Coffee and Bailey’s Buttercream Cake

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All right .

This is a very special decadent cake. A simple vanilla cake that is brushed with homemade Bailey’s cream , layered with a light chocolate ganache and then sandwiched with a coffee flavor Swiss meringue Buttercream.

And then some chocolate flakes too. 

Too many things? Noo…. Essentially coffee ,chocolate and vanilla in a butter cream coated cake. 

And this home made Bailey’s is another story all together. We are very sensitive people. The bottled Bailey’s is only used for drinking. It’s the homemade Bailey’s that we use to bake and make desserts. 

What ? You don’t know how to make Bailey’s at home?? Where have you been all these blog posts?? Go check this blog link and make a few bottles of homemade Bailey’s. That’s an excuse to make more desserts. You can make it with vodka or rum or scotch whiskey. Irish whiskey is a little difficult to obtain here, so scotch whiskey. 

This is a simple layer cake that I make in 6 inch pans. Two , because it’s easier to slit and frost and this cake is good for 8 servings.

You need to plan and bake this cake a day in advance ,as the flavours need time to blend in and marry together. But the wait is surely worth it.

You can never go wrong with coffee , chocolate , cake and booze. 

So make this today for a party at breakfast. Well almost . I took this to the Radio One Good Morning Mumbai show where Chef Irfan Pabaney of the Sassy Spoon and RJ Hrishik tasted the cake and actually appreciates it too. 

There were a few more home bakers Zulekha Badar with an absolutely amazing eggless and gelatin free entremet. 

That entremet had a Dulce caramel mousse, Raspberry and strawberry jelly and a hazelnut praline with a hazelnut dacquoise. Never knew that eggless entremets could tatae so fabulous.

And then there was Lamia who brought this most amazing Raan that was made with cream , birista and papaya paste. I’ve had raan before,but this was superb. And Nazneen who made a delicately balanced Chicken Korma. That Korma was flavoured with Poppy seeds and cashew nuts and lemons cut across the richness.

Every few kilometers we travel in this amazingly diverse Nation of ours ,there’s a new Flavor profile to taste.

Amazing food 

So coming back to my Coffee and Bailey’s Cake , which was spot on…. 

Bake the cake.

Sift the flour ,baking powder and salt into a bowl. Line two cake tins with parchment paper and grease lightly.

Add a spoon of vinegar to milk and set aside if you don’t have buttermilk.

Preheat the oven to 180C. 

In a bowl beat the eggs with the sugar till fluffy and thick. Beat in the oil and add the vanilla essence.

Cut and fold or lightly whisk in a third of the dry flour mix.

Now whisk in half the buttermilk. Repeat till the flour is used.

Alternatively add the flour mix with the butter milk and mix. Divide into the two tins and place in oven to bake. Approximately 30 minutes should be enough to bake the cake.

Check for doneness by testing with a skewer. Remove and cool . Unmould from cake tin and cool on a wire rack. Wrap in cling wrap and chill till you’re ready to frost.

Make the ganache. Melt together the chocolate and cream and set aside to chill. Add a spoon full of the homemade Bailey’s. 

Set out the butter to become soft. Like really soft.

Place the egg whites in a steel or glass bowl and add the sugar. Place over a bowl of simmering water . Begin whipping the cream till the meringue is ready. It takes between 3-5 minutes for the meringue to get thick and glossy and ready. Make sure all the sugar has dissolved or you’ll have grains till the very end.

Remove from the fire and whisk to cool. And the meringue will become white, thick and glossy.  It should be cool to the touch before you stop.

Approximately 7 minutes…

Now Slowly add in the soft butter a spoon at a time and whisk scraping down the sides.Add in the coffee powder. And the homemade Bailey’s.

We’re adding a little at a time .. not to go overboard. I like Bru coffee as the powder dissolves easily as compared to granules. Chill till you’re ready to start.

