Egg less Black Currant Cake

Happy Mother's Day
Artisan Whole Wheat /Atta Sour Dough Bread
15 years of being married to my hero.

All this time living the good life…
Laughter,tears and a myriad of other emotions…
Personal and professional successes and some setbacks…
All part of the game.

The game of love????
All goes back to school girl obsessions with little hearts and doodles.
Well, I ♥ tiny little beating hearts.

Never fail to thank God for letting this heart into those warm, comforting and loving arms.
I’m sure God had a plan…and that it came to happen!
Today being Tuesday , the restriction of no eggs looms over…
ERGO egg less!
Hubby dear is totally impartial to sweets and the only cake he will ever eat is a vanilla sponge with rich cream and pineapple.
That really narrowed down my options.
Since sweet child has his fill of mocha and chocolate every other day…this time we indulge hubby dear.

So its vanilla ,but no pineapple…this time the new love of his palette-black currants.
Now this being Ranchi…we can only dream on about getting black Currants. But we get Black Currant Crush!
Its actually no better than a jiggly preserve or jam, but the flavour is there.
So we move…

for the

Egg less Black Currant Cake…

you need

1 vanilla egg less sponge
300-400 gms black Currant Crush
200 gms Rich Cream -whipped
50 mils cold milk to soak the cake

This vanilla egg less Sponge has been done to death here in my house, you can find the recipe and proceedings  here.

Just let it cool down. This recipe yields a 1 1/2 pound cake. So if you need a bigger cake multiply all the ingredients multiply by 0.3 and add to the above. Too complicated??
Just double and feed the rest to your unsuspecting children.

Slit in half…

And a little soak of milk…not too much as this cake is extremely delicate.
Pour only 30 mils of the milk around the crust….not in the centre…the cake will do the titanic on you.
Now the Black Currant Crush…slathered on..

I use Mala Black Currant Crush…and that is sweet child wanting to just pour the crush into the cream and forget the cake.
Over this….Slathered whipped Rich cream…
Now topped and covered all over with the rich cream.
The heart I piped and filled in with the crush….
One candle??
Always good to ignore the years.
Ever grateful for the time we spend together and looking forward to all the tomorrows….
may we progress without getting our hair too grey!
Happy wedding anniversary hubby dear, lets walk towards the sunset,holding hands and  with a smile.
And a wonderful surprise…
All thanks to friend Kanchan  and her husband Ashwini Bhartari,Ritu and her hubby Naval Sharma.
This is the fabulously made Death By Chocolate Cake liberally spiked with Alcohol.
Saved for the evening…And Attacked!!!
With friends like you, every day is a celebration!
Another pic??
So what are you baking today???
Happy Mother's Day
Artisan Whole Wheat /Atta Sour Dough Bread


  1. Anonymous says:

    Thank U so much Mrs. Digvijay


  2. Akila says:

    Happy anniversary to you, hope you had a great day. Wow, the cakes look yummy. I always bake eggless cakes. Thanks a ton for the recipe. Where can I get whipped cream in Chennai?

    • Sweet says:

      hey thanx Akila Rich cream is available at stores that sell all baking related products It is stored frozen and to be whipped at high speed at low temperature the brand is rich cream and comes in 2kg packs cheers!

  3. Sweet says:

    made blueberry loaf cake twice….both the times wanted to take a pic n put up….but it got polished off before i could take out the cam…. :((

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