Egg Less No Bake Mango Cheesecake Baketitude

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Another mango dessert?

Well yes!

And mark my words, there is more to come…as my fridge gets
inundated with ripe, yellow fragrant, pulpy supposedly yummy mangoes….I peel, chop and zip pouch them in lots and pop them in the freezer.

Dessert time…after hot spicy mutton for lunch and a minor stash of cream cheese in my freezer…this was a had to do.

The martini glasses out for a little drunken walk…stuffed to their gills with Mango Cheesecake-No Bake .
The first time in a long while, I was hoping the guests were nice enough not to expect seconds…in fact I had bribed sweet child not to ask to sample the cheesecake…I had only 7 servings…
I almost died when sweet child demanded the last glass!
And when everyone left ,he went all Oliver Twist”y” and demanded a second..I could then understand what Mr Bumble (was it??) must have felt when Oliver said “Please Sir, I want some more.”
Ye Gods…and I’m his mum!
This is my Drunken Glass…does not have a proper bottom…”Look Ma!No hands!”

This Mango Cheesecake-No Bake was so easy and so yummy…coming from a non -mango-phile like me that is high praise…(Considering that I only tasted what was left in the bowls) and I found it here.
I made a few changes, for obvious reasons…Ranchi, being the number one!
But ,save the fact that it was less….I have absolutely no complaints, in fact I’ll give this a thumbs up!

If you have no access to cream cheese…no worries, try what I did for this cheesecake,.or use hung curd in the same quantity.

for the

Egg Less Mango cheesecake-No Bake …

you need

200 gms digestive biscuits
75 mils butter
200 gms cream cheese
100 mils Amul UHT/ Non Dairy Cream
400 mils fresh mango puree
1 tbsp gelatin
1/8 cup hot water
1/2 cup caster sugar

Start with the digestive biscuits, and whizz them to a fine powder in the processor. I have found that finer crumbs allow you to use just a little bit less butter. And when you love sweet like I do…baby, any amount you save is a blessing!


That’s the melted butter…I used about 65 mils.

Poured into the crumbs and whizzed once more. Now you can go traditional and use a loose bottom tart( loose bottom….and tart….do they ring bells???lolzz), but I wanted to go designer. …so the glasses.I used a little less of the crumbs and had a bit left over. Dumped in the fridge to set .

Midnight, in my make up ,high heels and  dying to lay my head on my pillow. So as many shortcuts as possible.
The powdered sugar and cream cheese in the bowl. I had made this cream cheese and stashed it where else??but my freezer for future use. Seriously capacious, it is.

Just stirred them together to blend ion the sugar, I just squeezed the Amul UHT cream out of the tetrapack into this, You can, of course, beat the cream a little to make this lighter.Blend together.

Now the water, I used half the quantity of the 1/4 cup measure and sprinkled the gelatin over it. Once it was soft, I popped it into the microwave for 30 seconds.

That is the fresh mango puree(remove about 1/2 cup and set aside), into this went the melted gelatin(save 1/4 the liquid gelatin). Blend well,

Now all but the 1/2 cup of the gelatinous mango puree into the cream mix.

Well mixed…

Now, bring the glasses out and pour in the cheese mix.And pop back into the fridge.

Now the savings for the rainy day! The remainder mixed together.

Take it to the fridge…and pour enough mango puree to cover the cheese cake mix…This glass is a little drunk- cant stay straight!

Stashed in my fave place.

Good Morning..
A clear head and a pretty pudding!
Life is good.So is the jelly!

Before the  table was set.The base of the crumbs is not so thick..I layered it thinly as I though the the mango should rule!Mint Leaves go a long way!Only 7 servings remember!

Pretty amazing, amazingly easy and thankfully beautiful. I think I had nightmares about the cheesecake turning out runny and one glass being so rock hard, that my guests smashed the glass to get to the cheesecake. EEE!

Try this and feel the beauty of the king of fruits.

And  don’t forget to stash mango in your freezer.

So what are you baking today???


Mutton Raarah-Rara Meat Inspired by Jiggs Kalra
Ultimate Chocolate Chip,Oreo and Fudge Brownie Bar


  1. thanks so much for trying 🙂

  2. Sweet says:

    It was fun…and my guests were super happy!

  3. Indrani says:

    Can I come over please… you can't refuse me one of those. 😛 🙂

  4. O my!! Why just share recipes, can't we come over for a tasting session? You've anyway taken the trouble to make the pudding! :p
    It looks lovely, thanks for sharing dear 🙂

  5. i am trying this. 😉

  6. Vaisakhi says:

    Looks super yumm and kind of easy too! 😀

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