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Peppermint and chocolate go hand in hand. In fact, peppermint is the one thing you can add to anything under the sun. I personally love the aroma of peppermint, so I have been using Peppermint in my desserts for very long time. for the longest time Polo used to be my favourite mint ever. I know these are Christmasey pictures, but then theres only 24 hours in a day.

So, until before this tiny little bottle of goodness was available. We used to buy peppermint from the paanwala, who is basically the guy who sells Paan in a tiny shack in almost every colony. He’s the one who is selling cigarettes and candy and stuff like that. Peppermint is extremely volatile, so they keep it in small containers and the use it fast. So, every time you have to buy peppermint from the paanwala, you need to carry a small container of your own and use that peppermint as soon as possible. 

Even when I made my Paan white chocolate balls, I used peppermint from the paanwala with the Paan essence in them. So, when I found the peppermint essence, I knew that I had to make my favourite ever chocolate.

After eights are British chocolates that don’t have too much of a shelf life and need to be refrigerated. they have been my favourite for ever, but they melt very fast. so even if somebody bring them from you have to ensure that you finish them fast…or risk them getting spoilt because of all the chocolates that catch fungus after rate are probably the fastest.

I am trying to go low carb, you’re so I have been stashing a lot of chocolate above 70% in my fridge.

I’ve been craving my own After Eights, so I made this with Lindt 70% chocolate. If you are the milk chocolate types, feel free to use a sweeter chocolate.


It’s super easy and you only need three ingredients. you can use the Ossoro peppermint extract or find an alternate source on amazon by clicking on the link at the end of this blog post

Then I use my homemade After Eight to make my Copy cat Starbucks peppermint mocha. Yup, this post is all about copycat recipes.

to make my home made after break even if you don’t have a 70% office use milk chocolate whatever chocolate you have at hand. But use real chocolate.


After Eights Copycat and Home made

You need


100 GM’s good chocolate. 

5-6 tbsp icing sugar

3-4 drops peppermint extract- I used Ossoro

1 tsp water


Divide the chocolate in to two bowls and microwave the first bowl in spurts of 30 seconds, until it is totally melted.

On a sheet of parchment, placed over a cookie tray, thinly spread the 50 grams of chocolate to 2 mm thick which will cover most of the paper.

You don’t want a thick slab of chocolate because it is going to get covered again.

Place this in the fridge to set. Sift the icing sugar into a separate bowl and add in the peppermint extract, a few drops at a time.

Add in the water and make a thick slurry like paste. That’s also called fondant.

You want the sugar and water mixture to be thick so that it spreads and is not runny.

Bring the chocolate out of the fridge and with a spoon or a brush, spread on the sugar and peppermint mixture over the chocolate. 

Place the tray back into the fridge to chill and wait for about half an hour. The sugar will crust. melt the remaining chocolate.

Spread over the now set sugar to cover it completely.

Use a sharp knife to cut shards of your after eight Bark. I place each shard in a cup cake liner and store in an airtight container in the fridge.

If you want independent After Eights, you can make them in cupcake liners.

Pour one tsp melted chocolate in a cupcake liner and spread it around so you have an edge rising to 3 mm at least with a hollow inside.

Allow that to set in the fridge.

Fill the hollow with the sugar mixture and allow to set.

Top with more melted chocolate to seal all the sugar mix. This works well for individual servings and as a pick me up especially for children.

You can enjoy this with a cup of coffee or as after dinner sweet.  Ever so often I top my After Eight with sprinkles. Or sometimes pretzels and marshmallows. So much you can do in winters.

For the

Copycat Starbucks Peppermint Mocha


you need


1 shot espresso or 1 tsp coffee powder dissolved in 1 tbsp hot water

Sugar as needed

1 cup milk-regular or almond

50 grams good quality chocolate /1 tbsp cocoa powder blended with 2 tablespoons hot water

4 drops peppermint extract

2-3 pieces After Eight Bark

Peppermint candy pieces

Whipped cream to decorate optional

You can skip the whipped cream if you want to, it just gives a very festive feel. 

I can’t find peppermint Candy here in Mumbai so I used red white sprinkles



Place the milk or almond milk in a sauce pan along with the chocolate and allow it to heat on low. keep stirring till the chocolate melts.

If you intend to sweeten your mocha, this is the time to add the sugar.

The milk should be simmering and the Chocolate melting, so on very low heat you can use your milk frother to create froth.

Add the peppermint extract while creating the froth and turn off the heat so that it does not evaporate totally.

Add the espresso shot or coffee dissolved in hot water at this stage and froth some more.

pour into your glass and top with whipped cream and sprinkle some sprinkles.

Break in the After Eight Pieces and insert into the froth. Top with whipped cream if you want to and some sprinkles.


Once you sip the drink, the now melting After Eights add that intense burst of chocolate and peppermint. You will get that intense cold peppermint flavour with the warm mocha taste. There’s something intensely comforting in this taste. Winters or summers, it tastes amazing.

Don’t blame me if you don’t stop at one glass… But you can thank me for these DIY copycat drinks that you can drink in the middle of the night without moving from your favourite couch while listening to your favourite music and reading your favourite book. 

For me, the cantonment is usually far from the city. That’s why I resort to copycat recipes.

Even after playing PUBG. 

Whatever floats your boat.

Happy New year to you and yours 

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