Cold Coffee Ice and Caramel Sauce

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When it’s hot outside and it’s hot inside.

And you need your frazzled nerves to be soothed.

You need that caffeine ,but don’t have it in you to even sip anything hot.

Neither can you afford to downthe one million empty calories in that frappe from the coffee store down the road.

You cold brew and wait or you blast freeze and wait a fraction of the time.

Ok, so you and I can’t afford a blast freezer with all the appliances already occupying much important real estate in our homes.

So just freeze.

And the caramel… well that’s a new obsession.

I drink my coffee without sugar so I can afford a few spoons of caramel.

Does it matter that my caramel sauce is made with whiskey and it has sea salt?

That my friend is another blog post.

So my favorite coffee grinders make a Caramel Flavor coffee grind. That was the Genesis of this idea.


I have an espresso maker , so I espress my shots at home. You can buy them from the coffee shop or use Instant.

Super easy.

For the 

Cold Coffee Ice and Caramel Sauce

You need

4-6 espresso shots or

2 tbsp instant coffee dissolved in 240 mils water.

1 cup chilled milk

3-4 tbsp caramel sauce.

I use the whiskey salted caramel,Howe sweet child adores the store bought caramel sauce.

Make the coffee decoction and pour into ice trays. Freeze at least 6 hours.


Bring all the ingredients together . 

In a tall glass, sit 4 cubes of the frozen coffee.

Pour over some caramel syrup.

Top with cold milk.

Stir a bit and sip the goodness of the coffee melting into the milk and caramel .

That soothing drink that gives you a much needed kick of caffeine. 

Avoid using a straw , save the planet. 

Tell me you liked the pictures . The hands in FRA e are of Sweet child. He wanted more caramel…


We’ve got some quick baking recipes and some microwavable snacks coming up. To keep you easy in the hot summer… And to keep you from binging on the high calorie foods available in restaurants and cafes…

This is just the starter.

A little sweet, a little energising and a lot soothing.

Make this …

Freeze your coffee tonight… 

And do share your pics with me on Facebook ,Twitter or Instagram.

Show me some love…

Tag #baketitude 

Coz life is what you bake of it.

Easy Mocha Latte and Sviten Sweetner
Peach Ice Tea with Coconut Jelly- Penang Style


  1. WOW! perfect drink to beat the heat.

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