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A healthy breakfast is the easiest way to start a good day. But when you pour that healthy breakfast out of a recycled cardboard box into your bowl full of probiotics and Calcium and proteins you know that you are doing yourself the greatest disservice ever.

Make your own granola.

You control what goes into it ,you control what you put inside your body and you can keep it as organic and as wholesome and healthy as as possible. Because no one knows your body like you do. And no one can satisfy your cravings like you can .

I would advise you to make two batches that is two different flavours at one time.

You really can’t eat the same desert every time. Did I tell you that homemade granola can also be a substitute for dessert for breakfast? And it will actually be good for your body. Not to mention reduce your grocery bills too. 

In no way am I telling you that my way is the only way to make granola. I am in internet junkie and keep surfing through various websites and read web posts more often then I read the newspaper so I read something somewhere collated and came up with my own granolas.

Try my version and if you like it stick to it or add and subtract ingredients according to your taste.

For the

Coffee Chocolate Granola_Baketitude

You need

3 cups rolled oats preferably or else quick cooking oats will also do

2 cups of chopped mixed dried fruits seeds, nuts 

1 cup rice flakes or poha

One fourth cup or a little more maple syrup

2 tablespoons raw Cane sugar or demerara sugar

One fourth cup neutral vegetable oil or coconut oil

2 tablespoons freshly ground coffee

One fourth cup finely chopped 70% chocolate or chocolate chips or cocoa nibs

One teaspoon sea salt or pink Himalayan salt

One teaspoon pure Vanilla extract optional

I keep the ratio of the grains to the seeds as 2:1, because it becomes a little too rich otherwise. Also before I use the granola I sometimes add in a small amount of cornflakes. 

Measured out the sugar and the pure vanilla extract into a bowl. Add the coconut oil,the maple syrup and salt and mix well. I avoid Honey because maple syrup tastes better on baking as compared to Honey. 

Chop the dried fruit. I use a mix of raisins , currants, candied Cranberries and cherries. For the nuts I I pref defer zephy chopped almonds Walnuts Pumpkin seeds hemp hearts. I avoid Chia seeds as I find they taste interferes with the taste of my granola. Add cashew nuts or pecans or hazelnuts whatever you have in your cupboard. 

The rice flakes are basically to change the texture and keep the granola gluten free. Sometimes I also add quinoa flakes.

In a large bowl with a slotted spoon mix the rolled oats rice flakes ground coffee powder nuts seeds and dried fruits well. Now Pour in the liquids and mix well to coat each grain. 

Spread on baking sheet lined with parchment paper and bake in an oven preheated at 150 degrees centigrade for 45 minutes. Be sure to stir the granola every 15 minutes.

After 45 minutes bring the granola out and tip the tray into a large bowl. Now add the finely chopped chocolate chocolate chips or coconut and mix well.

Return to the tray and allow to cool. Store in and a tight container and use one third cup to one half cup per serving.

Over a bowl of yoghurt or cold milk, tips the granola and some fruit for superlatively healthy snack. You can make this your breakfast too.

Or take a few handfuls and just munch on the  granola whenever  you are peckish.

If you add a little more maple syrup and coconut oil before baking the granola you will be able to shape bigger clusters of the granola.

This is how I like my granola. I wait for bananas to ripen, then I cut them up and freeze them. So, whenever I need to make a smoothie, I take some yoghurt or milk and I blend with frozen fruits. ( I freeze melons, strawberries, mulberrues and even apples) I pour the Frozen fruit in to a pretty bowl and top with whatever flavour of granola I wish to have that day.

I’ve also the recipe to a Savory granola for the days you feel the need for some salt. A simple Turmeric granola works for a runny nose too. 

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Quick Brioche Bread Baketitude
Leopard Print Hokkaido Bread

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