames of a sketched animation. No microwave can be so perfect ever. Its just not fair. This is “The Perfect Microwave”. This one is a microwave ,a convection oven and an air fryer rolled into one.  Read More

Gluten Free Strawberry Cheesecake-Baketitude

It’s just that one line that matters. For that first line, I’ve been  thinking and thinking and only thinking and the only thing I can do is look at this gorgeous white, red and green dessert that I made a few days ago. This talks of clear blue skies , the kiss of sunshine on Read More

Sponge Cake Basic Genoise Cake

Basics. The first cake you need to master before you become a pastry chef is a genoise.  A simple 5 ingredient sponge cake that is used as a base for many desserts. If you can bake this cake ,you’re da bomb!!! You can use this basic recipe and create as many cakes as you possibly Read More

Fruit Cake -Eggless

It’s raining buckets in Mumbai. And it’s wet most of the time. Always calling out for a hot drink and something good to eat. Fruit cake. An old school and classic cake that can never go out of fashion or never be less tasty. We alternate between sweet and savory. If we make some sandwiches Read More

Gift Happiness with igp

How do you like my new beaten copper mugs? I bought myself this gift.  Yes,right! Somedays you just need to make yourself feel much better. I’ve not been feeling too good these last few days, that’s why my blog posts have not been to frequent these last few weeks. So I definitely needed a pick Read More

Brownie D’Oreo , Oreo Brownie Cake

Getting all francophile/ francophone out here… One has to …what with Monsieur Macaron being elected Le President… Trying to rescue my Rusty french here…  Well ,the accent never failed me, the words have now… So I’m using my time we’ll. Meanwhile , while the eyes are trying to focus on the words , chocolate cravings Read More

Jamun Lemonade -Summer Drinks

It’s summer time here in the subcontinent. Crazy warm. And the heat just seeps the energy away.  And every sugar and preservatives laden drink you sip , you add to your woes. High sugar drinks cause acidity and dehydration.  Yup, that’s true. Check with your doctor or dietitian to confirm the details. I read this Read More

Turmeric Granola Baked with Maple Syrup and Orange Juice

Granola . Homemade and superlatively easy.  And it’s baked. We had so much fun shooting with Jai Kumar Puri from camera cuisine that we had to do this all over again. The hands in the frame are mine, and they look pretty darn good,thanks to his photography skills. All that healthy fat in those nuts Read More

Quinoa Pasta Curry Salad

High protein.  That’s a statement full of promise. Hello dear readers. If you’ve been keeping track,I’ve just undergone a major surgery and am recuperating,well…. gradually.  The body takes its own sweet time to heal and what’s important is that one enjoys the rest and recovery period. And to also look after one’s diet.  The best Read More

Buddha Bowl with Mango Salsa #trendsetters

Buddha bowls are all over Instagram these days. #Trendsetters. A Buddha bowl is just a meal sized filling ,fresh and nutritious bowl of food  that you must accept with gratitude.  In fact all food must be accepted with gratitude. Basically a bowl with lightly flavored grains, beans and vegetables. So this is a simple bowl Read More