Kadhali , Gluten Free Banana Flour and an Education

And the teacher was taught. A workshop to initiate gluten free Kadhali Flour into baking. This workshop was conducted by Ms Namrata Shastri of mystique  confections at Wisk by Cakesmiths,in Kalaghoda, Mumbai. And the core ingredient was totally gluten free. Banana Flour or Kadhali. I’ve used this before in cookies and yogurt before. This is Read More

Ladi Pao Super Soft and Egg Free

I’m super stoked. Can you peel of a pao from the lot like this? Can you??? Can you??? It’s almost like cotton candy peeling off. And this time the only difference is that instead of using butter ,I used Desi ghee or clarified butter. No tangzong ,no eggs, no milk powder nothing. Just pure milk Read More

Chocolate Bread with Candied Orange , Pecans and Maple Syrup -Egg Free

To butter or not to butter my daily bread? On my God!I am such a major crossroad in my life. Butter or Marmalade or Nutella? Or go bare,go naked??? Nothing on the fr**king toast for breakfast!!! Ever eaten bread fresh out of the oven? Its the one thing a baker will tell you. Don’t.Slice.Fresh.Bread.  And Read More

Double Chocolate Brownies

Sometimes all you need is a crusty ,fudgy , dark, chocolate brownie. And then you see the Domestic Goddess Nigella Lawson digging into some decadent Brookies as a midnight snack challenge on MasterChef Australia, you need that double chocolate fix yourself. You do. Try convincing yourself otherwise. You’ll loose. Join the club. Admit it, its Read More

Chocolate Chunky Chip Cookies Soft and Crisp and Best

  Don’t judge me. I love chocolate chip cookies. I like them ,really. But I don’t enjoy them too dry and crisp. They should be just right . A little crisp and a little soft . Not so crisp that they are dry and not so soft that they taste doughy and undercooked. Just right. Read More

Cookies and Chocolate layered Parfait

This is an Indian Summer. Hot. Humid. Throats and minds are parched. And yet you desire something substantial, and amazing in taste, but not anything heavy or warm. Baking for a cool desert? Nope… Buy your biscuits and cookies online. I wanted to buy chocolate chip ones and because they were not available in my local grocery Read More

Fougasse French Flat Bread with Olives

Fougasse. A flat bread we can all fall flat for. Super smashingly sexy on your dinner table. Rustic enough to want to tear with bare hands and dip into gravy or soup. Brushed with garlic butter that makes you want to suck it all off your fingers… Too much? Its Herby … made with Herbs Read More

Phalsa Sherbet- Summer is Here

Phalsa or Faalsa. Berries that grow only 2-3 weeks on small trees in north India where the sun beats down mercilessly on all and sundry. And then these tart berries are amazing to cut through the awful dehydrating effects of the summer.  They are extremely perishable, bruise and spoil easily. So its very difficult to Read More

Viennese Cookies with Amul Butter and Eggless

We’re still waiting for the rains. Its just so warm that you’ll sweat out all the liquid you drink. And there’s been the bread controversy. All that about poison in your daily bread. The SourDough fetish is also happening. Yup, thats the real thing with the starter and the dutch oven and all that. Super Read More

Jowar Atta Tarts and Dal Tadka with Kachumber for KnorrMasterClass

Jowar atta tarts spiced with Knorr Chef’s Dal Masala, baked and then a little kachumber or salsa  added. Topped with Masur and Moong dal made with Knorr Chef’s Dal Masala ,topped with a tadka or tempering of mustard seeds and curry patta. Too complicated? Have a look… we had many and then some bites. The flavors are all married Read More

Bialy-Dish shaped Onion Filled Rolls , The Magic of Baking Bread

Bialy (Bee-aah-lee) . Its not a Bagel, its not a muffin ,its the best of both. Bialy, a Yiddish word short for biały or bialystoker kuchen, from the city of Białystok in Poland, is a small roll that is a traditional dish in Polish and Polish Ashkenazi cuisine.-Wikipedia Thats what I read off the internet. And Read More

Challah -Apple Cinnamon Walnuts and Raisin filled 4 braided Challah Bread

Challah everyone. This is a special challah. A challah filled with apple pie stuffing made low calorie because of the parents. A 4 braided round loaf stuffed with apples ,cinnamon ,raisins and walnuts. Dusted with pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds. And it was the size of a large crown. Pretty and wholesome. Because it has Read More

Copy Cat Lassi Masala -Masala Chaas in a jiffy

Copy cat again. Can’t help it. Here in Delhi, every thing has a masala or a spice mix. Salted Lassi or Masala Chaas does too. Every colony has their own halwais or Local Sweet Shop owners have their own special spice mixes that they swear by. All in North and West Delhi are generally fans Read More

Thandaai -Sugar Free and Home Made

Its summer time and the parents have a new fridge. A new side by side LG Fridge, so things had to be made to fill the fridge. So we made Thandaai. Sugar free and healthy. Totally North Indian . But the store bought variety is laced with sugar and minimal amounts of almonds etc. So Read More

Soya Chaap – Lesser Known Jewels of Delhi

Summer time, time for our annual visit home. The vacations are getting shorter and the Delhi summers warmer. Hotter , I should say. Roomali Roti and Soya Chaap And everytime I return, there is a new fad in town. Chaap has been a fad for the longest time now…but it’s been made over quite jazzily Read More