Now assemble the cake. Slit the cakes into two. Place a little butter cream on a cake board . Place one cake slice on the board. Brush generously  with 1 tea spoon of homemade Bailey’s, top with ganache and then with the buttercream.

Repeat and crumb coat.

Chill and then complete the buttercream. 

Chill at least 6-8 hours before serving the cake. Makes 8 generous slices. At a pinch, it’s good for 10-12 people… But if you pour some of the homemade Bailey’s on it… Then don’t say I didn’t warn you.

I pressed some chocolate flakes on the base of the cake for some prettying up.

What say… How do you like this pretty baby.

Check out the exact amounts and do bake this cake… There’ll be kisses in the air… everywhere. 












Coffee and Bailey's
A super addictive cake that tastes best when made a day in advance. Home made baileys is whta gives this cake a wonderful kick
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  1. For the vanilla cake
  2. 1 1/2 cups all purpose flour
  3. 2 tsp baking powder
  4. 1/2 tsp salt
  5. 3/4 cup sugar
  6. 1/2 cup vegetable oil
  7. 2 eggs
  8. 1 tsp vanilla essence
  9. 3/4 cup buttermilk
  10. For the ganache
  11. 100 gms chopped dark chocolate
  12. 75 gms dairy/non dairy cream
  13. 25 mils homemade baileys
  14. For the Swiss Meringue Buttercream
  15. 2 egg whites
  16. 1 cup or 240 gms soft butter
  17. 1 cup sugar
  18. 1 tbsp bru coffee powder
  19. 2 tbsp homemade Baileys
  1. Grease and line two 6 inch tins with parchment paper.
  2. Turn on the oven to preheat at 180C.
  3. Sift the flour ,baking powder and salt together.
  4. Mix well.
  5. In a bowl, beatt he eggs and sugar till fluffy and the sugar has dissolved in the eggs.
  6. Add in the oil in a stream. That helps to emulsify the mixture.
  7. Add vanilla essence.
  8. Now Lightly whisk in one third of the flour mix.
  9. Next add half the buttermilk.
  10. Next add the flour and so forth.
  11. Divie the batter between the two tins and place in the oven to bake .
  12. Around 25 minutes later check.
  13. The best way to tell is if they are done is by looking at them. They shrink from the sides and caramalise and smell cooked. But just to be sure insert a skewer into the cake. No crumbs stuck to the pick and your cake is done.
  14. My cakes took 30 minutes.
  15. Once the cakes are done, cool , cling wrap and get other stuff done.
  16. Make the ganache.
  17. Chop the chocolate and top with the cream.
  18. Heta int eh microwave in 30 second blasts and mix .
  19. Add the baileys and set aside to cool in the fridge.
  20. Make the buttercream.
  21. Set the butter outside to make sure its very, VERY soft.
  22. Place egg whites in a clean bowl. Add sugar and mix.
  23. Place over simmering water and whisk to ensure thta sugar melts.
  24. Touch the egg white sto ensure they are not gritty.
  25. Once totally dissolved, remove from heat and beat till glossy and cool.
  26. Now add the butter and keep whisking.
  27. The buttercream is smooth and glossy.
  28. Add the coffee and the baileys a spoon at a time.
  29. Cover with film and chill till reday.
  30. Now assemble the cake.
  1. If you dont have buttermilk, add 1 spoon of vinegar to the same amount of milk.
  2. Allow the buttermilk to sit atleast 10 minutes before you use it.
  3. Use the homemade Baileys as a soaking syrup.
  4. One tablespoon per layer. Too much and the alcohol overpowers the coffee.
  5. You're looking for a balanced flavour. If you want to avoid the alcohol in the soaking syrup. Make a light coffee decoction with some sgar and use that to moisten the cake layers.
  6. This cake needs a while to absorb the flavours of the coffee and the baileys.

Baked New York Style Cheesecake with Yogurt
Espresso Panna Cotta


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    Looks tempting. Shall try this festival. Please share the recipe of homemade Bailey’s. TIA.

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