Easy Eggless Holi Dessert Lemon Posset with Strawberry and Thyme Jam

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Happy Holi. Its the festival of colors,Holi, next week and I bring you these few, easy,quick , delicious recipes for celebrating Holi.

Colors bring meaning to our lives. At least for me, color is essential. Color in my clothes, my surroundings and in my food. And if you take a look at my Instagram feed, you know why I am so obsessed with color. Somedays I decide, I’m going to do a monochrome or a dark shade setting for styling, but then I run down and slyly go and pull out a few bougainvillea from the compound wall. I go buy flowers too sometimes. And I have some faux ones too, for when its just too hot to go buy flowers.

Personally, I’m not too fond of faux flowers, but bougainvillea dies so soon, its criminal to pull it off. But there’s a wild explosion this time of the year.

Till the time we lived on the ground floor, we always maintained a huge garden and spent huge amounts of money on plants and the sustenance of plants. Just around Holi,the festival of colors, the flowers come out in the wildest colors and the brightest hues. As if they want to say, Holi Hai!!

I have what are known as ice flowers in my flower beds last time… I planted excess. So, when they flowered, there was a wild mix of colors. And that was like a riot of happiness. We never wanted to go indoors. Just sit in the garden, take pictures and just bask in the happy vibes the colors give out. I guess that’s what Holi is all about. the festival of colors. All good vibes, happiness and a whole lot of food. Sweets in particular.

So, I made these small desserts for the festival of colors, Holi for you. No dietary restrictions whatsoever. eggless, small portioned, healthy, fuss free and a perfect taste of spring. You need a small spoon, hands will be dirty because of the Holi colors anyway.

Only four ingredients and a little essence. Well much as we would like to use as much lemon zest as we can, we are unable to. The lemons available at this time of the year are thin skinned and the zest is more often than not, bitter.

So, I used the Ossoro 24 carat Vanilla and Indian lemon essence. Just a few drops are enough. The aroma is amazing. Lemons smell so fresh and have that je ne sais quoi happiness in them. The vanilla is a subtle, real vanilla , a far cry from the synthetic essences available in the market.

I made a Posset, which is essentially an ancient British dessert. Its just cream which has been cooked and then is curdled with lemon juice. And it sets beautifully. Much like a pannacotta, only without gelatin.

To make the flavors pop out a bit, I added some cooked thyme and cooked strawberries into a preserve.

The combination is what you would describe as a bomb.

There are gorgeous aromas emanating and you can almost taste the vanilla. It is mild and subtle. Not like the one that you buy from the bakery stores.

You can make this a day prior and stash it in the fridge. I’ve this thing against plastic, but if you intend making it for kids, get plastic shot glasses. Easier when the kids are playing Holi.

The strawberry jam is important and it adds a very subtle balance to the cream. Lemon and thyme and strawberry are a fantastic combination. I used erythritol for trials and my keto dessert cravings.  The same amount of erythritol as I used sugar, and I also cooked the strawberry jam with erythritol.

For this lemon Posset, I used regular caster sugar. I made a similar dessert a little while ago. One without eggs here and one with eggs. Please Do check them out.

For the

Easy Eggless Holi Dessert Lemon Posset with Strawberry and Thyme Jam

You need


350 mils cream. I used Amul cream

50 mils lemon juice

8-9 tbsp caster sugar or same quantity erythritol-if on keto diet

5-6 drops Ossoro 24 Carat Vanilla essence

3-4 drops Ossoro Indian Lemon Essence

200 gms strawberries

2-3 tbsp sugar

2 sprigs thyme

Weigh out the cream in a sauce pan and heat on a low flame till it boils. Add the sugar or erythritol. Keep stirring.

Allow to simmer without boiling over out of the saucepan for 3 minutes. Turn off the heat and add the lemon juice and stir well. Return to low heat and cook a minute or two.

Remove from heat and add both the essences. Stir well and pour into glasses and place in fridge to set.

Wash and cut the strawberries. place with the sugar and thyme in a sauce pan and cook till mushy. You may add more sugar if the strawberries are sour. Mash or blend them while still warm and allow to cool slightly. Remove the thyme and spoon over the set deserts.

Cool a little while and enjoy.

A totally different flavor profile to all the Indian mithais that are around on Holi. Something tart and tangy will refresh your palette and you’ll be ready for more color, fun and food.

Have a happy Holi folks and look out for two more Holi specials I have for you before Holi.

Also, a word of advice, if you don’t have strawberries… microwave 3-4 tablespoons of a good strawberry jam and mix well. Cool and spoon over the desserts.

No one will be any the wiser and you’ll have become the Holi Rockstar.

Holi Hai!!

So make the Easy Eggless Holi Dessert Lemon Posset with Strawberry and Thyme Jam now. And please tag #baketitude if you do. Share pictures and connect with me on Instagram or facebook. Look forward to seeing your pictures.

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