Egg Free Orange Silk Cheesecake-Chocolate and Orange…go hand in hand

Empanadas Anyone???Daring Bakers Challenge Sept 2012
Oatmeal Spice Cookies
A cheesecake…that had to be chocolate  and egg free and beautiful…
And if possible…low in fat.
Well almost…
An almost Birthday cake for friend Kanchan Bhartari…

For birthdays, the last thing we reveal are ages…
We are, forever young.
That is why we keep company…
A birthday is not always about the cake.
Its about the  friendship and good times and good food and chocolate.

A cake would have been superfluous here…as she had already baked. So this was a take on a chocolate tart that I had seen on  Deeba’s site , but have not been able to locate it since.

I love the flavour of Cadbury’s Orange Silk and I wanted to recreate it.
I cant call this low fat, but…OK ,that thought  was the genesis of  A reduced fat Orange Silk Cheesecake.
It may not look that impressive…but the flavours were  bang on!
I was minute maid for the day, I even managed to incorporate the pulp!
Super Easy, and easy on the palette…made a refreshing dessert.
No reason to make a simple chocolate pudding the next time you decide to attempt something fancy.
for the 
Egg Free Orange Silk Cheesecake-Chocolate and Orange…go hand in hand…
you need
230 gms digestive /chocolate biscuits
80 gms (or more) butter
1 orange
1 tsp gelatin
5-6 tbsp icing sugar
200 gms semi sweet chocolate
400 gms non dairy /dairy cream-I used Amul
200 gms cream cheese- I used fresh yogurt, which I hung to remove all the whey
30 mils Orange twist Remix Vodka-Optional
Start with the base .
The digestive it was, Oreo would have tasted and looked prettier.I whizzed the digestive biscuits to a fine powder and added…the zest of half an orange. I had one leftover in the fridge …so one it was .
Into this I added about 40 gms of the butter -that I melted in the microwave.40 gms is not enough ,you need at least 80 gms.I promised reduced fat- reduced fat I deliver.
I added the juice of half an orange.

I had to make the crumbs bind…so any wet will do!
Into the loose bottomed tart dish…One large tart tin and one small …

Set to set in the fridge.
Now the cream and the chocolate.Pour 200 mils/one tetra pack of amul UHT cream in a sauce pan that will fit in your fridge.Place on heat and just before it comes to a boil…dunk the chopped chocolate.

You don’t see the bubbles here only because the heat is turned off…but the cream needs to be hot or else the chocolate will not melt.
A bit of decadence…the rest of the butter.

Whisked well to let the butter make the chocolate glossy.
Et Voila…
The leftover rind of the orange I chopped fine and added it while the chocolate ganache was still warm essential oils ,you see…

Mix them well and stow into the fridge to let it set.
That was why you needed the exact size of the pan!
All this was done in the dead of the night.You know what would have gone really well.Orange flavoured …you guessed it….
I’m a veritable advertisement for Smirnoff Vodka!
Chocolate and Orange and Orange twist Remix …yay!
What a happy/hippy combo!But sadly…Kanchan was  teetotalling for a week.So we skipped. One friend would not have been happy…what say Monica Mallik??
OK , now next morning..
The remaining 200 mils whipped with the sugar till whatever peaks form. Amul UHT does not rise to the occasion…as in you can not get any peaks…so whenever your hand tires, drop the hand held whisk.

Now bring out the semi solid ganache and whip it to submission…

And you get something like this…

And the remaining orange juice…sitting over warm water with the gelatin in.

So now, the hung curd …
I whipped it into the chocolate mix to make it lighter.

Light in texture and colour.
A quick whip of the cream again…And all folded together…now the gelatin and orange juice mix in.

The mix tasted like a mousse ….a lot chocolatey a wee bit orangey and a little tangy…the taste of the hung curd.
I got one large tart, one small tart and one bowl of the cheesecake mix.

And in the fridge for a few hours…
Is this ethically a cheesecake?I know not…It had the integrity and the texture of a cheesecake…Sliced gorgeously …and tasted wow.

A little dusting of cocoa, a shard of chocolate…smooth as silk.

A little reminder of this flavour…never too far!

A little tribute to the taste buds…
A little tribute to friendship…
A new territory…that children loved too…
A new way to say happy birthday…

So why are you not baking today???

Empanadas Anyone???Daring Bakers Challenge Sept 2012
Oatmeal Spice Cookies


  1. Deeba PAB says:

    Thank you fr being inspired Shalini, but you are inspiring me now! WOW…what a great cake and what delicious flavours! YUM!!

  2. Sweet says:

    thanx for stopping by…and am honoured…the cheesecake was like cadbury orange silk..just a wee bit tangy…
    and you are what I look up to…

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