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Summer is here and it’s driving us all crazy. So, you need a quick dessert that refreshes you too.  I find that chocolate is a very winter specific ingredient and it does not appeal to me specifically in the summer. I like fresh, citrus flavors and small portions. 

Easy on the lips, easy on the tummy and easy on the hips.

These no bake orange mousse shots are individual portions and are super yum. 

They are so easy that even a 10-year-old can make them. I’m not in favor of a younger child let loose in the kitchen. I believe in kids making mock mud pies. Not real ones.  Let them feel the sand and the mud, how will they know the sand like texture of sables when they grow up?

Generally, I avoid using non-dairy cream. It’s just that dairy cream is difficult to whip up in the summers and this will give a mousse like texture even without using any eggs or baking or without using gelatin. The use of the Greek yogurt, is for the health quotient. The Greek yogurt adds the probiotics, so essential in the summer, adds tang and keeps the calorie count low.  

I make fresh Paneer or cottage cheese, when I want to make this at home. The basic reason why I use that, is because it’s one extra trip to the market specially to buy a tub of cream cheese. Since there’s always milk in the fridge, it’s easy to heat it and curdle it with a bit of vinegar and then use the curds to make this dessert. 

The orange, I adore citrus.  They are essential in the summers.

Citrus cuts across fats and sweetness and brings an amazing amount of freshness to the palate. A tiny bit goes a long way. Just like the Ossoro Brazilian Orange essence. A little hint of citrus and the that aroma of the orange. Awesome. You just need a few drops for that amazing orange aroma. I make this amazing No Bake Mango Cheesecake in individual portions too. That dessert has been replicated so often by those who don’t eat eggs ,over the years. You can check this out here .

For the  

Eggless Orange Cheesecake No Bake Shots

You need 


The base  

8-10 homemade digestive cookies or *100 GM’s store-bought digestive biscuits 

30 GM’s butter at room temperature 

1/2 tsp orange zest 

The mousse 

100 mils  non-dairy whipping cream 

100 GM’s Greek yogurt or hung curd 

100 GM’s cottage cheese or cream cheese if you have it 

3 tbsp sugar 

Chopped orange and kiwi segments ,mint leaves

6-7 drops Ossoro Brazilian orange essence 

1/2 tsp orange Zest optional 

3-4 tbsp fresh orange juice 

The clear gel 

1 tbsp cornstarch 

1 tsp sugar 

¼ cup water 


Blitz the digestive biscuits in a coffee grinder or spice grinder. 

Mix the butter, orange zest and the digestive cookies together to form a sand like bread crumbs texture. 

Spoon into dessert glasses or small cutting chai glasses.  

Don’t press down, you want the crumb to be loose and free.  

In a large bowl whisk the non-dairy cream till nice and fluffy and stiff peaks form. 

Blend in the sugar If you’re using it. If you are using cottage cheese or paneer, you will need to blend it. 

In a blender, blend the paneer with the orange juice. Whisk in the Greek yogurt too.  

Now into the whipped non dairy cream, whisk in the remaining orange zest, cottage cheese and yogurt mix and the Ossoro Brazilian orange essence.  

Spoon or pipe over the cookie crumb and tap on the table to get rid of air pockets. 

Fill in more if needed. Top with the chopped fruits.  

Chill till the gel is ready. l. In a small pan, heat the remaining sugar with 1/4 cup water and add cornstarch slurry. Cook till the starch is no longer raw on low heat. This should be a gel like texture. It will set over the fruit and look a translucent pretty shade and also prevent the fruit from discoloration. 

Cool and spoon over the cut fruit.  

Allow to chill for at least a few hours before service.  

Top with mint and serve chilled.  

This is a perfect dessert for those who do not eat eggs. And for those who do, you can skip the eggs sometimes.  Double the quantity and make these in the chai glasses. Stash in the fridge and invite friends and family over. Just an excuse to have a good time without too much fuss. 

Its light on calories and you dont feel that heaviness even if you have two portions. Store covered , if you have leftovers. The mint is a perfect contrast to the orange . I like the cookie crumb loose, its easy to spoon out and I love how some bits are dry and crisp and buttery while some have absorbed the cheesecake bits and are soft and have double the taste.

Almost like they are drunk in the orange-ness of the dessert. Lets do some more light ,yet indulgent desserts this summer.

I’ve been watching Queer on #NETFLIX and the expressions like #GORG , #ADORBS are so what I’m using now. There’s something comfortable about stereotypes where the non stereotypical character portraits are more comforting. I see no reason to confine people in stereotypes. Just like cheesecakes. They don’t need to be super calorie dense or in a slice. Let them be free.

In a chai glass or a wine glass. Both Classy AF. 

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Eggless Buckwheat Banana Paniyaram kuttu ke Appe Navratri
Zero Sugar Keto Whey Protein Brownies Baketitude

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