Easy Mocha Latte and Sviten Sweetner

Espresso Panna Cotta
Cold Coffee Ice and Caramel Sauce

Mocha Latte.

A little bit of Chocolate and a little bit of coffee. And.a.whole.lot of yumminess.

I am a coffee person and love coffee even in my Chocolate. And I’m sure you’ll agree too, that when the rain pounds down on your window sill and washes the greens clean, and you have an amazing book your hand,or a great movie on your TV,you cannot walk to your nearest Starbucks for a mocha latte.

So you make this at home.

It’s super easy.

And instead of using a few tablespoons of sugar to sweeten my latte, we’re using a sweetner that is much sweeter than sugar.

Stevia. Sviten Sweetner.

So Sviten is made from the extract of stevia leaves. All natural.

And you can also heat it unlike other Sweetners.

And the best thing about this is no bitter after taste.

And I wasn’t the one who finished the Mocha Latte, sweet child walked off with my cup of joy and never asked for any sugar top up. Considering the fact that he likes a few heaped tablespoons of sugar In his cold coffee and mango shake, this was a revelation.

As a mom, I will not be giving him a sweetner regularly, but according to what I’ve read up ever since the good people of Sviten stevia sent me the samples, I’m fairly convinced.

So we made an easy Mocha Latte. It rained a wee bit this week and we’re prepping for that deluge of Mumbai monsoons.

For 1 serving of 

Easy Mocha Latte with Sviten Sweetner

You need

25-50 GM’s of Chocolate 

1 generous tsp instant coffee powder

1 pinch cinnamon powder

2-3 grates nutmeg

1-2 sachets Sviten Sweetner

250 mils full fat milk divided

In a sauce pan place the Chocolate, coffee powder and 50 mils of milk and turn on the heat.

It’s obvious that the better the quality of Chocolate you use the better your Mocha Latte will taste. A 70% bar is a little bitter for our tastes , so we generally buy the 50% Lindt Chocolate bars. However, there’s never any left when you want to bake or cook or drink with it. 

So we resort to baking Chocolate, because we always have a stick. Use a simple milk chocolate bar or this baking Chocolate according to your convenience.

Keep stirring till the chocolate dissolves. Add the cinnamon and the nutmeg. Add the Sviten Sweetner to taste. We needed only one.

Now if you have an espresso machine, go ahead and steam the remaining milk.

If you don’t, place the milk in a sauce pan and with the milk frother keep frothing the milk. Don’t allow the milk to boil at all.

Now pour the Chocolate mix into your cup. 

Top with the steamed or frothed milk.

A wee bit of cinnamon or cocoa powder over and your Mocha Latte is ready.

Enjoy the Mocha Latte and this wonderful weather . 

Sviten Sweetner is available on Amazon here.

And if you make the Mocha Latte ,do share your pictures with the #baketitude on social media.

Our little tryst in the kitchen was recorded by my son, for you to see. Do check out the video on Facebook by clicking this link.

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in association with FBCI and Sviten Sweetner. However ,as always the views and words are all my own.



Espresso Panna Cotta
Cold Coffee Ice and Caramel Sauce

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